Поштоване колеге,

Поштоване колеге,

Ако ово већ нисте добили из неког другог извора, молим вас да прочитате и
размотрите овај апел председнику Хашког трибунала, Теодору Мерону, поводом
забрињавајућег писма који је представница за штампу те установе, Нерма
Јелачић, пре неки дан упутила директорки Шведске државне телевизије Еви
Хамилтон у настојању да спречи приказивање материјала, посебно на тему
Сребренице, који није у складу са пресудама Трибунала. За подробан текст о
томе, и текст писма Јелачићеве, молим вас да одете на следећи линк:

Овај скандалозан покушај једне правосудне установе да утиче на медије, и да
при том изнуђује поштовање за своје пресуде, изазвао је велико негодовање и
огорчење. Давид Петерсон, коаутор низа књига са професором Едвардом
Херманом, саставио је једно протестно писмо Теодору Мерону и моли све који
се слажу са његовом садржином да Давиду упуте кратко писмо са дозволом да
њихово име дода списку потписника. Поред тога, он моли да наведете земљу
одакле се јављате, да би се видео међународни карактер ове акције. Када се
прикупи довољно потписа, представка ће бити достављена Мерону.

Подразумева се да ово писмо можете упутити свим својим пријатељима и
познаницима са молбом да се придруже.

Срдачан поздрав и хвала на сарадњи,

Стефан Каргановић

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <davidepet@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 9:28 PM
Subject: RE: Open Letter to the International Criminal Tribunal for the
Former Yugoslavia
To: davidepet@comcast.net, srebrenica.historical.project@gmail.com

Dear Stefan: Hello. —
Below you will find the final draft of the Open Letter that we’ve
prepared for publication in Sweden and elsewhere.
At the moment, I am looking for individuals who are willing to add
their signatures to the letter.  I already know that I can count on you.

But if you could forward it along to figures whom you’d also like to
sign it, then by all means please do — if they’d like to add their names
to this letter, they can send me an email that tell me so, as well as tell
me their country of residence, and how they would like to identify
themselves in connection with this letter.
When I’ve collected a number of signatures, I will submit the letter as
well as a complete list of signatories listed in alphabetical order to each
of the following Swedish media: *Aftonbladet*, *Dagens Nyeter*, *Svenska
Dagbladet* — and, of course, copies will also go to Ms. Eva Hamilton at
Sveriges Television, as well as to Ms. Nerma Jelacic and Judge Theodor
Meron, the latter being the current President of the International Criminal
Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
Also, as a signatory to the letter, everyone will be free to use the
complete text of the letter any way that that he or she likes.
Thank you for your time.

— David Peterson
Chicago, USA

*Open Letter to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former


To Whom It May Concern:

On November 24, Ms. Nerma Jelacic, acting in her official capacity as the
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia’s Head of
Outreach, addressed a letter to Ms. Eva Hamilton, the Chief Executive and
Editor-in-chief of Sveriges Television (Swedish Public Television, or SVT).

Ms. Jelacic reprimanded SVT for having broadcast in August of this year the
documentary film *Staden som offrades* („*Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed*“),
by the Norwegian filmmakers Ola Flyum and David Hebditch.[*1*]

„[M]uch of the [film’s] content runs counter to rulings made by the ICTY,“
Ms. Jelacic noted.  She also asked that, „should [SVT] decide to broadcast
any further material which contradicts facts irrefutably established by the
ICTY including those related to the Srebrenica genocide, that the ICTY be
given the opportunity to present its findings.“[*2*]

Clearly, Ms. Jelacic’s request is designed to intimidate SVT, and to warn
other media not to follow SVT’s example and broadcast *Srebrenica: A Town
Betrayed*.   Space and time should not be provided to any other person
whose work challenges the ICTY’s alleged facts.  It is unacceptable to
discuss Srebrenica outside of what Ms. Jelacic called the ICTY’s
„definitive judgements.“

But *Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed* does an impressive job of portraying much
of the largely ignored but important political background and context to
the Srebrenica tragedy–material that receives little or no weight in the
ICTY’s judgments.  Furthermore, many of the ICTY’s accepted facts *are *highly
contestable.[*3*]  We fully support Swedish Public Television’s decision to
broadcast this documentary, and consider Jelacic’s effort to obtain equal
time for the ICTY’s publicists an illicit form of pressure on SVT, wholly
incompatible with Western principles of freedom of speech and of the press.

As the fate of the population in the Srebrenica „safe area“ after July 11,
1995 is currently an issue before the ICTY in the trial of Radovan
Karadzic, and will also be an issue in the trial of Ratko Mladic, Ms.
Jelacic’s intervention at SVT also amounts to a denial of the fundamental
rights of the accused to be presumed innocent.  It betrays the fact that at
the ICTY, there never has been any real purpose to the Srebrenica-related
trials, other than mechanisms of official guilt-assignment and propaganda.[*
4*]  It is this truth that Ms. Jelacic appears intent on shielding from

Nerma Jelacic has long displayed animosity towards ethnic Serbs, as well as
towards the wartime political structures and figures of the Republic of
Serbia and the Srpska Republika within Bosnia and Herzegovina (where her
hometown is located[*5*]).  Her current attempt as the ICTY’s Head of
Outreach to intimidate Swedish Public Television adds greater weight to the
contention that the central task of the ICTY is not to render unbiased
justice, but to impose the official NATO interpretation of the Yugoslav

[*1*] For one YouTube version of the documentary in question, see Ola Flyum
and David Hebditch, *Srebrenica–**A Town
Betrayed*<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUuhSGnLvv8>(Oslo: Fenris
Film, 2010).

[*2*] Nerma Jelacic, Head of Outreach, International Criminal Tribunal for
the former Yugoslavia, Letter Addressed to Ms. Eva Hamilton, Chief
Executive and Editor-in-Chief, SVT (Swedish Television), November 24, 2011,
p. 1; p. 4.  (For a copy of this letter, written on the official ICTY
letterhead, see *here*.)
[*3*] For work that powerfully contests the ICTY’s accepted facts, see,
e.g., Germinal Civikov, *Srebrenica: The Star
Trans. John Laughland (Belgrade: NGO Srebrenica Historical Project, 2010);
and Edward S. Herman, Ed., *The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context,
Politics <http://www.electricpolitics.com/media/docs/herman.srebrenica.pdf>*(Evergreen
Park, IL: Alphabet Soup, 2011).
[*4*] On the ICTY as a mechanism of official guilt-assignment and a stager
of show-trials, see Edward S. Herman and David Peterson, *The New York Times on
the Yugoslavia Tribunal: A Study in Total Propaganda
*, *ColdType*, 2004, p. 29.
[*5*] See Nerma Jelacic, „‚Milosevic shattered my life, caused all the
pain‘,“ <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2001/jun/24/warcrimes.balkans> *The
Observer*, June 24, 2001. Also see Nerma Jelacic,
in death, Milosevic wins
*The Observer*, March 12, 2006.

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