U Prizrenu, u naselju Bazdarana, pored kruznog toka gde pocinje magistralni put za Suvu Reku, jos maja 2009.godine je odluceno da se podigne „spomenik mira“ posvecen vojnicima NATO

Gospodine Nonkovicu

U Prizrenu, u naselju Bazdarana, pored kruznog toka gde pocinje magistralni put za Suvu Reku, jos maja 2009.godine je odluceno da se podigne „spomenik mira“ posvecen vojnicima NATO snaga koji borave na Kosovu i Metohiji od 1999.god. Projekat ovakvog spomenika je izradila  firma „Europrojekt“ , koja je za izabrani projekat  dobila 3400 evra na konkursu,  a grad Prizren ce kompletno finansiranje izgradnje  projekta platiti  54651,70 evra, firmi NPT „Concrete Eng“ iz Prizrena.

Moze da se dogodi da neki „zaljubljenici“ podignu slican spomenik i u Beogradu ili Sumadiji.
A spomenik nasim zrtvama NATO agresije, neka  ceka; dok Srbi ne zaborave…….
S postovanjem
Pavle Dejanovic
P.S. Molim Vas da na nekom vidljivom mestu istaknete ovakav „projekat“.

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Dear Mr. President and honorable deputies,

As concerned American and European intellectuals and citizens, we call on you to seriously reconsider the plan to adopt a parliamentary resolution that would treat the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995 as a paradigmatic event of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in doing so to use language that could be interpreted as Serbia’s acceptance of responsibility for “genocide.”

The execution of Moslem prisoners in July of 1995, after Bosnian Serb forces took over Srebrenica, was a war crime, but it is by no means a paradigmatic event. The informed public in Western countries knows that, at that time, forces attributed to the Republic of Srpska executed in three days approximately as many Moslems as Moslem forces, raiding surrounding Serbian villages out of Srebrenica, had murdered during the preceding three years. There is nothing to set one crime apart from the other, except that its commission was more condensed in time. In a vicious civil war, in which all sides commit crimes, all innocent victims are entitled to compassion but the victims of one ethnic group should have no special moral claim to unique recognition. Putting the suffering of one group on a pedestal necessarily derogates from the right of the other group – in this case Serbian non-combatants in the devastated villages surrounding the enclave of Srebrenica – to an equal measure of sympathy.

More importantly, what really happened in Srebrenica in July of 1995 is an issue that is still not settled, or why it occurred, and who was behind it. The accepted version of events, shaped mainly by war propaganda and hyperbolic media reports, is becoming increasingly obsolete because it is being vigorously questioned and reassessed by critical thinkers in the Western world. Much reliable information on these events is still unavailable and needs to be researched, but without it responsible conclusions on the nature and scope of the Srebrenica massacre cannot be drawn. Both the event’s alleged scope and its legal description as “genocide” are intensely in dispute. It would therefore be very unwise for Serbia and its parliament to formally commit themselves to a version of events that is thin on evidence but long on moral and political implications that are extremely detrimental to Serbia and its people.

We are also troubled by the prospect of Serbia and its parliament might accept the thesis that the massacre in Srebrenica, regrettable as it may be, amounts to “genocide.” That would unpardonably diminish genuine genocide as a phenomenon of the 20th century, of which the Holocaust of the Jewish people and the mass extermination campaigns against Armenians, Kurds, and the Roma are some outstanding examples.

We are concerned that the politicisation of human suffering and the frivolous usage of the grave legal category of genocide greatly cheapens these important concepts and constitutes an undeserved insult to innocent victims of political violence everywhere in the world.

Not only would Serbia, by an act of its own parliament, put itself in the same league with Nazi Germany if such a resolution were passed. It would also sanctify at Serbia’s extreme disadvantage a propaganda narrative whose key components are factually unsupported. It would implicitly endorse the view that the Republic of Srpska was built on genocide and thus endanger its further existence and play into the hands of those pressuring for the centralisation of Bosnia. Finally, it would expose Serbian taxpayers to the possibility of a multi billion euro suit for damages which they are ill equipped at the present moment to pay [and have no obligation to do so, for that matter].

For all these reasons, we appeal to you to refrain from passing the projected Srebrenica resolution. If you feel it your duty to perform an act of public compassion toward the victims of the Bosnian war, we recommend as the only proper method that you pass a single resolution, written in ethnically neutral language, encompassing all of the victims and honoring them equally.


Prof. Edward Herman,  academic, United States

Jurgen Elsaesser, author and journalist, Germany

Germinal Čivikov, author and journalist, the Netherlands

Alexander Dorin, author, Switzerland

Prof. Alexander Mezyaev, Russian Federation

Eckart Spoo, journalist and publicist, Germany

Diana Johnstone, political analyst and writer, United States and France

Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, philosopher and humanist, Belgium

Klaus von Raussendorff, ex-diplomat and publicist, Bonn/Germany

Klaus Hartmann, Chairman of the German Freethinkers Association,

Vice president of World Union of Freethinkers, Germany

Cathrin Schütz, journalist, political scientist, Author of „Der NATO-Krieg gegen Jugoslawien. Hintergründe, Nebenwirkungen und Folgen“ (Braumüller Verlag, Wien), Germany

Prof. Dr. Velko Valkanov, president, National Peace Council of Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Nikola Zivkovic, author and political analyst, Germany

Dr. Patrick Barriot, political scientist, France

Michele Altamura, journalist and political commentator, Italy

Christopher Black, barrister, Canada

Jonathan Rooper, ex-political analyst for BBC, independent journalist, Great Britain

Danilo Zolo, professor of Philosophy of International Law, Law Department, University of Florence, Italy

Theodosios Kyriakidis, Director of the St. George Peristereota Research Centre, Greece

Ing. Bernhard Frerichs, Nemacka

Dirk Frerichs, student elektronike u Nemackoj Darmstadt

Ing. Jan-Hendrik, Frerichs, Nemacka

Ing. Ina Frerichs, Arhitekta, Nemacka

Ing. Seidel Klaus, Rüsselsheim, Nemacka

Reiner Bingel, tehnicar, Taunusstein, Nemacka

Hödt Otti, med. sestra, Groß Gerau, Nemacka

Ing. Dirksmeier Klaus, Berlin, Nemacka

Ing. Davide Braga, Italy

Ing. Marco Bellini, vice-president , European Development Centre, independent think-tank, Italy

Lina Bertorello, Italy

Ing. Antonio Tassone, Belgium

Additional remarks suggested by Professor Edward Herman:   “(1) When is the EU going to insist on an apology to Serbs from Croatia and the United States and UN for Operations Flash and Storm, which involved the greatest ethnic cleansing operations in the Balkan wars, and ones where, in contrast with others, the victims have never been able to return?; (2) when will the EU and NATO apologize to the  Kosovo Serbs for the greatest „proportionate“ ethnic cleansing of the Yugoslav wars carried out under NATO auspices after June 10, 1999? (and to the Roma for their ethnic victimization in the same period?); (3) when will the EU and United States apologize for introducing Al Qaeda into Bosnia and Europe to fight (and behead) Serbs, as described in detail in „Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al Qaida, and the Rise of  Global Jihad,“ by John R. Schindler, Professor at the U.S. National War College and former National Security Council specialist in Bosnia?”

