Vladimir Kršljanin: NATO is the main neo-fascist menace of our times, indicted and convicted by Milošević

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Vladimir Kršljanin: NATO is the main neo-fascist menace of our times, indicted and convicted by Milošević

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  • NATO was created to defeat the USSR
  • In 1999 NATO became openly criminal
  • Fascist organizations have been used against Yugoslavia and Serbia
  • ICTY is a NATO organ installed in the UN structure
  • Serbia was not defeated by military aggression, but by “colored revolution”
  • Heroic martyrdom of Slobodan Milošević
  • Milošević Committee goes on
  • Post WWII International Law has an invincible guarantor – Russia
  • Solution for NATO created Balkan conflicts cannot be found within the Euro-Atlantic structures
  • Serbian-Russian alliance will stabilize the Balkans


Walnut in a shell is a curious fruit: you won’t break it but will break your teeth.


NATO is an oligarchic-corporate military-political organization created to defeat the USSR (now Russia and the Orthodox Christian world) and to assure its dominance of the whole World. Until 1999 NATO hid behind its Charter, which defined it as a defensive organization. Since 1999, however, NATO has became an openly criminal organization that commits the crime against peace and many other crimes. On its 50th anniversary in 1999, under cover of the cynical concept of “humanitarian intervention”, NATO created a new excuse for its continued existence. The first excuse was the USSR, then it became Serbia, and now it is again Russia.

The USA, UK, Germany and other Western actors have been using, and still use for their war against Yugoslavia i.e. Serbia, the remnants and followers of the fascist organizations and formations of WWII; in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo and Metohija. Representatives of these fascist formations are today part of the governments in these lands, where tribute is being paid to WWII convicted fascist criminals, with little or no reaction from the Western democracies. One should always underline this dimension when speaking of the 1999 NATO aggression.

Due to its very character and by the methods it applied in our region NATO is the main neo-fascist menace of our times.

An organ of the neo-fascist NATO organization was installed in the UN structure as the Hague Tribunal (the ICTY and the “Mechanism” succeeding it) – the biggest criminal misuse of a judiciary and the UN in history. Its very existence compromises International Law.

Serbia was not defeated in 1999 by military aggression. It was defeated in the hybrid war i.e. “colored revolution” the following year. The consequence of this heavy defeat and subsequent occupation has led Serbia to pass through a painful and difficult recovery, but the nation has already entered into the process of the natural evolution of its state priorities.

Serbia’s heroic resistance in 1999 inspired the current strengthening of Russia, at the same time that it was a deadly blow to NATO to the extent that in NATO’s history it shall be written that the only country against which the whole NATO ever waged a war was Yugoslavia i.e. Serbia.

With the martyring heroism of Serbia in its resistance to NATO’s aggression, stands the, heroic martyrdom of its leader Slobodan Milosevic. A number of prominent personalities from many countries understood this immediately, and so they founded in 2001 the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic. Milosevic’s brave defense in facing the NATO Tribunal at The Hague was at the same time an indictment and conviction of NATO. That’s why we have to affirm its content whenever we speak about NATO aggression. For that reason, and in order to send important messages to the World, the Milosevic Committee still exists and acts. Today, among us are two out of three its current vice-chairmen – Sergey Baburin and Klaus Hartmann and also several of its members: Fulvio Grimaldi, Tiphaine Dickson, Cathrin Schuetz, June Kelly, Alexander Mezyaev, Peter Betcher, Andrea Martochia, Enrico Vigna, Zakhari Zakhariev and my humble self. The Milosevic Committee supports this conference and its conclusions.

International Law, on which Russia rightly insists, as most of the World does, was created on the basis of the Great Victory of Russia over Third Reich and Axis powers. The war of Russia against ISIS in Syria shows that for today’s fascism there will be no mercy, just as there was none 80 years ago. For that reason, Serbia must not give up its historical claims based on the International Law. For that, she has an invincible guarantor – Russia. Demands to abolish the consequences of the aggression, to obtain war reparations and to establish criminal responsibility do not contradict cooperation with the nations of Western Europe and Northern America. On the contrary, they are beneficial even for them, and, to reach a just international order, they are indispensible.

By applying the divide and conquer rule, most of the Balkans were put under NATO control or occupation. Long lasting conflicts are an excuse for the massive NATO presence in the region. If one searches for the political solution of these conflicts within the Euro-Atlantic structures, there is no chance to find it. The long lasting conflict in Kosovo and Metohija, even as “frozen” one, is not a matter of the will of the Serbs and Albanians, but is an interest of NATO.

There is no “centuries long” hatred and conflict between Serbs and Albanians. But there have been several bitter historical episodes, always provoked by the Western powers. The solution of the Balkans’ problems cannot be through changes of state borders, but rather in the building of a community of free sovereign nations and persons.

The necessary precondition for the stabilization of the Balkans on the basis of its own historical tradition is the true alliance between Serbia and Russia. In the short term it will remove all imminent threat of war. In the longer term it will restore and affirm the values of the civilization of the oldest European nations.

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