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MINUTE BY MINUTE: KFOR shot at unarmed CIVILIANS, there are injured

MINUTE BY MINUTE: KFOR  shot at unarmed CIVILIANS, there are injured

(112) Tuesday, 27 September, 2011. | Author: News Agencies

Jarinje – KFOR troops opened fire at 13.15  at unarmed people at the
barricade in Jarinje.

According to preliminary information from Leposavic and Lestane, five Serbs
were injured, two seriously. Government officials say there are ten injured,
and four more seriously.
About 1,000 people fled to the Jarinje  surrounding woods. Ambulances
arrived on the spot..
A reporter that was on the spot, Zoran Šaponjić, said Jarinje is a real war
zone with overflying helicopters. KFOR troops, whiththe full military
equipment and body armor, holding guns. Serbs are hidden in the woods and
there is sporadic shooting.
Reporter  tried to photograph KFOR combat vehicle but was prevented in that
by  two gunmen. At a time when a reporter raised his camera, two gunmen
dressed in black threw him on the ground and aimed him, but he was obliged
to run

and found salvation in a ditch.

Serbs wounded by real  ammunition,  the ambulance went under the fire.

Six or seven Serbs with  severe body injuries in a clash with KFOR near
Jarinje, were admitted to Medical Center in Kosovska Mitorivica, confirmed
the director of the health institutions Milan Jakovljevic.

Two are currently in the operating room,  added Jakovljevic.

The injured  Serbs suffer  gunshots  wounds. Some have a neck injury,
spinal, chest and stomac wounds.

All wereshot, as  Jakovljevic said, and suffer  serious injuries „inflicted
by the real  ammunition“ and show parts of them that were extracted  from
wounds and  injuries.

He pointed out that the shots were fired at their ambulance too, but no one
was injured.

Jakovljevic was unable to specify whether the health center would have some
more injured.

No soldier was hurt KFOR

KFOR Deputy Spokesperson Kaj Gudenoge confirmed that at the crossing
barricades Jarinje there were no injured  KFOR soldiers.

When asked about news of  conflict between KFOR soldiers and local Serbs and
the rumors that  soldier were  injured,  Gudenoge said it was not true.

Bogdanovic: KFOR should not have shoot at civilians

Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic said that KFOR shot at
Serbs who had gathered to prevent the closure of alternative crossing which
led to central Serbia, and that four people were seriously injured, a dozen
lightly injured by rubber bullets.

„It is absolutely unacceptable that KFOR fired on unarmed people,“ said

He said that the RTS data on injuries are not final and that is what
happened in Jarinje could be avoided,and  that Kfro accepted the  call
representatives of Serbs to discuss  and in dialogue to solving the problem

„Unfortunately, the other interviewees did not have,“ he said.

Bogdanovic urged Serbs not to fall for provocations to disperse peacefully
and that in this situation when the euphoria and great frustration to KFOR
to refrain from further provocation and further conflict.

„We are afraid of reactions,  warned KFOR and in all the conversations we
had, there was  no way to use force, and on the other hand, we have appealed
to the Serbs that they remain calm,“ said Bogdanovic.

„But what nobody wanted it today, unfortunately, happened and I think this
should be teaching all of us to all the problems that exist in Kosovo and
Metohija is resolved peacefully,“ said Bogdović.

KFOR has the right to shoot at unarmed people and to endanger someone’s life
for the sake of one’s personal interests or the interests of some group in
Pristina, said Bogdanovic.

„Currently, we are trying to win over all relevant international actors to
prevent further escalation of the conflict and to restore the whole process
of dialogue, because it is absolutely unacceptable to impose a solution by
force and to use weapons against unarmed people who legitimately defend its
legitimate interests and peacefully oppose the will or the power that comes
from KFOR and EULEX and Pristina, „he Bogdanovic.
The exchange of tear gas and oysters
As a reminder, the barricade on the road with an alternative administrative
crossing Jarinje around 10:30 an incident occurred when the citizens threw
stones at KFOR troops and the soldiers responded with tear gas international
The conflict quickly ended as the mayor of Leposavic Branko Ninic called on
citizens to remain calm and peaceful means to fight for their legitimate
KFOR is the alternative route closed early this morning. Then he also used
tear gas and arrested anyone who tried to pass that way.
KFOR is something about 10 hours, completed action alternative road closure,
and removal of roadblocks to their bases.
During this action, KFOR arrested and released on the freedom of five
persons, who manned the barricades in front of the Jarinje.
Also this morning KFOR arrest all persons who use an alternative route
around Jarinje.
This morning after 7 hours of German soldiers arrested two persons were
arrested who was on the road from the direction of Raska.