Additional remarks suggested by Prof. Daniel Salvatore Schieffer:

“Io firmo certo questo appello, in nome della giustizia per tutti popoli della Bosnia-Herzegovina, e quindi anche dei Serbi, che hanno certo diritto allo stesso trattamento morale et legale degli altri. Questo principio fa parte dell’articolo numero 1 della carta dellle Nazioni Unite dei diritti dell’uomo.”

Additional remarks suggested by Prof. Alex Mezyaev:

„Та форма и методы, которые использованы МТБЮ и Международным судом ООН для признания геноцида в Сребренице в июле 1995 года лишь подчёркивают отсутствие реальных доказательств вины сербских военных и сербских властей. В этих условиях принятие резолюции означает выступление на стороне антисербских сил. “

Additional remarks suggested by barrister Christopher Black:

“It is necessary to include a demand for an admission by all Nato countries that they committed war crimes against the people of Serbia in the massive aerial

bombardment of the spring of 1999 in which all rules of war were broken

and that the final agreement to cease that bombardment by allowing Nato

forces to occupy Kosovo was forced on the Serbian government under threat

of the mass murder of the the people of Belgrade by American B52’s which

threat was made to president Milosevic and others by Mssrs. Athisaari and

Chernomyrdin as agents of the USA; a threat in which they promised to kill

500,000 people in Belgrade and flatten the city unless the terms they

presented were accepted. Srebrinica, even if the Nato propaganda were true

(which I do not accept) pales in comparison against such terror.”

Additional remarks suggested by Professor Velko Valkanov:

“Решително не мога да се съглася, че това, което стана в Сребреница, може да бъде квалифицирано като геноцид. Това бе трагичен епизод от една гражданска война, която враждебни на сръбския народ сили разпалиха. Заставам твърдо зад един протест срещу евентуалното признаване на някакъв геноцид в Сребреница.”

Проф.д-р Велко Вълканов,

председател на Българския национален съвет за мир

Srbija u prvom planu u Rimu – Grad Rim promovise cistu energiju iz Novog Sada

S A O P S T E N J E  Z A  M E D I J E  I  J A V N O S T

Srbija u prvom planu u Rimu
Grad Rim promovise cistu energiju iz Novog Sada

Medjunarodna konferencija i izlozba o novim izvorima energije u Rimu – u prvom planu tehnologija iz Srbije – dvostepeni mehanicki oscilator akademika Veljka Milkovica!

U organizaciji italijanske asocijacije „European Consumers Associations” i uz podrsku Grada Rima i regiona Lacio (Italija), u subotu 13. februara 2010. godine u Rimu odzava se medjunarodna konferencija i izlozba posvecena novim energetskim tehnologijama pod nazivom „Slobodna energija – od teorije do prakse, za ekolosku odrzivost regiona Lacio“ koja ima za cilj identifikovanje i promociju onih naprednih tehnologija koje mogu nas ekoloski svet buducnosti uciniti realnim.            
I Srbija na ovom prestiznom skupu predstavljena sa tehnologijom ciste energije – dvostepenim mehanickim oscilatorom akademika Veljka Milkovica iz Novog Sada (www.veljkomilkovic.com).
O potencijalu i znacaju upotrebe ciste energije bazirane na efektima dvostepenih mehanickih oscilacija govorice predstavnici „Istrazivacko-razvojnog centra Veljko Milkovic“ (VEMIRC) iz Novog Sada kao jedini predstavnici ovog dela Evrope koji ce ucestvovati u radu ove konferencije.
O znacaju i vaznosti sa kojom organizatori pristupaju prema srpskoj tehnologiji svedoci i cinjenica sto je u prvi plan skupa postavljena tehnologija dvostepenog oscilatora izdvajajuci za njenu prezentaciju najvise vremena (90 minuta), a na zvanicnom promotivnom materijalu konferencije, i to na naslovnoj strani, predstavljen je akademik Veljko Milkovic sa modelom dvostepenog oscilatora – rucne pumpe za vodu sa klatnom:
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> http://www.pasti.org/tribaia.htm

Testo inglese, presentato al Forum per la Pace di Berlino,


Rajko DOLECEK, M.D., DSc.,

Professor of Medicine

Ostrava, Czech Republic



Ostrava, February 2001

There is an ugly, dirty spot on the face of Europe. It is a sort of

cancer, regrettably still very much cherished by the official European

Union (EU) and its parliament, by NATO and. the USA (especially by the

former Clinton’s administration). It is the International Criminal

Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, the ICTY, that started

its official wretched, existence in May 1993. Its hypocrisy and biased,

lawless and unfair activities, as well as a very selective justice,

made out of it, in its-present form, a kangaroo court. The events

during the last 10 years in Yugoslavia have proved it.

Many hundreds of years ago, Saint Augustine (354-430) said that a state

without law was a den of bandits. In a similar way one could say that a

court without justice is a den of rogues. It is just to punish various

war crimes, but it is criminal to organize a selective, onesided,

biased justice in the hope that the world is stupid enough to swallow

anything that the US/NATO/EU propaganda machine fabricated.

The creation of the ICTY as a subsidiary of the UN Security Council was

legally very doubtful from its very beginning. Among the first to head

the preparatory work for the ICTY was an honest Dutch professor of law

Fritz Kalshoven who soon resigned, obviously because he realized that

shameless frauds and frame-ups were being concocted, under a. severe

pressure by Clinton’s administration. It is sad to realize that the so-

called „free world“ has been led and informed during the last 10 (1991-

2000) by a gang of disinformers, even overt liars.

The first violation of justice occured when the data were collected for

the ICTY, about the crimes perpetrated in Yugoslavia during the civil-

ethnic-religious war, where nobody was quite innocent. A devout Muslim

from Egypt, a professor at De Paul University (Chicago, USA) „Sharif“

M.Bassiouni was picked up (by whom ?) to prepare the data base for the

ICTY (murder, torture, plunder, rape, etc.) and to publish his

findings. But, alas, in a huge annex of his report, he practically

omitted the well documented Serbian reports about the crimes

perpetrated against them. And so the ICTY obtained only the data de-

scri’Bing the Serbian real and alleged war crimes, without any attempt

to evaluate their credibility or truthfulness. The Serbian data about

the Croat and Muslim crimes had been sent to professor Bassiouni three

times, one even as a diplomatic mail, but he omitted them somehow, just

left them out.

