Data on available facilities and activities that can be successfully performed in Mošorin:

Data on available facilities and activities that can be successfully performed in Mošorin:

1 – Production of food in ecologically clean environment Mošorin village.

Quoting the press: „Mošorin, a village on the northern slopes of Titel hill, due to circumstances, it has retained something that others no longer have, and what it can be an advantage in food production and rural tourism development. At only thirty kilometers from Novi Sad, nests in this place with its 2767 inhabitants. A bit lonely, away from main roads, Mošorin slowly modernized, and has managed to preserve the patina of the past and the old Vojvodina spirit … “

n a radius of 30-50 km there is no industry, or any pollutants. Ideal climate for the development of organic food. Wide possibilities for production: cereals, forage crops, medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat (beef, mutton, pork), fish. Has ideal conditions for the irrigation of fields (developed canals, rivers Tisa). The village is a source of drinking water of high quality (with the localities with drinking water supplying four villages). We have two thermal sources (in the village and I km from the village), ideal for greenhouse production.

Unspoiled nature …

Total area of municipality is 6769 hectares, of which:

Of this building is part of 366 acres, forested land is 485 acres, reed-swamp at 257 acres, pasture extends to 367 hectares. Arable is 5294 hectares.

Extremely rich in livestock, with around 5,000 cattle, 10,000 sheep (this year around 4000 lambs). About 1,000 bulls in fattening, several hundred calves. The daily milk production is over 50,000 gallons. Capacity of about 30,000 breeding pigs (two-thirds of the farm empty).

At 150 hectares of fishponds spread (with about 70 buildings). Fishing deal with a handful of entrepreneurs, of which one has the academic title „Doctor of Fisheries (Dr Cirkovic). It is grown mainly in juveniles, and a smaller part and several species of quality fish for consumption. Production capacity is about 200 cars younger.

2 – Formed general agricultural cooperatives of Agro-MOŠORINKA „Mošorin, which, unfortunately, more than a year without state support can not begin to work

– Registration number 20577754       – VAT Number 106323575

– Open an account with ProCredit Bank

Cooperative was founded 10 founder-members.

Cooperative, the founders have a cooperative owned by:

– 490 acres

– 155 dairy cows

– 120 beef cattle

– 70 sows farrowing (parent stock)

– 840 fattening pigs / unfilled capacity /

– 20 acres of ponds

3 – Plans of cooperatives in the next 3-5 years:

SUBJECT: Applications in food technology, as potential development projects

At the request of ZZ „AHRO-MOŠORINKA, preliminary research and analysis of market sales and purchases, we suggest the following potential applications of production on location Mošorin.

Production programs in Mošorin

These programs are aimed at evaluation of existing local resources in agricultural production through processing, ie. finalization of the product.

The main production system

Milk production in the mini dairy farm, the processing of milk in the modern capacity to produce milk powder, as the final product. Production capacity to accommodate the objective potential of milk production in Mošorin and the wider area around Mošorin.

Sales Desk

Milk powder as the final product would be placed:

a) In the domestic market – in a variety of food manufacturing plants (milk powder imported into Serbia)

b) Through export milk powder to the interests of the market

Procurement market

Milk would be provided from existing and new dairy farm, which would be developed on the basis of safe and economical evaluation of milk produced in a local facility for the manufacture of milk powder.

Budget facility

Budget facilities for the production of milk powder estimated to be:

a) Investment in fixed assets: 2.000.000 €

b) The working capital: 600,000 €

Deadline Project

About 6 months

Additional programs to the production of milk and milk powder

• The production of silage corn from complete plants for feeding cows

• Production of extruded cereals and oilseeds for feeding cows

• Directed microbiological composting litter from farms to produce bioactive compost, organic fertilizer needed for organic production of vegetables and fruits.

• Production of energy pellets as a fuel for heat, but possibly also electricity for the plant to produce powdered milk (renewable alternative energy source)

Production of beef cattle in intensive production of milk

In the developed cattle – milk production, cattle that arise can be directed to fattening. Using location and microclimate conditions, possible development of fattening cattle in the open, using high quality forages. The cattle could be slaughtered at a specialist abattoir for slaughter cattle, qualified for the export of beef.

Slaughterhouses must work on all standards of HACCP and possible additional requirements.

For slaughter cattle, can be used some of the existing good slaughterhouse near Mošorin, or in Mošorin can build a new modern slaughterhouses, with the settlement issues of wastewater, waste is and so on. (Environment).

