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Ami go home and arrest your own criminals responsible for these lies;

Ami go home and arrest your own criminals responsible for these lies, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2qB6P0_ryA&feature=player_embedded for the manipulation of the truth, for CIA abuse, for deceiving its own government and army. Due to violation of international law as well as violating the UN map, interfering in internal affairs of sovereign states, we have millions of dead worldwide.  All this, derived from personal interests of powerful individuals, families, clans who have usurped all power factors under the U.S. central premise of a new world order implemented by NATO caused bloodshed and destruction in states such as former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Serbia. It is only the matter of question when Russia will be attacked by diversion methods! All this has occurred not to provide resources for the USA and its followers but from the curse of pure gluttony of powerful individuals, clans and families who want power out of personal interest. Setting the entire region rich in resources in an unstable state leads to creating ideal conditions for self-speculation on the stock exchanges for the purpose of personal enrichment. There are no other reasons for military campaign there because all these countries, including Russia, are prepared to supply the West with all resources under fair conditions. War campaigns are needed for obtaining these resources, and they are a result of certain powerful individuals’ personal interests and families, mostly American, using their own lies and made-up stories that are placed as false causes, such as human rights, which have resulted in bloodshed and in millions of dead. On behalf of the humanitarian aid, the tremendous misery is implanted in these countries after the “humanitarian operations” of the NATO campaign. After these so-called humanitarian military campaigns the only thing that remains is to mourn the innocent victims and misery in which one lives! Ami go home! The world is fed up and full-fed with your humanitarian help. The world does not need you anymore! Go home and first clean it inside, showing by your personal example how the world should look like.  The world is fed up and full-fed with such lies on behalf of the American people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2qB6P0_ryA&feature=player_embedded the Racak Scenario