Milivoje Ivanisevic, a Serb academic, from the north-eastern Bosnia,

collected in his book „The Chronicle of Our Cemetery“ (Belgrade, 1994)

a vast quantity of data about the mass murder, ethnic cleansing,

torture, plunder, etc., carried out by the Muslim extremists and their

collaborators (1992-93) at Bratunac, Milici, Skelani and Srefarenica –

until 1991 the latter had almost 30% of Serb inhabitants, in 1995

none. .Detailed lists of the murdered (about 1000) , of their killers,

of the property plundered, were given to the Crimes Investigators of

the ICTY. but nothing happened, nobody was indicted. And so, as an

example par excellance, Nasir Oric, the war criminal, the commander of

the Muslim garrison (the 28th division) in the

allegedly „demilitarized“ (sic !) Srebrenica is free and well-off, in

his disco club in Tuzla, where are so many Americans, regardless of the

fact that his troops devastated up to 100 Serbian villages in Eastern

Bosnia, killing about 1200 civilians. A member of the Bosnian

parliament for Izetbegovic’s SDA party, in an article the reign of

terror in Srebrenica, as organized by Nasir Oric (Slobodna Bosna, July

14, 1996).

When in September 1993 the Croatian army, its 9th brigade, supported by

many foreign mercenaries, overran and completely destroyed the Serbian

villages Medak, Citluk and Divoselo in the UN protected „pink zone“ of

Krajina, killing about 100 unprotected civilians (the

French „protectors“ fled), the event was described in detail by the

high UN representative Cedrin Thornberry. „The UN dossiers, with their

voluminous evidence, have been given to the Crimes Investigators (of

the ICTY) on October 6 – 1993,.. Since then there has been nothing but

silence“ (Foreign Policy, Fall 1996). In that war crime a prominent

role was played by Agim Ceku, an Albanian officer who defected from

earlier the former Yugoslav Army. He was promoted to general after the

Medak massacre by the late Croatian president Franjo Tudjman. Later, in

1999, Ceku commanded the Albanian KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army, UCK)

terrorists in Kosovo, and. became later the boss, of the armed „Kosovo

Protection Corps“ the MTK, the new form of the KLA, According to press

reports, he is on the list of war criminals of the ICTY, allegedly on

the payroll of UN, as commander of the MTK. The ICTY did not care about

the above so far.

In early September 1991 the Croatian army and police assassinated about

100 Serbs in the area of Gospic in Croatia. A special „liquidation

squad“ called the „Autumn Rains“ did it. Its leading men were Tomislav

Mercep (notoriously known for crimes against the Serbs in the Eastern

Slavonia, in the area of Vukovar, Borovo) and Mirko Norac, later the

youngest Croatian general (at 34), known for his war crimes and wanted

even by the Croatian authorities (january-february 2001) in connection

with the mass murder of Serbs in Croatia. This crying shame was never

mentioned by the ICTY. The last fall (2000), Ms.Carla del Ponte, the

latest prosecutor general of the ICTY, visited Gospic and Zagreb.

One could have expected that she would indict him and try to get the

extradition of Mirko Norac for his war crimes, as well as of some of

his’collaborators, e.g., Tihomir Oreskovic, one of the most notorious

killers of Serbs in the Gospic district (1991) – but just the opposite

happened. Norac surrendered himself and was arrested, immediately after

the ICTY informed the Croatian authorities (Feb.21, 2001) that it would

not prosecute Norac (DPA).-„Norac is not on the list of persons,

prosecuted by the Tribunal, and his case will n o t be transferred to

The Hague“, said Carla del Ponte, to strengthen the utter hypocrisy of

the ICTY. The above killers organized murder of up to 100 Serbs and

some pro-Yugoslav Croats in the Gospic area, mostly „teachers, judges,

doctors. Before he started his bloodstained carrer, before he became a

member of a special police unit, Mirko Norac had been a waiter. His

military carrer was really staggering: in less than 10 years, he was

made from a waiter a general. He was a protege of the late Croatian

Defence Secretary Gojko Susak. A Croatian ex-intelligence officer

Mr.Milan Levar, who had testified against him, was killed last year

(2000) when a bomb exploded in his house at Gospic.

The ICTY has issued repeated warrants for arrest of three officers of

the Yugoslav Army, asking their extradition from Belgrade, for. alleged

war crimes against the Croatian civilians in autumn 1991 duringfighting

around Vukovar. But the ICTY did not mention a single time the well

documented war crimes perpetrated by the Croatian National. Guard Corps

(ZNG) and the paramilitaries in spring and summer 1991 in the Vukovar

area, in Borovo and in Borovo Naselje, where many (!) hundreds of Serbs

had been tortured and killed. The leading Croatian officials Tomislav

Mercep, Branimir Glavas (commander of the notorious „Black Legion“),

even Vladimir Seks took a leading part in it, together with many local

killers, As an utter hypocrisy, the visiting members of the European

parliament (Febr.10, 20.01) strongly requested in Belgrade the

extradition of the above mentioned three officers, without mentioning

the war crimes by the Croatian paramilitaries and police. Probably the

EU parliamentarians did not know about those crimes, because nobody had

told them and so their ignorance created the above arrogance. Some EU

officials and the ICTY started even to blackmail the new Yugoslav

government, connecting the extradition of the alleged war criminals

with the economic aid to the country, devastated by the US/NATO

aggression, approved by the EU. How is it possible that a real war

criminal, Javier Solana (see the resolutions of the three Tribunals in

Kiyev, Berlin, New York, in ‚•:.: may and June 2000) is among the top

ranking EU officials? Wasn’t it Mr.Solana who „pressed the button“ oh

March 24, 1999, that started the criminal NATO aggression against


Ms.Louise Arbour, the second prosecutor general of the ICTY, visited

Sarajevo in autumn 1997. At that time it was full of appalling details

about the mass murder of Serbs during 1992-93, a part of whom had been

thrown into deep mountain pits KAZANI, near Sarajevo. The crimes were

described in an independent Sarajevo journal DANI (Nov.7, 1997), and by

the International Herald Tribune (8-9 Nov.,1997). The latter estimated

that 1000 to 2000 Serbs had been robbed and brutally killed.Even a

detailed list of 51 killers was published, most of them belonged to the

10th Muslim mountain brigade, including their commander Musan Topalovic-

Caco and the boss of another gang of thugs Izmet-Bajramovic-Celo. The

ICTY authorities had been informed about those crimes by officials of

Republika Srpska in Pale. But the ICTY remained silent, nobody was

indicted, regardless of the well documented evidence of murder,

robbery, torture.