Potential Development Program in Mošorin

This program is a production of eggs in the mini famama capacity of 5000 to 10,000 laying hens on a farm, and processing of eggs in:

a) County of eggs packed in Tetra Pak by modern standards for safe selling eggs

b) Production of egg powder in a facility that would build in the facility for the production of milk powder

Note: This program production would be developed only if a detailed analysis determine the real market sales, and market supply and egg production can be realized in a very short time.

Sales market is export oriented, and in each of the projects aims at achieving a high standard of manufacturing quality standards and ensuring HACCP.

All these projects have been discussed so far through various forms of predinvesticionih study and study, in consultation with experts specializing in a particular area of technology.

In all production lines, built to modern, automated equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Implementation of projects is planned with specific business partners and groups with which we already have long-term business cooperation.

Program or programs for which the interested party shows a certain interest, should be viewed and analyzed through Fisibility study, which would be made according to international standards.

For additional information, please contact us

The villagers are ready to increase capacity if it is our strategic partner, but …

B92 Info News Economy

The problems most of the livestock of the village

Mošorin – Mošorin, in the municipality of Titel, is the largest ranch village in Serbia, with about 200 cow farm. Poor facilities, farmers sell or slaughter their cattle.

In dairies across Serbia from the village came 50 tons of milk a day. However, due to the current situation in cattle and the problems that residents have the bad times, many of them sold, and slaughtered their cattle.

Momcilo Bagić largest producer of milk in Mošorin. Has a farm with 200 cattle, of which 60 per milking.

Although he can milk a day and up to 800 liters of milk, the price of 23 dinars, barely managing to cover costs.

A similar opinion and Dragoje Bagic. He has a farm with 100 head, and says that he can hardly keep it.

It’s not just what the price of milk affects the motivation of farmers to grow. In Mošorin the problem and infrastructure, and six miles of bad road and disorderly, which is why farmers have losses of five dinars per liter of milk.

Road construction would cost 120 million dinars, and in order to fight for the start of construction, residents have already protested Mošorin.

Ten years ago in Mošorin was 2000 cows, and now it’s more than twice.

Instead of these farmers increased the herd and increase the productivity of cows, they sell them or kill, and as such the fact that since August until now, in Mošorin slaughtered about 400 cows.

During the registration procedure of the Association with 9 branches (agriculture, dairy, breeding bulls, pigs, sheep and goat breeding, fish farming and fish fry, vegetable, fruit)

We invite investors who are interested in healthy food to contact us


mob 060 6321 159


Podaci o raspoloživim kapacitetima i poslovima koji se  mogu vrlo uspešno obaviti u Mošorinu:

1.- Proizvodnje hrane u ekološki čistoj sredini sela Mošorin.

Citiram novinara : “Mošorin, selo pod severnim padinama Titelskog brega, sticajem okolnosti, sačuvao je nešto što drugi više nemaju, a što mu može biti velika prednost u proizvodnji hrane i razvoju seoskog turizma. Na svega tridesetak kilometara od Novog Sada, smestilo se ovo mesto sa svojih 2.767 stanovnika. Pomalo usamljen, podalje od glavnih puteva, Mošorin se sporije modernizovao, pa je uspeo da sačuva patinu prošlosti i starog vojvođanskog duha…”

U prečniku od 30-50 km nema industrije, niti bilo kakvog zagađivača. Idealno podneblje za razvoj organske proizvodnje hrane. Široke mogućnosti za proizvodnju : žitarica, krmnog bilja, lekovitog bilja, voća i povrća, mleka  i mlečnih proizvoda, mesa ( goveđeg, ovčijeg, svinjskog ) , ribe. Poseduje idealne uslove za navodnjavanje njiva  ( razvijena kanalska mreža i reka Tisa ). U selu je izvorište vode za piće visokog kvaliteta ( sa tog lokaliteta se vodom za piće snabdevaju  četiri sela ). Imamo dva termalna izvora ( u selu i I km od sela ), idealni za plasteničku proizvodnju.

Netaknuta priroda…

Ukupna površina atara je 6.769 hektara,od toga :

Od toga građevinski deo je 366 hektara, pošumljeno zemljište je 485 hektara, trstici-močvare su na 257 hektara, pašnjak se prostire na 367 hektara. Obradivo je 5.294 hektara.

Izuzetno bogat stočni fond , sa oko:  5.000 goveda, 10.000 ovaca ( ove godine oko 4000 jaganjaca ). Oko 1.000 bikova u tovu, nekoliko stotina teladi .Dnevna proizvodnja mleka je preko 50.000 litara. Kapaciteti za tov oko 30.000 svinja (dve trećine farmi prazno ).

