The only Criminals on Balkan

The only Criminals on Balkan, as always was, are Catholics Nazi – Communist Venture with Moslem militants against Serbs and

Written by: Milovan, Mick, Vesic Orth. Christian freedom fighter from occupied Serbia

Serbian Orth. Christian Church. What sort of International Society is calling Orth. Christians Aggressors and Banditen? Who will dare to bomb Serbia as dangerous criminals for a rest of a World?  Once it was Nazi Criminal daughter molester Benito Mussolini and now „Merciful Angel“ from White House in Washington another daughter molester with his bloody Hooker Hilary. Merciful Angel was a liar: It was a Poofter and child molester. What sort of Angel Poofter & daughter molester can be? As that we, Orth. Christians, do not know what Angels looks like?

World is about to see how many People did Croatian Criminal Tito & Communist killed to come to Power democratically all of it by the Help of British intelligence Services in U.K.s Queens Army Uniforms. Catholic Croatian Communist Tito OHMS! Ethnic cleansing after the War was over?

In spite that 3 million Serbs were convicted to death and Conviction were carried out in Concentration Kemps Jasenovac, Sisak & Jadovno aside other places you are still killing and persecuting today in Concentration Kemp in Hague, torturing and killing only Serbian „Criminals“ who, if they did any Crime it was in self defence of our Families and our door steps for a centuries – homesteads.

Some of American opinions about Organizers (Child molesters) of the War


We can draw some very obvious and immediate conclusions from these news stories which prove that the American people have been lied to once again by our Government and our Media.  I do not intend this list to be an exhaustive one, so if any of you can think of another conclusion, please email me to let me know.

1.  Our Federal Government routinely lies to us — Too many Americans still have trouble believing that Government officials lie to us every single day.  Some politicians seemingly cannot ever tell the truth.  Certainly, President Clinton has proven — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that he has lied to us repeatedly, and much more than the times he has told the truth.  He admitted, under oath, that he lied to a grand jury, to a sitting judge, and to a court of law.  How can we ever believe anything he says to us?

William Murray, a Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, provides his comments on the humanitarian impact of NATO’s actions in the former Yugoslavia.

RT: You’ve examined desecrated and destroyed churches in Kosovo. How extensive is the damage?

William Murray: The amount of damage is incredible, and it was obviously ethnic and religious in nature. The bodies of those who had served there were actually dug up and their bones scattered, the coffins were opened and desecrated, and the crosses and chapels destroyed. And this occurred, literally, to hundreds of churches that were built in the XIII, XIV, XV centuries across Kosovo.

William Murray: I don’t think they can be justified anymore than it would be justified for the United Nations to come in and declare that Southern California should become an independent nation because it has a majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico, which would have been the absolute equivalent with what NATO did with Serbia and Kosovo.

From occupied Serbia by, Communist & NAzi Terrorist Organization – NATO, Poofters!

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