After leaving her post in The Hague in 1999, the ICTY „inquisitor“

Ms.Louise Arbour was rewarded for her obedience, submissivenes to her

US/NATO bosses. She became a member of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The expulsions, robbery, ethnic cleansing, even murder of the Serbs

living for many centuries in Croatia started even before its official

secession on June 25, 1991. As an example, two „Crystal Nights“ must be

mentioned, resembling the beginning of the Nazi pogroms against Jews,.

the original „Crystal Night“ (on Nov. 9, 1938). On the eve of May 1,

1991, the anti-Serb hysteria, organized by Mr.Tudjman’s party (HDZ) and

the ustasha (Croat fascists during the Second World War) diaspora

mobilized chauvinistic Croatian mobs in Zadar. They robbed, vandalized

and burned Serbian shops, restaurants, private homes. The same was

repeated on May 3 in Sibenik and in other localities of Dalmatia. Many

Serbian houses were dynamited. Croatian punishment expeditions bursted

into many villages, looting, even killing. There was no mention of it

in any ICTY report, nobody was indicted.

At the beginning of 1996 the Muslim authorities kidnapped in Sarajevo

(where they had been officially) two high ranking officers of the

Republika Srpska, general Djukic and colonel Krsmanovic. There was no

official warrant issued. The prosecutor general of the ICTY at that

time Richard Goldstone ordered their immediate transfer to the prison

in The Hague. After many weeks of interrogations, they were released. A

few days after his release, general Djukic died, he was in a terminal

stage of cancer. His family complained that he had, while in prison, no

proper treatment, no proper diet… A well known Dutch professor of the

international law Theo van Boven stated at that time that the

kidnapping of both officers lacked any legal justification and that it

was at odds with various conventions on human rights. Mr.Goldstone was

not authorized to behave like that. A real danger always existed,

professor Boven thought, that the ICTY would become a prolonged arm of

American interests.

When in may 1995 the Croatian army, well armed and equipped by Germany,

the USA, Argentina, etc., in spite of the existing arms embargo and

armistice agreement overran the Western Slavonia (a part of the Serbian

Krajina), plundering, killing (reports said many hundreds) and burning

everything, destroying many villages, expelling over 20 000 (30 000)

Serbs, the ICTY did not take any action. But when Mr.M.Martic,

president of the Serbian Krajina ordered firing of a few rockets on

Zagreb (there were 5 dead and a dozen or so wounded), the ICTY declared

immediately that Mr.Martic was a war criminal. What a hypocrisy!

But the most flagrant hypocrisy of the ICTY became evident during the

Croatian army offensive called THE STORM, in august 1995 that_expel led

over 200 000 Serbs from their ancient homes in Krajina and massacre ‚.

intentionally hundreds of them. The Croatian army was very well

equipped during the arms embargo by Germany (huge quantities of arms,

including tanks, helicopters, planes from the former East German army),

the USA, Argentina, etc. The planning of the „Storm“ was done by hired

American „dogs of war“, the retired mercenary generals from the MPRI

(Military Professional Resources, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia). The ICTY

remained absolutely silent, no outcries came from it. But the ICTY

panicked, when its former employee made public in the New York Times

(March 21, 1999) that the ICTY had been well informed about the carnage

in Krajina by the Croatian army and special police, but did not act

accordingly, did not charge the perpetrators. Three Croatian generals

Ante Gotovina, Ivan Korada, and Ivan Cermak, under whose orders all

that happened, were never indicted. Neither was the Croatian president

F.Tudjman branded as a war criminal. Serbia, and Republica Srpska in

Bosnia, flooded by refugees, did not get a dime from the organizers of

that blood bath (the USA, Germany). Anybody who travelled through

Krajina by. car during the last 5-6 years had the opportunity to see

the incredible devastations, the barbarism of the West that sponsored


Three explosions in Sarajevo, thanks to the mendacity and false

evidence of the western leaders and media, of the Muslim and Croat

authorities, caused irreparable damages to the Serbs. It was „the

breadline massacre“ (May 27, 1992), „Markale I massacre“ (Feb. 5,

1994), and „Markale II massacre“ (Aug.27,1995), with over 100 dead and

much over 300 wounded. Without any proper proof, the Bosnian Serbs,

were immediately blamed for all the carnage by the West, parroted

hysterically by the Muslim and Croat officials, media. But very soon

the available evidence, including the Western sources, proved that all

three explosions and massacres of their own people had been

masterminded by the Muslim authorities in Sarajevo – and that Markale

II was prepared in collaboration with some unnamed western secret

services, to compel and authorise NATO to destroy the facilities of the

Bosnian Serb Army, the infrastructure of the Republika Srpska, and to

become ‚de facto an ally of Muslims and Croats. The original outcry

after the explosions from the ICTY was, overwhelming, the western

politicians, naturally including Mrs.Albright, and media created an

atmosphere of hysteria. But, when it was shown later that the massacres

had been prepared by the Muslim authorities themselves, the West (and

the ICTY) remained silent Neither Mr.Alija Izetbegovic, nor his

generals were indicted, nor the NATO commander whose orders meant the

death and destruction in the Republika Srpska, the use of the murderous

DU (depleted uranium) bombs.

Another case of western fabrications and hysteria, of an ICTY hypocrisy

was the case of Srebrenica. The very inflated numbers of the alleged

victims (8-12 000), of the disappeared Muslim civilians and military

(feared dead), the huge discrepancies among various figures have never

been substantiated. There was severe fighting around Srebrenica, with

losses among civilians, there were many military casualties on both

sides – the Serbian sources put their losses at 1200 dead, with over

2000 dead Muslims. But it was no genocide as the wild reports of the

western media and politicians, including Mrs.Albright and the ICTY, the

Muslims| / tried to describe. The reports by many members of the

Dutchbat, stationed at Srebrenica, are quite realistic about it. The

western (including the ICTY) and the Muslim disinformers are beginning

now to believe in their own fabrications, because they repeated them so

many times. Hitler’s minister for propaganda Mr.J.Goebbels would be

enthusiasted…The ICTY never charged the Muslim army and

paramilitaries for their crimes against so many Serbian villages around

Srebrenica. …The excellent book by J.Elsasser „The War Crimes“

(Konkret, Hamburg, 2000) gives a perfect overview about the „myth“ of

Srebrenica, about the Racak „affair“. The case of Srebrenica was one of

the master fabrications of the ICTY during its indictment and trial in

absentia of the Serbian leader in Bosnia, Dr.Radovan Karadzic and

general Ratko Mladic. Among the 19 charges against the leaders of

US/NATO by the Tribunal in New York (June 10, 2000),there was the

important charge No.14, that the illegal ad hoc tribunal (ICTY) was

established with intention to destroy and demonize the Serb leaders.

