A Message in Blood

A Message in Blood

There was some confusion in Serbia as to where the „international community“ (i.e. the Empire and its long tail of servants) might standon the newly elected president. After today, there shouldn’t be.

Unarmed Serb civilian „threatens“ NATO „peacekeepers“

In a shocking repeat of last September’s bloodshed, this morning American KFOR troops fired upon Serb civilians trying to stop the demolition of the roadblocks in northern Kosovo. There are reports of 3-4 seriously injured people. KFOR immediately claimed several of their own soldiers were injured, but didn’t provide any proof. Same as last time.

The roadblocks were erected after the KLA regime in Pristina tried to seize the „border“ with Serbia in July last year. Serbs living in the north of the province refuse to recognize the illegally declared Albanian state, and continue to resist occupation.

The rest of their kin in the province has either been ethnically cleansed, or lives in ghettos surrounded by barbed wire and „protected“ by the same NATO troops that established the Albanian „state“ in the first place. While officially claiming to defend Serbia’s claim to Kosovo, the quisling government in Belgrade has done everything to surrender the province. But the Serbs actually living there refuse to submit; in a referendum in February, they told both Belgrade and the KLA regime to bugger off.

NATO’s „KFOR“ mission has repeatedly tried to dismantle the roadblocks, asserting they were entitled to „freedom of movement“ everywhere in „Kosovia.“ The local Serbs have defied them with sticks, stones and bodies, nothing more. There was an unofficial truce during the winter, as heavy snows blanketed the province (though contrary to KFOR’s hopes, that didn’t dampen the Serbs‘ resolve any).

Initially, the Serbs were blocking all traffic. But with KFOR outposts at risk of disease from waste accumulation, the blockade was relaxed: KFOR vehicles could pass, but Albanian „officials“ and their EU enablers were still banned. Despite continuing to insist on unconditional passage, KFOR took the deal. According to local Serb leaders, after today, that deal is off.

Former UNMIK official and U.S. diplomat Gerard Gallucci – an outspoken critic of the occupation tactics, even as he supports „Kosovia“ as „reality“ – argued earlier this month that the Albanians aren’t interested in a negotiated solution, only surrender. So they’ve been trying to provoke violence, in order to get NATO to do the job for them.

Albanian motives are hardly a mystery: they covet land, and hate the Serbs viscerally (as a legacy of the Ottoman era, not because of phantom „human rights violations“). But what is the Empire thinking? Though they’ve been used as an example of America-loving Muslims (though the Muslim angle is routinely downplayed in the West when Albanians commit acts of terrorism), creating the „Independent state of Kosovia“ isn’t really about the Albanians at all.

To conquer the Balkans, one must conquer the Serbs. To make sure the Serbs stay conquered – which a succession of empires in the course of history has found a challenging endeavor, to say the least – they must be lobotomized. And the way to do this is to destroy the nexus of their identity, the legend of their heroic defiance to Ottoman conquerors in the Battle of Kosovo. Once the Serbs embarked on the long, arduous road to freedom from the Ottoman Empire in 1804, they didn’t stop fighting till they’ve liberated Kosovo – which they did in the First Balkan War of 1912. Ever since then, enemies have tried to take it away: from Austria-Hungary in WW1, Nazi Germany in WW2, the Communists since 1945, and now the Atlantic Empire.

Trouble is, there are still Serbs who refuse to surrender. Besieged, blockaded, bombed, betrayed by the quisling cult that rules in Belgrade – nothing seems to work. And nothing will. When people are set on liberty or death, there is little an aspiring conqueror can do. That’s something KFOR and the Empire still have to understand.

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