Native American „Indian“ writes about the Serbs and their suffering

Subject: Native American „Indian“ writes about the Serbs and their suffering

Native American Professor and intellectual, David Yeagley understands and
condemns what was done to the Serbs.
David Yeagley: “BadEagle.comhas long recognized the cause of Serbia , the last
of the Mohicans in Eastern Europe .”
David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle.
Our Letter to David Yeagley:
Dear Sir,

I was really humbled and stirred up by reading your article Soros in Serbia :
The plot to plunder. Your knowledge and analytical skills on the subject are
amazing. As a Native American, you seem to have an uncanny ability to identify
and pinpoint evil machinations even when they are committed to a small and
distant European nation. It is also ironic that the same satanic forces which
have ethnically cleansed your indigenous people, have now returned to practice
their genocidal skills on the Serbs, accusing them of inventing “ethnic
cleansing”. I want to thank you for speaking out in spite of the noise of Soros’
money counting machines. You come out loud and clear, the Serbs and all the
Slavs can hear you! After devastating your people and lands, they are now coming
for the Slavs and their natural resources and they are just as brutal, savage
and deceitful as their gun toting ancestors. Please let your people know that we
feel their pain, we always sympathized with your people and now we feel the
sadism of your killers on our skins. I want to thank you on behalf of all the
Serbs who only want to be left to live in peace on their own native soil. With
your kind permission, I would like to post your article on our website.


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