The western politicians, media, and their obedient USA/NATO subsidiary,

the ICTY, with all its stooges, managed to increase the hatred to

unprecedented levels both in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in

Kosovo… The expulsion of over 200 000 Serbs from Krajina could have

been seen by the whole world (the western media did not show it too

much), the carnage of the remaining Serbs in Krajina was confirmed by

many independent observers, but it meant almost nothing to the West,

while the ICTY was absolutely silent. But the controversial case of

Srebrenica, with many discrepancies, unsubstantiated hearsays,

represented for the western pharisees much more than the incomparably

more appalling fate of the Serbs from The Serbian Republic Krajina. The

western radio, TV, press and politicians almost managed to shout down

the truth.

Did the ICTY indict colonel Atif Dudakoyic, commander of the 5th Muslim

corps from the protected and „demilitarized“ (what a farce) Bihac in

the western Bosnia, when his offensive in autumn 1994, with logistic

and NATO air support expelled over 20 000 Serbs, civilians, leaving

behind devastated villages with many dead, until he was driven back by

the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS)? The ICTY was silent again. Did’the

ICTY accuse anybody of „CULTURAL GENOCIDE“, when about 300 000 books

written in the Cyrillic alphabet (because the Serbs read it) had been

destroyed in Croatia (as in the „old, good“ Hitler times) The CULTURAL

GENOCIDE in Kosovo, with about 2 000 000 books in Serbian destroyed by

Albanians, left the people of the ICTY absolutely without interest,

without any public outcry. When during the 1998, at the height of the

KLA terrorist activity in Kosovo, about 50 periodicals in the Albanian

appeared there, the West, including Mr.B.Kouchner and the ICTY kept

talking about a cultural apartheid in Kosovo.

At the end of december 1994, the former US president Jimmy Carter,

brokered a four months armistice in Bosnia. But during february 1995

many US planes brought secretely at night a lot of arms and ammunition

to the Tuzla airport. It enabled the Muslim command to break the

armistice and to start an offensive on March 20, during which again

Serb settlments were destroyed and many civilians killed. Neither the

UN, nor the ICTY protested, nobody was indicted.

(1/2 continua)

(2/2 fine)

The lies and fabrications of the western politicians and media reached

their climax during the US/NATO aggression against Yugoslavia,

supported more or less by the EU. The ICTY tried as much as possible to

justify the US/NATO crimes. But, fortunately, those lies were generally

short-lived, but they are still present. To explain it, the title of an

article by D.Pearl and R.Block in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. .31,

1999) may be quoted: „War in Kosovo Was Cruel, Bitter, Savage; Genocide

it wasn’t“, with a subtitle „Tales of Mass Atrocity Arose and Were

Passed Along Often with Little. Proof – No Corpses in the Mine Shaft“.

It must be stressed here that the pundits of this journal were renowned

for their anti-Serb attitudes. But here – they were honest. A.Cockburn

published a cogent article ridiculing the western (and ICTY)

fabrications „Where’s the evidence of Genocide of Kosovar Albanians?“

(Los Angeles Times, Oct.29, 1999):..Unfortunately, the western

propaganda and fabrications, devised by the obedient servants of

US/NATO, by the ICTY, had dire consequences for the Serbs. The US/NATO

orchestrated the frame-up of Racak {Jan.16, 1999)- They contri ved

there the evidence against Yugoslavia (Serbs), so that a verdict of

guilty was assured. The framers had a good organizer there, the boss of

the OSCE verificators in Kosovo, Mr.William Walker, a veteran of

criminal interferences by the State Department in the Central America“

(Balkans Infos, No.42, March 2000). All the above was immediately

abused by the big „framer“ Mrs M. Albright, during the farce

called „the talks at Rambouillet“, that enabled her to persuade the war-

mongers of the New World Order to start the criminal war of aggression

against Yugoslavia. It was her „very personal war“, as her spokesman

J.Rubin wrote ( The Financial Times, Sept.30/Oct. 1, 2000). Instead of

accusing the war criminal Mrs.Albright (see the resolutions of the

Tribunals in Kiyev, Berlin, New York in 2000) of starting the

bloodbath, the ICTY wholeheartedly supported the US/NATO bosses. The

prosecutor general Ms.Arbour, in an attempt to help them, when the

public of the West started to doubt the US/NATO claims to wage

a „humanitarian war“ in Kosovo, Ms.Arbour accused (May 27, 1999) the

Serb leaders Milosevic, Milutinovic, general Ojdanic and others, of

genocide, of war crimes in Kosovo with a simple objective: to show the

world that the aggression against Yugoslavia was actually an ACTION

AGAINST CRIMINALS. What a fabrication, hypocrisy good for the feeble

minded!…For this dirty role of her, two internationally well known

lawyers, C.Black (Canada) and E.S.Herman (USA) called Ms.L.Arbour – the

war criminal not yet accused (Balkans Infos No. 42, March 2000).

There is plenty of evidence now that Racak was not a massacre of

innocent civilians. The final findings by the Finnish pathologists have

shown it without doubts (Berliner Zeitung, Jan. 2001). Many articles in

western journals have described the appalling mendacity of many

Albanians whose eyewitness accounts have been taken for granted by the

West. It is well known .now that the“EYEWITNESSES“ have been well

indoctrinated, instructed what to say by their KLA mentors. And it is

sad that the ICTY took all those fabrications as an absolute reality,

truth (similar „ideology“ of the ICTY was applied many times when

charging the alleged Serb war criminals from Bosnia). The

Albanian „eyewitnesses“ told the western media, politicians, US/NATO

authorities, and to the ICTY – and they considered that it was a truth,

that Serbs, after murdering 700 Albanians, dumped their corpses into

the shafts of Trepca mines. But a special commission of the ICTY

informed (Oct.12, 1999) that absolutely no corpses had been found there

(Kelly Moore). Other „eyewitnesses“ told the western authorities that

350 Albanians had been killed (by the Serbs, naturally) and buried in a

mass grave near Pec, at Ljubenic – only seven bodies were found, etc.

etc. In connection with the Trepca mines, a „fascinating stupidity and

arrogance“ was published in some otherwise renowned journals. The Daily

Mirror wrote (and did not apologize) :“Trepca – the name will live

alongside those of Belsen, Auschwitz and Treblinka.“, while the New

York Times, trying to give its report even more morbid authenticity,

wrote about an „unusual, pungeant, bittersweet smell.. .coming from

Trepca…“ The lies, arrogance, even a sort of stupidity of a part of

the western media, of a part of its politicians, even of a part of the

ICTY, is almost unbelievable. And a trump card more against, the ICTY –

it refused to tell the names (the identity) of those Albanians found

dead at Racak, because it would be obliged to confess that they were

the KLA men.

