With an aim to acquaint international public with the war crime  as well as the trial of Ejup Ganic, the former leader of the Bosnian Muslims and war commander of Bosnian paramilitary forces during the war in Yugoslavia, SWC has launched a new website and the on-line petition on  www.stopwarcriminal.com .

This website is introducing the footage taken by Bosnian paramilitary forces, which shows Ejup Ganic issuing an order to murder the Yugoslav National Army members in Sarajevo, on May 3 1992. The footage is irrefutable evidence that Ejup Ganic is directly responsible for this war crime.

The murdered soldiers were withdrawing from their compulsory military service to Serbia under the white flag, and with the protection of UNPROFOR (UN forces). Many of them were wounded. The massacre of young soldiers is a brutal breach of the Geneva convention and by definition a monstrous war crime.

The on-line petition EJUP GANIC – STOP HIM! has been launched with goal to raise the awareness about the war crime Ejup Ganic committed and the necessity to extradite this criminal to Serbian  authorities which will organize a fair trial.

More details on www.stopwarcriminal.com

————————————– (serbian language version)


Sa ciljem predstavljanja meðunarodnoj javnosti èinjenica o ratnom zloèinu i sudskom procesu Ejupa Ganiæa, pokrenut je novi internet sajt na adresi www.stopwarcriminal.com.

Ovaj sajt, pored svih osnovnih èinjenica, predstavlja video snimak muslimanskih paravojnih jedinica u kojem se vidi da Ejup Ganiæ izdaje nareðenje za ubistvo pripadnika JNA 3. maja 1992. u Sarajevu, ¹to je neoboriv dokaz da je za ovaj ratni zloèin direktno odgovoran Ejup Ganiæ.

Na sajtu je pokrenuta i online peticija sa ciljem podizanja svesti o ratnom zloèinu Ejupa Ganiæa i potrebi da ovaj ratni zloèinac bude izruèen nadle¾nim organima Republike Srbije gde æe imati pravedno suðenje.

Detaljnije na adresi www.stopwarcriminal.com

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