Haradinaj accuses Government that it coexists with the mafia (Koha)

Haradinaj accuses Government that it coexists with the mafia (Koha)

The paper reports that in its closing election rally in Prizren, AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj said he will be the next Prime Minister of Kosovo and accused the current government led by Hashim Thaçi of coexisting with mafia and corruption.


“Mafia and the government are coexisting together, two years after independence,” said Haradinaj. “What I am telling you are not words to get to power or words to win over your votes but explanations about the real situation in the country. These are also explanations by international mechanisms.”


In a different article, the paper quotes Haradinaj as saying that the Thaçi Government is involved in corruption together with mafia groups.

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Haradinaj accuses Government that it coexists with the mafia (Koha)
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AAK candidate for mayor in Mitrovica Ahmeti attacked with fire arms (KLAN Kosova, KTV, RTK)

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