When the Racak frame-up started, Ms.L.Arbour pushed to Kosovo, Without

any valid Yugoslav visa, to help her US/NATO masters. But, when the

mass graves at Klecka (together with a crematorium-like facility),

Glodjani, and Volujak with many murdered Serbs, Gipsies, pro-Yugoslav

Albanians had been found (in 1998), she was silent. She was silent too,

when the KLA terrorists killed 5 Serb children at Pec, in a cafe near

their high school (Dec.14, 1998).

All those stooges who spoke so often about genocide, ethnic clean, mass

murder, perpetrated allegedly almost exclusively by one side only,

never mentioned one fact. In spring 1998, when the KLA terrorists

started their campaign of terror in Kosovo and Metohija (the western

part of Kosovo) , the Serb Ministry of Health organized and carried

out, with the help of the World Health Organization. (WHO) a mass

vaccination against poliomyelitis of 100 000 (!) children in Kosovo,

most of whom were the ^Albanian children, all of that free of charge.

Did the ICTY notice it?

A short-lived canard, supported especially by the German ministers

R.Scharping and J.Fischer, by the western media, even by the ICTY, was

the so-called HORSE-SHOE OPERATION in which the Yugoslav (Serb) army

allegedly planned and started to expel, even before the NATO bombs, the

Albanians from Kosovo. It was an absolute humbug, a baloney, exposed

e.g.,by H.Loquai, a just retired German general, well informed about

the events in the Balkans (see the already mentioned book by

J.Elsasser „The War Crimes“, 2000).

It is very strange, that the. ICTY never tried to accuse those who

planned and prepared all the tragedy in Yugoslavia. Nobody indicted Mr.

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the German foreign minister (and a criminal

against peace No.one) who compelled at Maastrich (Dec.17, 1991) the

European Community (later Union) to recognize prematurely, and

illegally the independence of Slovenia and Croatia, followed later by

Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus provoking the start of the civil-ethnic-

religious war.

The Slovene’s were considered to be pro-Yugoslav in their attitudes,

especially during the kingdom of Yugoslavia. The victorious Serbia,

when it agreed (1918) with the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats

and Slovenes}, helped the Slovenes to maintain their national identity,

very much endangered by germanization from the north and by

italianization from the south. The university of king Alexander

Karageorgevich was the first university in Ljubljana. The activity of

H.D.Genscher, of the German government of Mr. H. Kohl created a „bloody

frontier“ between the Serbs and the Slovenes. The hatred triumphed

again…Why did the ICTY not indict the German government on charges

that it allowed (and helped) the presence of training camps of the

Albanian KLA terrorists in Germany? Nobody from the ICTY did accuse

Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, etc. ,because

they allowed the collection of money, buying of arms and uniforms, a

propaganda campaign, event training of terrorists, organized by the.

KLA? They have been the primary culprits. Did the ICTY accuse any OSCE

observers (verifiers) in Kosovo for their flagrant support of the KLA?

Officially, the ICTY is financed by the UN, but Mrs.Albright, her

spokesman Mr.Rubin, and the NATO’s spokesman (and a desinformer par

excellence) Mr.Jamie Shea, declared without any hesitation who was the

boss, who paid the bills. An American professor of political sciences

Raju Thomas wrote about it (January 2000);“NATO now dispenses justice

on all but itself and the terrorist-turned-freedom fighters KLA.

The „independent prosecutors“ and the Hague Tribunal authorized by the

Security Council are mainly American concoctions with the financial

heli of (the financial shark-turned-filantropist) George Soros and

Saudi Arabia…Ultimately the key mischief makers and hate-mongers were

to be found among the media and leaders of the US and Britain… „Too

many leading members of the „independent (sic!)“ tribunal are coming

from the NATO countries: L.Arbour from Canada, the former chief judge

Ms. Gabrielle Kirk McDonald from the USA, the judge C.Jorda is from

France, the former president of the Tribunal C.Cassese was an Italian,


During the US/NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, it looked like a

competition in the West: who could put a higher number of the dead or

missing Kosovo Albanians (the same happened during the „rape hyste- j

ria“ during 1992-93 in Bosnia). It was a sad and stupid bidding,

degrading all those who participated, including the ICTY – it never

tried to stop the humbug. Among the most noted disinformers, even liars

who played that morbid „poker“ where even hundreds of thousands of

missing and feared dead were used during the propaganda game, were in

addition to the irresponsible, journalists, reporters, editors, very

many prominent persons, e.g., president Clinton, the gang of

Mrs.Albright (J.Rubin, D. Scheffer, etc.), the defense secretary

W.Cohen, the British prime minister T.Blair and his foreign (R.Cook)

and defense (G.Rpbertson) secretaries, many members of Mr.Schroeder’s

government, especially its defense (R.’Scharping) and foreign

(J.Fischer) secretaries, some members of the French government, NATO’s

former general secretary J.Solana, general W.Clark, etc. Fortunately,

the astronomic figures used by them dropped to very modest ones. But

the hatred remained, as well as the unpunished politicians who had

fomented the tragic events in Yugoslavia.

There existed some hope that the new prosecutor general of the ICTY

Ms.Carla del Ponte, could start a more honest approach to the Kosovo

and Yugoslav problems, but, unfortunately, she continued in the same

farce as her predecessors. On June 2, 2000, she declared bluntly in the

UN Security Council that there existed no data, no justification, to

investigate the charges that NATO comitted crimes when bombing

Yugoslavia She was not interested in the crimes against the Serbs

comitted en masse by the Kosovo Albanians, after the withdrawal of

Yugoslav army (June 1999), when Kosovo was occupied by the NATO forces

(KFOR) that were not able to protect the non-Albanian population of


To better understand the two main offences of the western media,

politicians, of the ICTY, the LIE and the DISINFORMATION, their

definition is here included (BBC English Dictionary, HarperCollins,

London, 1993). A LIE is something that someone says which (they know)

is untrue. DISINFORMATION is false or misleading information which has

been issued by a government or other political organization to

discredit someone or something.