Na  150 hektara se prostiru ribnjaci ( sa oko 70 objekata ). Ribarstvom se bave nekolicina preduzetnika, od kojih jedan ima akademsko  zvanje „doktor ribarstva“ ( dr Ćirković ). Uzgaja se uglavnom riblja mlađ, a u manjem delu i nekoliko vrsta kvalitetne konzumne ribe. Kapacitet proizvodnje je oko 200 vagona mlađi.

2.- Formirana opšta zemljoradnička zadruga „AGRO-MOŠORINKA“, Mošorin, koja na žalost više od godinu dana bez podrške države ne može da počne sa radom

–         Matični broj 20577754

–         PIB                 106323575

–         Otvoren račun kod Pro Credit banke

Zadrugu je osnovalo 10 osnivača- zadrugara.

Zadrugari , osnivači zadruge u vlasništvu imaju :

–         490 jutara zemlje

–         155 muznih krava

–         120 junadi u tovu

–         70  krmača za prašenje ( matično stado )

–         840 svinja u tovu /nepopunjeni kapaciteti /

–         20 jutara ribnjaka

3.- Planovi rada zadruge u narednih 3-5 godina:


PREDMET:    Programi u tehnologijama proizvodnje hrane, kao potencijalne razvojne projekte


Na osnovu zahteva ZZ „AHRO-MOŠORINKA“, preliminarnih istraživanja i analiza tržišta prodaje i nabavke,  predlažemo sledeće potencijalne programe proizvodnje na lokaciji Mošorin.

Programi proizvodnje u Mošorinu

Ovi programi imaju za cilj valorizaciju postojećih lokalnih potencijala u poljoprivrednoj proizvodnji, kroz preradu tj. finalizaciju proizvoda.



Osnovni sistem proizvodnje

Proizvodnja mleka u mini farmama krava muzara, sa preradom mleka u savremenom kapacitetu za proizvodnju mleka u prahu, kao finalnog proizvoda. Kapacitet proizvodnje prilagodio bi se objektivnom potencijalu proizvodnje mleka u Mošorinu i širem području oko Mošorina.

Tržište prodaje

Mleko u prahu kao finalni proizvod, plasirao bi se:

a)      Na domaćem tržištu – u raznim prehrambenim proizvodnim pogonima (mleko u prahu se uvozi u Srbiju)

b)      Kroz izvoz mleka u prahu na zainteresovana tržišta


Tržište nabavke

Mleko bi se obezbeđivalo iz postojećih i novih farmi mlečnih krava, koje bi se razvijale na osnovu sigurne i ekonomične valorizacije proizvedenog mleka u lokalnom pogonu za proizvodnju mleka u prahu.

Budžet pogona

Budžet pogona za proizvodnju mleka u prahu procenjuje se:

a)      Ulaganja u osnovna sredstva:                               oko 2.000.000 €

b)      U trajna obrtna sredstva:                                       oko    600.000 €

Rok realizacije projekta

Oko 6 meseci

Prateći programi uz proizvodnju mleka i mleka u prahu

  • Proizvodnja silirane hrane od kompletne kukuruzne biljke za ishranu krava
  • Proizvodnja ekstrudiranih žitarica i uljarica za ishranu krava
  • Usmereno mikrobiloško kompostiranje prostirke iz farmi u cilju proizvodnje bioaktivnog komposta, organskog đubriva neophodnog za organsku proizvodnju povrća i voća.
  • Proizvodnja energetskih peleta kao energenta za proizvodnju toplotne, ali eventualno i električne energije za rad postrojenja za proizvodnju mleka u prahu (obnovljivi alternativni izvor energije)


Proizvodnja tovnih junadi iz intezivne proizvodnje mleka

Kod razvijenog govedarstva – proizvodnje mleka, nastaju junad koja se mogu usmeriti u tov. Koristeći lokacijske preduslove i mikroklimu, moguć je razvoj tova junadi na otvorenom, uz korišćenje kvalitetne kabaste hrane. Ova junad bi se mogla klati u specijaliziranoj klanici za klanje junadi, osposobljenoj za izvoz junećeg mesa.

Klanica mora da funkcioniše  po svim normama HACCP-a i eventualnim dodatnim zahtevima.

Za klanje junadi, može se koristiti neka od postojećih dobrih klanica u blizini Mošorina, ili se u Mošorinu može izgraditi nova savremena klanica, sa rešenim problemima otpadnih voda, konfiskata i sl. (zaštita životne sredine).

