Tudjman & the Croatian Ustashe Nazi genocide of Krajina Serbs: Part 2

Tudjman & the Croatian Ustashe Nazi genocide of Krajina Serbs: Part 2

Compiled by 4International writers: Nathan Pearlstein, Joshua Rosenberg, Max Rosenthal & Shlomo Baum

The late Croatian pro-Ustashe Nazi and Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying antisemitic president, Franjo Tudjman, wrote in his 1988 Croatian version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, entitled: “Wastelands of Historical Truth”(aka “Wastelands of Historical Reality”) the following:

“The establishment of Hitler’s New Order could be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews, as well as to correct the French-British sin of the (post WW1) Versailles setup” and… “Genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon in harmony with the societal and mythologically Divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted it is also recommended, even commanded by the Word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the earthly kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith”.

The prestigious US-based publication “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” in its January 1993 edition, wrote the following:

[start quote]

Tudjman, at the first convention of the Croatian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica: HDZ), on February 26, 1990, said, in the presence of more than 100 Ustashi war criminals who had escaped the law courts and fled to international havens after World War II: “The Independent State of Croatia [ie: the World War II Croatian Ustashe Nazi state] was not only a mere Quisling creation, but also an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croatian people for an independent state of their own and recognition of international factors–the Government of Hitler’s Germany in this case.”

Tudjman delivered a speech to the Croatian Sabor (parliament) on the occasion of the proclamation of the Republic of Croatia on December 22, 1990. In the Constitution he proposed, and which was adopted, the Serbs lost their nation status within Croatia, and were relegated to the status of a national minority. The official war against the Serbs had been resumed.

Even before Croatia became independent, the Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Martin Spegelj, advised his colleagues: “We are in the war with [ie: against] the Army [Yugoslav Army:JNA] Should anything happen, kill them all in the streets, in their homes, through hand grenades, fire pistols into their bellies, women, children …We will deal with [the Croatian Serb Krajina town of] Knin by butchering.”

[end quote]

And here is proof that Martin Spegelj’s verbal threats against the Serbs were not merely bluster or sabre rattling. [photos courtesy of Julia Gorin’s blog http://www.juliagorin.com/wordpress/?p=1527]

Zoran Pavlovic and his sister Zorica were killed along with their entire family on November 19, 1991, by retreating Croatian forces. A view of Zorica reveals how really brutally she was murdered. Her skull was also crushed. (Photos by Goran Mikic, Reuters)

This photograph shows a Serbian victim of Franjo Tudjman’s neo-Ustashe Nazi troops.  The victim’s name was Zoran Pavlovic and he was axed to death by modern-day Croatian “skull crushers”, killed on November 19, 1991, at 74 Nikole Demonje Street, Vukovar, Croatia. He was positively identified by surviving relatives. These revisited Holocaust crimes against the Serbs were discounted by the Western corporate controlled media as “Serb paranoia”, however these photographs clearly reveal the demonic nature of such Croatian Ustashe Nazi war crimes.

The above photo shows Serbian victims, Radosav Pavic and Velimir Trajkovic (both wearing red). The other victims are Zorica Pavlovic, her brother Zoran, mother Nada and Milojka Pavlovic. As Croatian forces withdrew from Vukovar on 15 and 16 November 1991, they dragged Serbian civilians from the cellars where they were hiding, and massacred them. These Serbs were axed to death in a courtyard, after being dragged from the cellar at 74 Nikola Demonja Street in Borovo-naselje, near Vukovar. All axed to death by Croatian Ustashe “skullcrushers”, sending a clear message to the Serbs that the Ustashe beast was not dead.

Marko Attila Hoare, the British pro-Imperialist, pro-NATO, “Left” phony, pro-IslamoFascist Izetbegovic supporter, revisionist Balkans “historian” at Cambridge, apologist for neo-Ustashe Nazis Franjo Tudjman and Stipe Mesic, handsomely paid ex-NATO employee of the Hague ICTY Kangaroo Court and fellow traveller of yet another pro-NATO, pro-Imperialist, pro-IslamoFascist Izetbegovic supporter and  ”Left” phony going by the name of Oliver Kamm is part of the circle in Great Britain attempting to whitewash and cover-up this monumental Western-sponsored crime against humanity.

Marko Attila Hoare has publicly gone on record as  endorsing and justifying  Tudjman’s brutal neo-Ustashe mass murder and ethnic cleansing operation of 250,000 to 300,000 Krajina Serbs on August 4, 1995 – dubbed “Operation Storm” – as being “morally justified” for Tudjman’s Croatia to have committed!! Attila Hoare even has an Orwellian “Newspeak” type of article on his blog entitled “How Croatia and the US Prevented Genocide with Operation Storm”!! Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, would probably blush at such a brazen “Big Lie” type of title!!

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  1. Мрази.
    И это они называли освобождением, от кого, от чего, от совести и человечности по благословению Ватикана, только наивный слюнтяй или конченый скудоумок придаст благообразный смысл произошедшему.
    Скорблю с вами братья.

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