The Chinese are discovering the „Ancient Slavic Secret“

The Chinese are discovering the „Ancient Slavic Secret“

December 17:

The PLA’s Chengdu military region will train nearly 10,000 homing pigeons as part of a signaling system to connect different regions in the military zone, the Chengdu Shangbao and South China Morning Post report. Pigeons are effective for army signaling in remote areas when telecommunications fail. The pigeon signaling system will ensure that regional army communications will be functional even in wartime, said one PLA official, adding that back-up communication stations had been set up in the mountainous provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and Tibet to deal with emergencies.

[Editor’s Note: The mainland has long depended on carrier pigeons for military use. In 1950, Yunnan border forces formed China’s first military pigeon squad, with about 200 Soviet and Polish pigeons. The provincial capital, Kunming, has since built a base to train more than 50,000 pigeons for military use.]

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