Translated from Serbian


1  We provide a full, unconditional support to our compatriots in Kosovo and Metohija in their superhuman day and night  efforts to protect their  livelihood, freedom and dignity in their home and hearth for  centuries.
We strongly condemn the method of intimidation, psychological and political harassment, provocations that are applied to the Serbs in the north of the province by secessionist authorities in collaboration with certain members of NATO and the European Union.

We condemn openly the alignment of KFOR and EULEX with Pristina in an attempt of the violent occupations of  the administrative line and Brnjaka Jarinje.
2  We strongly condemn today’s armed attack of NATO troops against  Serbian civilian population at Jarinje in northern Kosovo, who were peacefully protesting against the forcible introduction of police and customs authorities of illegal Pristina.

In these attacks has been injured a number of Serbian civilians, some of which are kept in hospital. More Serbian civilians were arrested by members of NATO.
We demand that NATO troops armed attacks against Serbian civilians in the north of Kosovo and Metohija immediately cease, that the Serbian government requests  the UN Security Council’s immediate and impartial investigation and to take measures that similar attacks do not happen again. We demand that all Serb civilians who are detained be immediately released and that the International Red Cross and independent humanitarian organization investigate  the circumstances of wounding and the arrest of Serbian civilians, as well as  their treatment by soldiers of the NATO (KFOR).
3  Several months of martial law in northern Kosovo and Metohija, the latest use of force against the Serb unarmed civilians  and the threat  of a new pogrom, require urgent  sessions of the National Assembly of Serbia and the achievement of national consensus in order to assess the causes of such measures and the return to normal situation.
4  Since we expect the Serbian authorities to take decisive steps to prevent the risk of spreading the violence against Serbian civil population and the new ethnic cleansing and to normalize the functioning of the legitimate Serbian institutions and public services, the attempts at setting up a violent police and customs officers of illegal separatist authorities at the crossing at  Jarinje –  Brnjak constitute an unacceptable and dangerous provocation that must be decisively rejected.
5  The starting point in all negotiations and plans is the fact that the Province of Kosovo and Metohija as in  Serbian Constitution, within  international law and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, is an integral part of Serbia and  its status of substantial autonomy. No one has the right to deviate from that base. Cooperation and commitment to a peaceful, compromise solution does not show a breach or a waiver of the Constitution of the country, international law and decisions of the Security Council.
The authorities and public services of Serbia and the Serbian people in the province are not and cannot be „parallel institutions“ like  no local Serbian people are not the  ethnic minority.
6  Myopia, and the blinding rush of Serbian representatives „candidacy“ is a source of great danger for the permanent preservation of national and state  interests of Serbia. We condemn the method of  promising talks with American and European representatives  to the citizens of Serbia.
Kosovo and Metohija, comparing to candidacy or membership in the European Union are not of equal value, or „equally important goals.“ Kosovo and Metohija must not be traded. Status of Kosovo and Metohija as a long-term problem cannot  be solved by any ultimatums from the outside, or  promises of  „better life“ by Serbian politicians.
7  We express our deepest gratitude to friendly countries that support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and do not accept the secession of Kosovo and Metohija as a result of the policy of force and diktat. We are confident that the friendly and principled support for Serbia to continue is to  be further strength in the interest of peace, stability and democratization of international relations.
8  We give full recognition to the Swiss representative, Mr Dick Marty to the Council of Europe report on trafficking in human organs of kidnapped and murdered Serbs, for his intellectual and political courage. We believe that only the investigation mandated by UN Security Council gives a guarantee for the truth and achieving justice. We condemn all attempts to prevent it, thus protecting criminals and terrorists.
9  We condemn the policy of ultimatums and constant humiliation of Serbia and the Serbian people, of  Kosovo and Metohija, led by the Government of certain member states of NATO and the European Union.
10  We consider  unacceptable and very dangerous suppression of UNSCR resolution  1244 leaving the  solving of  the problem of Kosovo and Metohija to  EULEX.
11  Since public authorities are expected to vigorously insist on free and safe return of 250,000  expelled Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija to their home land. Nobody has the right to accept the results of ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija by the NATO aggression 1999th until today.
12  We call for the unity of the entire Serbian nation on the status of Kosovo and Metohija as an integral part of Serbia. Party interests, shortsightedness and haste must be  given way to state, national and long-term interests.
13 Representatives of the international community who are authorized \by the  UN Security Council resolution 1244 should took over peacekeeping duties, to seek to ensure full respect for fundamental human rights: freedom of movement and security for all , restoration and protection of Serbian Orthodox churches, monasteries and cultural monuments, to restore the entire cultural and religious heritage, and restore guarantee for  the security of personal, private and state property.