Officially, the ICTY had to represent the honest, impartial and just

western judiciary. But it was just the opposite. If such a court

(tribunal) existed in any western democracy, it would be immediately

dissolved, in disgust. There are many „offences“ that make a farce out

of the ICTY:

1. it excluded from its procedures the presumption of innocence;

2. it introduced (during the era of Ms.L.Arbour) the shocking

application of „SEALED INDICTMENTS“, very similar to the „lettres de

cachet“ of the French kings;

3. many of those secretely indicted have been kidnapped by armed thugs

and transported (by force) to The Hague; those thugs even did not

hesitate to kill (the SAS men assassinated Simo Drljaca, a Serb,when

arresting him on July 10, 1997);

4. the arrested, have to wait in detention for months, even years, for


5. the Tribunal acts as both prosecutor and judge, without jury,

without any possibility of a bail;

6. most trials relied only on eyewitness accounts, some of which were

well „prepared“ by the Muslim authorities (e.g., the trial of Dusko


7. if the prisoner confesses while in custody, the confession is

presumed to be voluntary;

8. the accused face often unknown, even hidden accusers

9. the ICTY is very selective, almost no Muslims have been brought

before the Tribunal, and only a few Croats,

10. it was neither impartial nor independent, because it was the US

money that enabled the ICTY to carry out its operations (the

US/NATO „employee“ in the ICTY, Ms.L.Arbour,had been appointed to the

only after the approval of Mrs.):

11. the most serious charge against the ICTY is its adamant refusal to

indict NATO leaders for violating international law and the UN Charter

by waging an aggressive war against a sovereign stata without UN

approval, by bombing many civilian targets, by using prohibited

weapons, the mutilating cluster bombs, the murderous Depleted Uranium

(DU) ammunittion. (see J. Bisset „Tribunal on Trial“, The Ottawa

Citizen, Jan.30, 2001, as well).

There is probably one problem more with the ICTY, with US/NATO/EU. An

honest Tribunal, an impartial judge, politician, journalist would try

to get as many independent, unbiased informations as possible about the

case at issue, e.g., about the history in Kosovo – and not only the

half-truth, even disinformations, supplied en masse by the prejudiced

US/NATO/EU (a part of it). And, unfortunately, a „bible“ about Kosovo

(800 pages) for the West appeared recently (Noel Malcolm:KOSOVO-A short

History, London, 1998), it was one-sided, biased, prejudiced. A Serbian

academic, historina M.Ekmecic wrote about it; „It is a classical

literature of war propaganda, as it used to be called. It is written

with specific objectives for those countries or organizations that pay

for it. Because the author of that book is an intellectual hireling,

mercennarius scriba.e in Latin, that ancient epigone, philosopher only

because of his coat. Here toga speaks, not the wisdom, or the


The famous French philosopher, historian, poet, P.M.Voltaire(1694-1778)

did not like the Catholic Church. His slogan was ECRASEZ L’lNFAME! –

CRUSH THE SHAMELESS! He would surely use that slogan for the present

ICTY and its practices as well. He surely would not like/“US/NATO


ОЧИ У ОЧИ СА СРПСКИМ КОМАНДАНТОМ Или о књизи Рајка Долечека: „Разговори са генералом Младићем“


Или о књизи Рајка Долечека:  „Разговори са генералом Младићем“.

Пред нама се налази књига угледног и за ову проблематику квалификованог аутора у којој се говори о човеку и проблемима који већ скоро пар деценија плане пажњу светске јавности. Ући у ту проблематику својеврсан је подухват који је данас, и код нас и у свету, подложан великим и озбиљним подозрењима и искушењима. Проф. др Рајко Долечек је храбар, реалан и одмерен интелектуалац који своје мишљење, ставове и налазе доследно подкрепљује бројним чињеницама и не дозвољава да га поколебају реалности времена у коме се налазимо. А кад такав човек узме да нешто уради он то уради темељно, педантно и са пуном одговорношћу пред читаоцима. Уосталом, то је уобичајен манир савесног професора. Зато је разумљиво што свако ко се прихвати ове књиге то чини се посебним пијететом и према теми и према аутору који је једну толико деликатну тему узео у разматрање. Такав је бар случај са писцем овог текста о књизи Р. Долечека „Разговори са генералом Младићем“.

Генерал Младић није обичан човек, то је феномен познат од првих похода на српски народ у бившим југословенским републикама, Хрватској, а ускоро потом и у Босни и Херцеговини. Феномен о коме данас бруји добар део света побудио је интересовање Рајка Долечека из шест, он каже „разлога“ у које је унео и многе асоцијације личне и историјске природе. У асоцијацијацијама личне природе увек је присутна покојна супруга са симболичним именом Добра, неприкосновени сведок сусрета и разговора која је аутор имао са разним људима, а пре свега са Генералом Младићем. Добра је у књизи са аутором данас присутна у истој мери као што је била и у животу, приликом тих разговора. У асоцијацијама на српску прошлост и историју поменути су многи светли догађаји, од краљевине Немањића и Косова, преко више ослободилачких устанака и ратова до Дејтонског мировног споразума. Окосница готово сваког разговора била је трагична судбина српског народа. „Ја сам трећа генерација Срба који нису упамтили своје очеве пошто су они погинули у ратовима, док су њихови синови били још сасвим мали“, говорио је Ратко Младић. И његов отац Неџо погинуо је у време другог светског рата. Аутору је, кад је реч о српској судбини, све било непознато.  И његови најближи, Срби и Сарајлије по мајци, су жртве Хитлерове страховладе у бившој хрватској држава, у којој се нашла и Босна, током другог светског рата. Па и сам аутор је сведок тога. Доживео је бомбардовање Београда приликом Хитлеровог напада на Краљевину Југославију. Зато сам, још на почетку, истакао да је квалификован и за проблематику о којој пише, као и за сведочење о судбини српског народа на овим просторима. Мало је таквих људи и зато су њихова сведочења од изузетног значаја. На жалост, Рајко Долочек је сведок трагедије Срба и у овом рату, па чак и изгона 150000 мештана српске националности из Сарајева. Он, кад је о овом рату реч, чак наводи и главне кривце за разбијање Југославије и сепаратизам бивших југословенских република, а тиме и за актуелну трагедију Срба у тим републикама. Он их непогрешиво детектује: Бил Клинтон, Мерлин Олбрајт, Тони Блер, Жак Ширак, Кушнер, Шредер, Фишер, Шарпинг, Геншер… То су они који су осмислили, покренули и водили најтежи злочин на овим просторима – злочин против мира. Посебну улогу аутор даје Немцима који су добили прилику да се коначно освете Србима за поразе у оба претходна светска рата. Немачка је била барјактар у сатанизацији Срба у свету. На све начине је настојала да своју мрачну прошлост пребаци на српска леђа. У томе је ускоро добила подршку америчке администрације и европске заједнице. Не пресудну, али велику улогу у тој харанги су имали медији, чак и они подмитљиви у самој Србији. Последице су познате, сви народи бивше Југославије живе у својим државама, а само је Србима то право оспорено. У тешкој борби за опстанак противници су им били не само домаћи, у иностранству припремљени, сепаратистички покрети, већ без мало и све западноевропске државе предвођене НАТО савезом. Данас су свима њима као трн у оку тзв. босански Срби, који су одолели свим искушењима и опстали на својим вековним огњиштима, па чак створили и висок степен националне државности у независној и самосталној Републици Босни и Херцеговини. За то су у највечој мери заслужни они који су данас окривљени од Хашког трибунала. Запад свој војнички, политички и морални неуспех покушава да надокнади прогонима и суђењима. И сталном медијском сатанизацијом српског народа и оних његових предводника које нису успели на други начин да савладају. Свестан тога Рајко Долечек у једном од својих „разлога“ за писање књиге наводи најчистију и неспорну особину српског команданта, а то је, по Р. Долечеку: „Несебична, апсолутна приврженост Ратка свом српском народу“ и његове заслуге за спас српског народа од уништења у Босни и Херцеговини. Он цитира Раткове речи; „Непријатељ је свако онај ко пуца у моје војнике, ко им зауставља снабдевање водом, струјом, ко их блокира, провоцира…“ Ово би потписао сваки војник. Али Ратко Младић није обичан војник, он је успешан командант који са својих 80-90000 „момака“ одолева најезди и побеђује Армију БиХ која броји преко 200000 бораца на линији одбране српских територија чија дужина износи преко хиљаду километара. Муслиманску и хрватску војску издашно је помагао НАТО савез свим потребним средствима: оружјем, опремом и непосредним учешћем артиљерије за брза дејства, ракета „Томахавк“ лансираних са ратних бродова укотвљених у Јадранском мору и, уз све то, ангажовањем ратног ваздухопловства које је немилосрдно бомбардовало и разарало војне и цивилне циљеве у Републици Српској. И све то није било у стању да сломи српску одбрану.  И зато није ништа необично што писац ове књиге импресиониран том чињеницом команданту српске војске даје особине које је преузео од старог кинеског мудраца Суна и по којима: „… Звање војсковође значи мудрост, поузданост, људскост, храброст и тврду одлучност.“ Такав је генерал Ратко Младић.