Potencijalni razvojni program u Mošorinu

Ovaj program predstavlja proizvodnju konzumnih jaja u mini famama, kapaciteta 5.000 – 10.000 koka nosilja po jednoj farmi, i prerada konzumnih jaja u:

a)      Lupana jaja pakovana u Tetra paku po savremenim standardima za bezbednu prodaju jaja

b)      Proizvodnji jaja u prahu u postrojenju koje bi se izgradilo u sklopu pogona za proizvodnju mleka u prahu


Napomena: Ovaj program proizvodnje razvio bi se samo pod uslovom da se detaljnim analizama utvrdi realno tržište prodaje, dok tržište nabavke, odnosno proizvodnje jaja se može realizovati u veoma kratkom roku.

Tržište prodaje usmereno je prema izvozu, pa se u svakom od projekata teži postizavanju visokih standarda u kvalitetu proizvodnje i obezbeđenju normi HACCP-a.

Svi ovi projekti su razmatrani do sada kroz razne vidove predinvesticionih elaborata i Studija, uz konsultacije sa stručnjacima specijaliziranim za određenu oblast tehnologija.

U sve tehnološke linije, ugradila bi se savremena, automatizirana oprema od renomiranih svetskih proizvođača opreme.

Realizacija projekata predviđena je sa određenim poslovnim partnerima i grupacijama sa kojima  već postoji dugoročna poslovna saradnja.

Program ili programi za koje zainteresovana strana pokaže određeni interes, morali bi biti sagledani i analizirani kroz Fisibility studije, koje bi bile izrađene prema svetskim standardima.

Za sve dodatne informacije stojimo Vam na raspolaganju

Stanovnici sela su spremni da povećaju kapacitete ukoliko bi se našao strateški partner, ali …




B92 Info Vesti Ekonomija


Problemi najvećeg stočarskog sela
27. decembar 2009. | 15:32 | Izvor: B92
Mošorin — Mošorin, u opštini Titel, najveće je stočarsko selo u Srbiji, sa oko 200 farmi krava. Zbog loših uslova, stočari prodaju ili kolju svoja goveda.

U mlekare širom Srbije iz tog sela stiže 50 tona mleka dnevno. Ipak, zbog trenutnog stanja u govedarstvu i problema koje meštani imaju zbog lošeg puta, mnogi od njih prodaju, ali i kolju svoja goveda.

Momčilo Bagić najveći je proizvođač mleka u Mošorinu. Ima farmu sa oko 200 grla, od kojih je 60 na muži.

Iako dnevno namuze i do 800 litara mleka, sa cenom od 23 dinara, jedva uspeva da pokrije troškove.

Sličnog je mišljenja i Dragoje Bagić. On ima farmu sa 100 grla, i kaže da jedva uspeva da je održi.

Nije samo cena mleka ono što utiče na motivaciju stočara da napreduju. U Mošorinu je problem i infrastruktura, odnosno šest kilometara lošeg i neuređenog puta, zbog čega i stočari imaju gubitke od pet dinara po litru mleka.

Izgradnja puta koštala bi 120 miliona dinara, a da bi se izborili za početak radova, meštani Mošorina su već protestovali.

Pre deset godina u Mošorinu je bilo 2 000 krava, a sada je to više nego dvostruko.

Umesto da ovi farmeri uvećavaju stada i povećavaju produktivnost krava, oni ih prodaju ili kolju, a u prilog tome govori podatak da je od avgusta pa do sada, u Mošorinu zaklano oko 400 grla.


U toku je postupak registracije Udruženja sa 9 ogranaka ( agrar, mlekarstvo, uzgoj bikova, uzgoj svinja, ovčarstvo I kozarstvo, uzgoj ribe I riblje mlađi, povrtarstvo, voćarstvo )

Pozivamo investitore, koje zanima proizvodnja zdrave hrane da nam se jave

E mail :

mob 060 6321 159


Želim da Vam se direktno obratim, jer ministar poljoprivrede Srbije i svi relevantni organi u Srbiji- ne čine ništa da pokrenu poljoprivrednu proizvodnju. Jedini, stvarno jedini način da Srbija vrati ogromne kredite je – poljoprivredna proizvodnja. Mi u zadruzi koju smo osnovali nismo ni u jednoj političkoj stranci i nikako ne možemo dobiti subvencije i bespovratna sredstva koja država daje. Resursi koji postoje u selu Mošorin, gde egzistira zadruga su ogromni. Naš prvi cilj je silos za žitarice za koji nam treba oko 250.000 evra koje osnivači zadruge nemaju, jer dobar deo imanja su već stavili pod hipoteku.