Živadin Jovanović


Beogradski forum

za svet ravnopravnih

Sremska 6/IV sprat

Tel:   + 381 11 32 83 778

Mob: + 381 63 327 859


1  Nous accordons notre entier et inconditionnel soutien à nos compatriotes du Kosovo-Metohija en ce temps, pour leurs efforts surhumains  pour protéger leurs vies, leur  liberté et leur  dignité dans leur maison et le cœur  sièclulaire.
Nous condamnons fermement la méthode d’intimidation, le harcèlement  psychologique et politique et les provocations qui est imposé  aux Serbes dans le nord de la province par les autorités sécessionniste,  en collaboration avec certains membres de l’OTAN et de l’Union Européenne. Nous  Nous condamnons  publiquement le rangement  de la KFOR et EULEX à côte de  Pristina  dans une  violente tentative d’occupation de la ligne administrative a Brnjaka –  Jarinje.
2  Nous condamnons fermement l’attaque armée d’aujourd’hui par les troupes de l’OTAN a Jarinje contre la  population civile serbe non armée,  dans le nord du Kosovo qui manifestaient pacifiquement contre l’introduction forcée des autorités policières et douanières de Pristina . Dans ces attaques a été blessé un certain nombre des civils serbes, dont certains sont gardés  à l’hôpital. En plus des  civils serbes étaient arrêtés  par des membres de l’OTAN.
Nous exigeons des troupes de l’OTAN que des attaques armées contre des civils serbes dans le nord du Kosovo et Metohija cessent  immédiatement, que le gouvernement serbe demandé une enquête immédiate et impartiale de l’ONU, que  le Conseil de sécurité  prend des mesures que les attaques similaires ne se reproduisent plus. Nous exigeons que tous les Serbes détenus soient  libérés immédiatement et que la Croix-Rouge internationale et indépendante aie l’ aperçu des  circonstances de blessures et de l’arrestation des civils serbes, ainsi que  leur traitement par des soldats de l’OTAN (KFOR).
3  Plusieurs mois de loi martiale dans le nord du Kosovo et Metohija, la dernière utilisation de la force contre les  civils Serbes et le danger d’un nouveau  pogrome, crée le besoin de séances d’entretien urgents de l’Assemblée nationale de Serbie et de la réalisation d’un consensus national en vue d’évaluer les causes de ces mesures, et  le retour à la normale.
4  Deplus nous attendons des autorités serbes à prendre des mesures décisives afin de prévenir le risque de la propagation de la violence contre les civils  Serbes et d’un nettoyage ethnique et de  normaliser le fonctionnement des institutions serbes légitimes et les services publics. Les tentatives de mise en place d’une police violente et illégale, des agents des douanes, des autorités séparatistes a  la traversée Jarinje  – Brnjak constitu une provocation inacceptable et dangereuse qui doit être résolument écartée.
5  Le point de départ dans toutes les négociations et des plans, est le fait que la province du Kosovo-Metohija par la Constitution serbe , la loi internationale et de la  résolution 1244 des  Nations Unies, est  partie intégrale de la Serbie, ayant une autonomie substantielle. Personne n’a le droit de déroger à cette base. La coopération et l’engagement à une solution de compromis, paisible ne montre pas une violation ou une renonciation de la Constitution du pays, le droit international et des décisions du Conseil de sécurité.
Les autorités et les services publics de la Serbie et le peuple serbe dans la province ne sont pas et ne peut pas être «institutions parallèles», comme aucun membre du peuple serbe locale n’est pas une minorité ethnique.
6  Myopie, et la ruée ‚aveuglante des représentants serbes pour la  „candidature“ est une source de grand danger pour la préservation des intérêts nationaux de la Serbie et de l’Etat. Nous condamnons la méthode de la politique  prometteuse des pourparlers avec les représentants américains et européens, et une autre de parler aux citoyens de la Serbie.