Али баш због тога он против себе има све оне који су током рата били против његове војске. Потера за Р. Младићем је неставак похода против српског народа, само другим средствима. У томе су ангажовани и многи домаћи одроди покупљени са политичког и националног ђубришта вољом, парама и силом западних НАТО држава. То су српски издајници који, да би се удворили својим господарима, и пуни зла, на сва уста лају, реже, псују са пеном беснила на уснама. Њима и њиховим налогодавцима ништа друго није ни остало него да сатанизују, мрзе и клевечу Генерала Младића. Они су издали и изручили и првог председника Републике Српске др Радована Караџића. Они би издали и Исуса Христа. Рајко Долечек лепо и верно тумачи светску харангу против генерала Младића. Тако су у прошлости, од памтивека до данас, прошли многи велики људи.

Прича о генералу Младићу и рату у БиХ била би непотпуна уколико не бисмо, бар у најкрачем, поменули узроке рата и огромне напоре српског руководства да се на сваки начин избегне оружани сукоб. Српском народу БиХ рата и страдања је било преко главе. Други светски рат је почео а да српски народ није надокнадио људске губитке из претходног, првог светског рата.  (По Владимиру Ћоровићу, председнику Краљевске академије наука између два светска рата, по аустоугарским поузданим подацима у БиХ је од 1914. до 1917, значи за четири године, од глади умрло око 107.000 деце узраста до дванаест година. Тај податак је објавио у својој чувеној „Црној књизи“.)  То се поновило и сада. Још нису  надокнађени људски губици из Другог светског рата, а српском народу се у Хрватској, на Косову и Метохији и у Босни и Херцеговини прети новим покољима и коначном нестанку са тих простора. (Демографски губици српског народа у БиХ током прошлог ХХ века износе 1421720 становника. Или, још један показатељ. По аустругарском попису 1910. у БиХ Срба је било 214.000 више него муслимана. Међутим, по попису 1991. год. у БиХ је било 535.000 муслимана више него Срба.) Српски руководиоци 1991. годцине били су, као што смо видели и у случају генерала Р. Младића, потомци жртава из претходног рата. Њима није требало објашњавати шта је рат. Они су се тога плашили и на све су били спремни само да се рат избегне. Међутим, нажалост то једино од њих није зависило. Срби су предлагали да се Босна и Херцеговина, ако муслимани и Хрвати ни по коју цену неће да остану у Југославије, подели на три кантона, попут Швајцарске. Три народа три кантона. Предлагали су да се власт у Сарајеву подели на српске и муслиманске општине. Попут главног града Белгије који је подељен на валонски и фламански део. Ни то није прихваћено. Алија Изетбеговић је хтео да створи исламску државу, Фрањо Туђман је тражио да део БиХ припоји својој новој хрватској држави, а са стране, у почетку тихо и неприметно, подржавале су их бројне исламске и западно европске државе са Америком на челу. Верски и грађански рат се није могао избећи. У таквој ситуацији једини циљ српског руководства био је да се народ спасе од страдања и погрома која је претрпео у претходним ратовима. И успели су више него што се могло очекивати. Узалуд се НАТО ангажовао, узалуд су дошле на хиљаде светих ратника ислама, муџахедина, Срби су у БиХ остали непобеђени. Непријатељима је једино остало да то признају и прихвате стварање Републике Српске. Уместо тријумфа генерал Р. Младић можда и резигнирано говори.

Босанско-херцеговачки Муслимани и Хрвати мора да ме мрзе, највише њихове мајке, када иза мога имена виде толико мртвих својих синова, војника и на жалост и цивила, порушене куће, уништену имовину. Али, требало би да схвате да су ОНИ то цепање земље супротно Уставу БиХ, то уништавање и убијање, хтели и започели. Шта сам ја могао да радим? Да ли сам требао мирно да оставим да убијају мој народ, као што се то дешавало у 1941. години? Ми Срби, и многи Муслимании Хрвати југословенског мишљења, то убијање и уништавање нити смо хтели, нити започели. Ми нисмо хтели рат. Ми нисмо желели да раскомадамо Југославију. Било је страшно, де се много наше браће, Муслимана и Хрвата, који су имали пријатељско југословенско мишљење нехотећи нашло иза непријатељске стране барикаде… Тамо су били такорећи силом догурани својим лидерима и фанатизованим једноверцима.  Овде мислим на оне муслимане који су били недвосмислено просрпског кова (није их било мало), који су се сматрали за Србе муслиманске вере, као Меша Селимовић. Добро знам, да су не једном изгубили главу понеки Муслимани, зато што су бранили своје комшије, или пријатеље, Србе, пред муслиманским фанатицима…“

Како другачије завршити овај текст. Писац Рајко Долечек цитира мишљење и став Генерала Младића зато што га и сам подржава. И ја тако мислима и зато прихватам мишљење и писца и Генерала.

Нека нам је Бог у помоћи.