Informacija preduzeća Široki horizont Beograd

Naše preduzeće Široki horizont Beograd gradi na padinama Fruške gore Eko selo – rizort Ruža vetrova koje će imati 25 rezidencijalnih objekata, hotel sa širokim sadržajem usluga wellness, fitness, dečija igrališta, kongresne sale itd, pa Vas molimo da nam pomognete da materijal koji ćemo Vam dostaviti u prilogu prosledimo asocijacijama Srba Australije, Amerike i u drugim zemljama kako bi ih upoznali sa navedenim informacijama.

Unapred Vam se zahvaljujemo na vremenu i strpljenju.

Ana Jovanović

Zamenik direktora / Deputy General Manager

Mob (+381) 63 208 713

Široki Horizont d.o.o. Beograd
Bul. Mihaijla Pupina 10ž, 11070 Novi Beograd
Tel +381 63 208 713

Dear Sirs,

On the southern slope of Fruška Gora, one of the most attractive destination in Serbia, our company ŠIROKI HORIZONT Belgrade is building village – resort RUŽA VETROVA (Wind Rose Village) with ecological caracter, that is organized into three parts:

  • Residetial houses prepared for permanent living with complete technical and exterior meintenace and provided with systems of security living and with possibilities to use different range of other services offered in the village.
  • Apartments that are built according to Condo concept providing oweners the ability to recover invested financial sources by renting their property when they do not use it.
  • Hotel with central reception for the whole village with wind range of amenties: wellness, fitness, spa centar, children playgrounds inside and outside, congress halls, different sports grounds etc.

Comparative advantages of our resort RUŽA VETROVA (Wind Rose Village) are:

  1. Location (nearby Belgrade – 60km and Novi Sad -25km)
  2. Very good road infrastrukture (international airport of Belgrade 50km)
  3. Extraordinary microlocation, slopes and natural belveder with wide clear view
  4. Micro climate that has exceptional health influences with specific healty wind rose
  5. Welthy gastronomic and vine offer (recognised offer of Fruška gora and Srem)
  6. Wide range high level services offered through the Hotel as well as the other external amanties: walking areas, riding, etc.

Considering that in Australia there are lots of Serbs and that many of them seek possibilities to repatriate and look for new houses, we kindly request you to consider the above information and engage in selling our houses and apartements to the mentioned market segment and also to the others.

Detailed information can be found at or and also please do not hesitate to contact us directly on email or phone +38163208713.

Looking forward to hearing from you, we remain

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