Marko Gashich andNebojsa Malic – answered these questions in their interviews given to Russia Today.

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The atrocities of the Albanian militants against peaceful Serb civilians were a
secret for a long time. The former prosecutor of the International Criminal
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Carla Del Ponte was among the first in 2008
to make the atrocities public. In her book, “The Hunt: Me and the War
Criminals”, she said that in 1999 she received information about the kidnapping
of 300 Kosovo Serbs and about their transportation to Albania. There in secret
clinics vital organs were taken from them and supplied to major clinics in
Western Europe, Israel and Canada.

According to The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) experts,
Hashim Thachi is the leader of an Albanian Mafiosi group, which is responsible
for the smuggling of arms, drugs, and human organs. The materials of the
conducted investigation say that in the past decade Thachi has exercised control
over the sale of heroin. The closest supporters of Hashim Thachi are involved in
trafficking in human organs.
Why have the Western countries deliberately turned a blind eye to the crimes
committed by Albanian militants from the “Kosovo Liberation Army”,  Hashim
Thachi et al? What does the future hold for Hashim Thachi?

* Marko Gashich andNebojsa Malic – answered these questions in their interviews
given to Russia Today.

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