Kosovo-Metohija et la candidature ou l’adhésion à l’Union Européenne ne sont pas d’égale valeur, ou «objectifs d’égale importance.“ Kosovo-Metohija ne doit pas être échangés. Statut du Kosovo-Metohija comme un problème à long terme ne peuvent pas être résolus par un ultimatum d’un côté,  et des promesses de la  „vie meilleure“ par des politiciens serbes de l’autre..
7  Nous exprimons notre profonde gratitude aux pays amis qui soutiennent la souveraineté et l’intégrité territoriale de la Serbie et ne pas accepter la sécession du Kosovo et Metohija en tant que résultat de la politique de force et de dictat. Nous sommes convaincus que le soutien amical et de principe pour la Serbie, de soutenir  sera encore renforcée dans l’intérêt de la paix, la stabilité et la démocratisation ainsi que  des relations internationales.
8  Nous donnons notre  pleine reconnaissance à la représentation suisse, M. Dick Marty au Conseil de l’Europe pour son  rapport sur le trafic d’organes humains sur  des Serbes enlevés et assassinés, pour son courage intellectuel et politique. Nous pensons que seule l’enquête mandatée par l’ONU du Conseil de sécurité donne une garantie de la vérité et d’obtenir la justice. Nous condamnons toutes les tentatives pour l’empêcher, protégeant ainsi les criminels et les terroristes.
9  Nous condamnons la politique d’ultimatums et de l’humiliation constante de la Serbie et le peuple serbe, qui, sur le Kosovo et Metohija, dirigée par le gouvernement et  de certains Etats membres de l’OTAN et de  l’Union Européenne.
10  Nous considérons qu’il est inacceptable et très dangereux de supprimer  la résolution 1244 d’un  côté et la relocaliser a ‚UE .
11  De plus  les autorités publiques devraient vigoureusement insister sur le retour libre de 250 000 Serbes expulsés du Kosovo et Metohija. Personne n’a le droit d’accepter les résultats du nettoyage ethnique forcée  des Serbes du Kosovo et de Metohija en 1999e par  l’OTAN jusqu’à aujourd’hui.
12  Nous appelons à l’unité de la nation serbe tout entière sur le statut du Kosovo et Metohija en tant que partie intégrante de la Serbie. Les intérêts du Parti, myopie et la hâte doit céder la place à l’Etat, les intérêts nationaux ceci  à long terme.
13  Les représentants de la communauté internationale qui sont autorisés en vertu de l’ONU Conseil de sécurité de la résolution 1244,  a rétablir  la paix  ont le devoir de chercher à garantir le respect les droits de l’homme  fondamentaux: la liberté de circulation et de sécurité pour tous , la restauration et la protection des églises orthodoxes serbes, monastères et monuments culturels, l’ensemble du patrimoine culturel et religieux, et de restaurer et garantir la sécurité des biens personnels, privés et publics.

Živadin Jovanović


Beogradski forum

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From the American Council for Kosovo: „Our Tax Dollars at Work – NATO Troops in Kosovo Open Fire on Serb Protesters!“

From the American Council for

OurTax Dollars at
Work– NATO Troops in
Kosovo Open Fire on Serb Protesters!
NATO Tries to Force
Christian Serbs to Submit to Albanian Muslim

U.S. and
German soldiers in Kosovo

September 27, 2011:  Today, NATO forces in Kosovo opened fire
on Serbian demonstrators protesting efforts by KFOR (NATO’s “Kosovo Force”) and
the ironically designated European Union “rule of law” mission (“EULEX”) to
force Serbs to submit to the illegal Albanian Muslim “authority” posing as an
independent government in Priština.  As summarized by retired U.S. diplomat Gerard
Gallucci, who formerly served in

