Kosovo | Can You Imagine? – Film o zaboravljenim srbima nagradjen na festivalu…

Kosovo | Can You Imagine?

The controversial award-winning Canadian documentary film by Vancouver-based director Boris Malagurski about the forgotten Serbs that remain in Kosovo, confined to ghettos in their own land, facing growing human rights abuses each day –


– Best Film at BC Days Documentary Film Festival
– Silver Palm Award at Mexico International Film Festival
– Official Selection at BridgeFest 2009 – International Film Festival in East Sarajevo

SCOTT TAYLOR (journalist, publisher, war correspondant) about the film:

Unfortunately for all those involved, the question posed in the title of the documentary Kosovo: Can You Imagine? is a resounding YES. Having covered much of the same ground and witnessed the same events myself over the past decade, I can attest to the accuracy of the film. As a young filmaker of Serbian origin, Boris Malagurski took considerable personal risk, and displayed exemplary courage to produce this work. He is to be commended for his efforts.

JAMES BISSETT (former Canadian Ambassador in Belgrade) about the film:

Kosovo: Can You Imagine? demonstrates, in graphic fashion, the results of the „humanitarian“   intervention by NATO in Kosovo. Ghettos in the middle of Europe in the 21st century! The film shows why we must be so careful about exercising the „right to protect“ and other catch phrases that mean well but do more harm than good.

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