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Dear Speaker,
would like to take this opportunity to invite you to act as KeyNote Speaker
or Session Speaker of the International Diaspora Youth Leadership
Conference 2009 that will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from July 9th-10th

Given your outstanding achievements, your valuable experience and your
vast knowledge of the industry, we would be honored if you could provide a
fifteen-minute presentation about a key issue or opportunity in the
industry during the event.

The theme of the conference:  „Building Bridges through Preparing
Tomorrow’s Leaders Today“.

The International Diaspora Youth Leadership Conference 2009 is the first
youth entrepreneurship event in Serbia. The conference attracts the best
and brightest young Serbs from all over the world. This year’s event is
expected to bring together 450 bright minds of ages 18 to 30 for an
inspirational learning experience.

Each year, International Diaspora Youth Leadership Conference 2009 will
nominate [] Top 30 Under 30
Serbian Young Entrepreneurs. The awards program that captures the
entrepreneurial spirit of Serbian’s international business community, and
to honour Serbians who have reached a significant level of success but have
not yet reached the age of 30.

Also, a nightly concert with a popular Serbian singer is scheduled to be
held, where the attendants can collectively bond and celebrate their
traditional way.

Together, we will examine the prospects for bridging the gaps among the
youth in Serbia and Diaspora, as well as identify best practices and models
for youth empowerment, leadership development, crime prevention,
networking, and family stability. It’s time to make a difference!

We welcome your submissions for the following speaking opportunities:

Keynote Speakers: recognized industry executives and leaders for keynote
presentations ([] please
click here for the program)

–     Going global and thriving in today’s world
–     How to work with Diaspora to expand your international market place?
–     Youth Entrepreneurship, Education and Investment Session Speakers: four
presenters for each of conference session
([] please click here for the

Topics of interest could include the following:

–     Student Exchange Programs, International Integration and Cultural
Exchange. Improving the Quality of 21st Century Education
–     Youth Entrepreneurship, Education and Investment – Knowledge Sharing
and Economic Co-operation
–     Living and Coping in the World as Serbian Youths – Why Serbia is
important to us?
–     Sport, Media and Film & Music & Art Image of Serbians in a Global
–     Renewable Energy Panel Energy Demand and the Role of Renewable Sources-
How Diaspora can Help
–     Serbia-Europe Relations Panel. How to get into European Union. How
Serbian Youth can be more involved
–     Investment Panel: Opportunities and Challenges: Exciting New Chapter
for Serbian Youth in Diaspora and Serbia
–     Law Panel: Serbian Evolving Laws – Going Global
–     Healthcare Panel
–     Information and Communication technologies (ICT) ICT for poverty
redaction- what Serbian Youth can do?
–     Venture Capital/Entrepreneurship Panel Serbian Youth: Limitless
Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Please submit your proposal no later than
November 15, 2008.

Please follow these submission instructions:

Title of proposed session
Speaker biography:     50 words or less
Photograph     (optional) in .jpg format
Company profile:     50 words or less
Length:     All presentations and panel discussions will be allotted 15
Because speakers are confirmed on a rolling basis, we encourage
prospective speakers to submit their proposals as soon as possible.
Proposals are judged on accuracy of responses to presentation
requests/descriptions, fair and equitable representation of responding
companies and relevance of subject matter.

For speaker consideration, please submit
[] this form or
Print out the []
Submission Form in pdf and fax it to 613-822-5099
You can also e-mail us with the above information at

As a speaker, your picture and biography will be published on the
International Diaspora Youth Leadership Conference 2009 Web site and
program guide. We would like to thank you for considering this invitation.
For more information on this program, please feel free to contact us. In
the meantime, I will be in touch with your office in the coming days to
inquire about your availability.

We look forward to your positive response

Tijana Arnautovic
Conference Chairman
International Diaspora Youth Leadership Conference 2009
275 Slater Street, Suite 900
Ottawa, Canada K1P 5H9

+1 613-255-0279 mobile
+1 613-822-5099 fax






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3 Antworten

  1. I am very interested in Student Exchange Programs since it is one of the most easiest ways to visit EU countries or USA perhaps and enhance my knowledge

  2. This event promises to be a very inspiring one indeed. However, I would like to know if someone like me from Nigeria could attend..
    Thank you.

  3. In today�s society we need to put the most focus on the development and empowerment of our youth. Considering the fact that they are our future leaders, politicians and teachers it is important they are given the skills necessary for them to live a fulfilled life.

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