On September 27, the NATO force in
Kosovo (KFOR) lost completely its guise as UN peacekeepers and became a
repressive, lawless military occupation force. After seeking to use force to
remove peacefully maintained barricades and to close a alternate road used by
northern Kosovo Serbs, some locals apparently threw stones at the KFOR soldiers
who then responded – in „self
defense“- by firing at the otherwise defenseless Serbs,
wounding at least six. The NATO action ought to be thoroughly investigated by an
independent body to verify whether or not war crimes were committed. KFOR and
EULEX ought to stand down and stop trying to change the political reality on the
ground through such bullying and repressive measures before they provoke real

At this time, writes
Gallucci, “Details about the day’s events remain somewhat unclear. Various
reports have suggested that the NATO shots fired were either rubber bullets or
live ammo. It is also unclear whether the soldiers involved were German or
perhaps American or Polish.”  But
make no mistake: if not for a political
green light from Washington, NATO would not have taken the initiative of
authorizing violence to remove Serbian barricades.

This latest escalation
follows weeks of rising tensions since late July, when Hashim “Snake” Thaci– so-called “prime minister” of Kosovo, mafia kingpin, war criminal, and organ-trafficker– placed illegal checkpoints on
the administrative line between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia, in a bid to force
Serbs in northern Kosovo to submit his illegal administration.  Incredibly, KFOR and EULEX, in violation
of their “status neutral” mandate under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244,
which is the only legal authority for their presence in the province, have
backed up Thaci and his criminal cronies.   The question now is, does this
latest resort to violence mean NATO has decided on use of force–
in the pattern of the genocidal 1995 “Operation Storm” in the Serbian Krajinas
with the help of U.S. mercenaries– to
impose a final solution on Serb resistors to the Albanian Muslim
administration?  Or will public
attention force them to back off?

No less dismal than the
spectacle of American and other NATO soldiers acting as enforcers for Thaci & Co. is that of Serbia’s
supine “pro-western” government, under President Boris Tadić.   Aptly dubbed “Vichy Serbs” by writer and analyst
Vojin Joksimovic, Tadić and his government, seeing their own citizens under fire
on their own national territory, can think only of stepping up “technical
negotiations” with the Priština-based terrorists.  For that reason, in a Joint Statement of
the All-Serbian National Council “Serbs Rally Together,” on September 17, 2011, Kosovo Serbs declared (in
part, read the full statement here):

WHEREAS we are committed to
the ideal of freedom and inspired by our sacred spiritual heritage of Kosovo but
mindful of our future generations, while never forgetting our obligation to
respect the will and the sacrifice of our glorious ancestors who created Serbia
and left it for us to preserve,

WHEREAS, determined to stop
and prevent further dismemberment and occupation of Serbia and united under the
blessing and leadership of His Grace Bishop Artemije, we have resolved and hereby announce to
Serbia and the international community our resolution as


The Belgrade regime of
Boris Tadić considers the occupying powers his partners; it negotiates with
them, draws up agreements, pacts and treaties,  but always to the detriment of the
Serbian nation as a whole and, particularly so, to the detriment of the Serbs
who live in Kosovo and Metohija.

If the Serbs could call
their enemy by its rightful name—OCCUPIER—and the conditions under which they
have been living in Kosovo and Metohija for the past 12 years—OCCUPATION—then
they would do as one does under occupation: they would endure and fight until
the end, until the liberation.

We give notice to NATO and to Albanian
terrorist occupying powers in Priština that we do not recognize any agreement or
treaty they have signed or will sign with Tadić and his
coalition.Treaties concluded during occupation
through blackmail and trickery have always been considered invalid.

We particularly want to
point out that we shall not tolerate further threats, attacks on our security
and efforts at assimilation of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija. Those
who have done this or are planning to do so will soon be confronted with
legitimate forms of self-defense.

We remind our people that no shame is
attached to being under enemy occupation, but it is certainly shameful to praise
the occupier or collaborate with him. Not only is it shameful, it is a sin
against our ancestors who had fought for hundreds of years to liberate Kosovo
and Metohija from centuries long Turkish occupation.

