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No. 1890/16 – 21.VIII 7524 (2016)

Croatian extermination of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews

The Government of Republic of Serbian Krajina supports Serbia’s commemoration of Croatia’s genocidal plan to physically exterminate Orthodox Serbs, Gypsies and Jews, which was the official decision of Croatia’s Parliament from 1941.

This legislation introduced the murdering of the members of the three nations, which occurred throughout the country at any place – at the streets, in homes and particularly in  concentration camps: Jasenovac and Jadovno as well as in concentration camps located on the islands on the Adriatic see.
Croats founded concentration camps specially designed for the extermination of children. One of these was ‘Jastrebarsko’, located in the area of Zagreb. At the camp, very young children were murdered, who prior to their execution had been tortured, which were official instructions of the Croatian state (1941-1945) directed to Croatian soldiers and policemen. In that manner about one million and 700 thousand Serbs, Gypsies and Jews were killed.

The contemporary Croatian state does not recognize its genocidal crimes and states, that the crimes upon Serbs were caused by the policy to establish ‘Greater-Serbia’ in territories which belonged to other nations.
Unfortunately the contemporary Serbian intellectuals and politicians are not qualified enough to expose the colonial fraud behind the term ‘Greater-Serbia’. Under the guise of countering the establishment of Greater-Serbia, the Vatican and Austria pursued (between the 18th and 20th century) a colonial policy to prevent the creation of a Serbian state on historic Serbian territories.

The first and most important measure of the Vatican and the West was to catholicize Orthodox Serbs, by assimilating them into Croats. Following, the existence of a Croatian state during the Middle Ages, was invented. At the time Croatia did not exist as an independent state, but was a region within Serbia. However, catholicized Serbs and assimilated Slovenians from Zagreb had been convinced to ‘re-establish’ this Croatian medieval state, along with the obligation to exterminate the non-catholicized Serbs.


With compliments,


Mr. Milorad Buha, premier

Prof. Rajko Lezaic, dipl. ing, president of the Parliament

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