Ovim putem Vas molimo i pozivamo da dođete i vidite čime raspolažemo. Profit onoga koji ulaže je zagarantovan. Želimo direktne kontakte, jer državu Srbiju poljoprivreda na žalost ne zanima.

Ukoliko je neko od Vaših čitalaca zainteresovan, neka nam se javi.

Unapred Vam zahvaljujemo.

Marko Subotin

E mail

I want to speak to you directly, because the Minister of Agriculture of Serbia and all relevant authorities in Serbia-do nothing to start agricultural production. The only, really the only way for Serbia to return a huge credit – agriculture production. We in the union that we have established we are not in any political party and we can not get the subsidies and grants which the state grants. Resources that exist in the village Mošorin, where cooperatives exist are enormous. Our first goal is for grain silo that we need around 250,000 euros that the founders of the cooperative do not have as much of the estate have already been put under the mortgage.

We hereby ask you to invite you to come and see what we have. Profits of investing is guaranteed. We want direct contact, because agriculture is the state of Serbia, unfortunately, not interested.

If any of your readers interested, let us know.

We thank you in advance.

Marko Subotin

E mail

U okviru 5. Kulturnog festivala „Dani respekta“ (Days of respect)

Poštovane dame i gospodo,

U okviru 5. Kulturnog festivala „Dani respekta“ (Days of respect)koji organizuje Interkulturelle Bühne Frankfurt e.V. nastupiće i članovi našeg Udruženja pisaca „Sedmica“ sa svojim dvojezičnim literarno-muzičkim programom u subotu 27. novembra.
Tim povodom vas najsrdačnije pozivamo da nam se pridružite, da zajedno uz poeziju i muziku potražimo zrno sreće.
Početak je u 18 časova u Saalbau Bornheim, Arnsburgerstr.24, Frankfurt/M.

Očekujemo vas sa radošću.

Uprava UP „Sedmica“

Ljubiša Simić, predsednik
Tel.: 069-87870570
Mob.: 0173-6941770

Subota, 27. novembar 2010. sa početkom u 20 časova

Subota,  27. novembar 2010.

sa poèetkom u 20 èasova










V E È E   F O L K L O R A


Kulturno-umetnièki program u kome   æe uèestvovati

sve grupe  folklornog ansambla “ORO”



Po zavr¹etku  kulturno-umetnièkog programa

dru¾enje i  igranka uz muziku u¾ivo




Pripremiæemo bogatu trpezu -posnu i mrsnu-,

veliki izbor piæa, kao i  bogatu tombolu, a vi nam

donesite samo dobro raspolo¾enje.


Ulaz slobodan





Srpsko kulturno-umetnièko dru¹tvo „ORO“ e. V.
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(U1 – pravac Ginnheim, stanica „Heddernheimer Landstrasse“)
D-60439 Frankfurt
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Препоручујемо са видовдан.орг

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Вести – Видовдан.орг

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„Rettungsschirm – für deutsche Banken“.

Newsletter vom 24.11.2010 – Das neue deutsche Europa

DUBLIN/BERLIN (Eigener Bericht) – In Irland werden heftige Proteste
gegen die von Berlin erzwungene Annahme sogenannter Finanzhilfen laut.
Die EU-„Unterstützung“ führe zur Preisgabe der irischen Souveränität
in Haushaltsfragen, nütze vor allem deutschen Banken und sei mit
harten Kürzungen der Sozialleistungen für Benachteiligte verbunden,
heißt es in einer führenden irischen Tageszeitung. Die faktische
Übernahme der Macht in Dublin durch EU-Behörden wolle man nicht
hinnehmen. Die irischen Proteste folgen schweren Unmutsbekundungen im
EU-Establishment, die sich an deutschen Forderungen für die künftige
Regelung von Staatsinsolvenzen entzünden. Diese werden für die
Eskalation der irischen Krise verantwortlich gemacht. Man höre in
diesem Kontext Äußerungen über die Berliner Regierung, die „nicht
druckfähig“ seien, berichtet der Direktor eines prominenten Thinktanks
aus Brüssel. Dass nicht Irland, sondern vielmehr deutsche
Kreditinstitute die Hauptprofiteure der „Finanzhilfen“ sind, wird auch
in deutschen Medien völlig unumwunden zugegeben. Dort heißt es:
„Rettungsschirm – für deutsche Banken“.