It now remains to be seen
who will prevail: the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija, who have declared themselves
against occupation of their country, or their occupiers: the Albanian Muslim separatists and their NATO and EU
enablers in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London – and worst of all, in

The blackest deeds occur
when the perpetrators believe no one is watching.  Most Americans have long since forgotten
about Kosovo, and about the Balkans in general.  Today, how many Americans remember the
78 days of “humanitarian” bombing in 1999 by the Bill Clinton administration on
behalf of the Thaci’s “Kosovo Liberation Army” – a gaggle of jihadistsand Albanian Mafia kingpins?  How many recall George W. “the Decider”
Bush’s announcement in 2007 in Tirana, Albania, that to
please our Islamic “allies”in the “War on Terror,” he
would simply proclaim, on no authority whatsoever, “enough’s enough, Kosovo’s independent.”  (And then the grateful
Albanians stole his watch!)

Almost no one.

But the fact that few
Americans remember doesn’t change the fact that at this very moment, under the authority
of President Barack Hussein Obama, NATO – acting in our name, and supported by
our tax dollars – is bringing force to bear against Christian people living in
their own country, to force them to submit to hostile Muslim occupation and to
accept their eventual extinction.

James George
Director, American Council
for Kosovo
Washington, September 27,


Again available from the American Council for
Kosovo: The Score
The American Council for Kosovo recently has located additional quantities of this classic
book, published on the tenth anniversary of the NATO aggression against Serbia. Kosovo: The Score provides the definitive explanation of the
little-understood Whys and Hows of the Kosovo war, as well as of the aftermath
that still plagues the region –and the world –today.
Among the experts
contributing incisive analyses to Kosovo: The Score: James
Bissett, Doug Bandow, James George Jatras, Julia Gorin, Srdja Trifkovic, Diana
Johnstone, Gregory R. Copley and many
Kosovo: The
Score is available on request from The American Council for Kosovo , which gratefully welcomes
contributions of any size. Requests can be made on the contribution
page, by email, or by writing
The American Council for Kosovo
P.O. Box 14522
Washington, DC 20044

Митинг Срба у селу Зупче: Београде, не остављај нас

Митинг Срба у селу Зупче: Београде, не остављај нас

среда, 28 септембар 2011 20:02 Правда

На протестном митингу поред барикада у селу Зупче, око две хиљаде Срба поручило је међународној заједници и нелегалним шиптарским структурама да ни по коју цену неће пристати да живе у албанској држави.

На митингу на коме је осим председника четири општине са севера окупиранх територија и директора основне школе у Зупчу, говорио и владика рашко-призренски Теодосије, затражено је од државе да одговори „шта ће да уради са Србима на Косову“.

– Питали смо председника Србије пре месец дана када смо били код њега, шта ће држава да учини уколико нелегалне шиптарске институције, шиптарска полиција, КФОР и Еулекс оружјем крену на српски народ како би им на силу наметнули независну државу. Одговорио нам је да ће о томе одлучивати ако се и када то деси – рекао је на митингу председник општине Зубин Поток, Славиша Ристић. – Јуче се то десило, КФОР је пуцао на голоруки народ, НАТО војници су пуцали на држављане Републике Србије на делу њене територије који се зове Косово и Метохија. Желимо одговор шта ће држава урадити ако се пуца на њене држављане. Део одговора којим не можемо бити задовољни добили смо синоћ – рекао је Ристић.

– Председник је поручио и нама и КФОР-у да будемо мирни и уздржани. Ми јесмо мирни, пуна два месеца мирно стојимо на барикадама, али нам треба одговор од државе шта ће предузети против оних који не мирују, који оружјем насрћу на Србе да би их убили. Ми не желимо да будемо жртве никакве кандидатуре, па ни кандидатуре наше државе за улазак у Европску унију – рекао је Ристић.

Он је позвао државно руководство да каже “шта му је прече, народ или било каква нада у ЕУ, да одговори јесмо ли део Србије или нисмо, да нам се одмах данас каже хоће ли држава одбранити овај народ уколико га неко пушком нападне на исти начин као људе у Београду, Краљеву, Рашки“.

– Одговоре који од нас зависе одавно имамо, а то су да никада и ни по коју цену нећемо прихватити да нас натерају да живимо у тзв. независном Косову, нећемо напустити Косово и Метохију, нећемо напустити наш Колашин – рекао је Ристић.

Он је као и сви председници општина са севера окупираних територија у своје и у име цркве замолио Србе да буду уздржани и мирни и да не наседају на провокације. “Победићемо само ако останемо мирни, не сме ни једна каменица да оде према НАТО војнику, иако су нам непријатељи“, рекли су они.

Владика Теодосије је рекао да је прекјучерашњи празник помогао да не буде било жртава на Јарињу и пожелео да “овај народ остане на просторима који му припадају, да сачува своје домове, своје ближње и свој образ“.

U poslednjem norveškom dnevniku korektan izveštaj sa Kosova

U poslednjem norveškom dnevniku korektan izveštaj sa Kosova. Otvoreni su kazali da je KFOR pucao na nenaoružan narod koji se posle toga sakupio u još većem broju i tako pokazao da se ne plaši. U prvom planu ikona- krst i natpis. Stop NATO!

Sehr geehrte Kollegen, liebe Freunde,

Sehr geehrte Kollegen, liebe Freunde,
auch dieses Jahr ging der Internationale Akkordeonwettbewerb Castelfidardo in Italien sehr zufriedenstellend zu Ende: meine Studentinen Clara Holzapfel & Steffani Hazenbiller haben als Akkordeon Duo den zweiten Platz verliehen bekommen. Über den Wettbewerbsverlauf bzw. das Festival werde ich in der kommenden DALV Info Zeitschrift (Deutsche Akkordeon Lehrer Verband)berichten.
Freundliche Grüße
Mirjana Petercol

Srebrenica Historical Project

Srebrenica Historical Project

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Den Haag, The Netherlands

+31 64 878 09078  (The Netherlands)

+381 64 403 3612  (Serbia)

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Pronađen mrtav svedok protiv Ljimaja

Pronađen mrtav svedok protiv Ljimaja

Komentara 20

Glavni svedok u slučaju protiv poslanika Skupštine Kosova Fatmira Ljimaja, Agim Zogaj, pronađen je danas mrtav u jednom parku u Nemačkoj, saopštila je misija Euleks u Prištini.

Tereti se za zločine nad Srbima: Fatmir Ljimaj

Zogaj, čiji je identitet do danas bio zaštićen i koji je bio poznat kao „svedok X“, bio je svedok tužilaštva, prenosi Radio Slobodna Evropa.

Na osnovu potvrđene optužnice, Ljimaj se, sa još devet osoba, tereti za ratne zločine nad srpskim i albanskim civilima počinjene 1999. godine u selu Klečka.
Limaju je prošle sedmice određen jednomesečni kućni pritvor.

Die USA stellten 2011 insgesamt 113 Milliarden US-Dollar für den Krieg am Hindukusch in ihrem Staatsetat bereit – Amerika je za 2011 odobrila bila 113 milijardi za rat na hindokušu!…

Newsletter vom 28.09.2011 – Gezieltes Töten in großem Stil

KABUL/WASHINGTON/BERLIN (Eigener Bericht) – Berliner Regierungsberater
rechnen für den Krieg in Afghanistan mit dem Übergang zu einer
„Counterterrorism“-Strategie inklusive „gezieltem Töten in großem
Stil“. Wie es in einer aktuellen Studie der Stiftung Wissenschaft und
Politik (SWP) heißt, setze sich in Washingon immer mehr die Ansicht
durch, die gegenwärtig praktizierte Strategie der
„Aufstandsbekämpfung“ („Counterinsurgency“) könne nicht zum Erfolg
führen. Experten hätten sie schon 2009 als „Glücksspiel“ bezeichnet.
Daher sei der Übergang zu einer alternativen Strategie unumgänglich.
Der SWP zufolge spielt dabei der Kostenfaktor eine entscheidende
Rolle: Die USA stellten 2011 insgesamt 113 Milliarden US-Dollar für
den Krieg am Hindukusch in ihrem Staatsetat bereit – angesichts der
vielfältigen aktuellen Krisen sei das zu viel. „Counterterrorism“
benötige deutlich weniger Truppen als „Counterinsurgency“ und sei
deshalb billiger. Unklar ist, welche Rolle die Bundeswehr in einem
„Counterterrorism“-Szenario in Afghanistan spielen wird. Äußerungen
des ehemaligen Verteidigungsministers Guttenberg deuten auf eine
deutsche Beteiligung hin.


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