The Serbian Charade


The Serbian Charade

Charles Simic


Serbian rioters attacking the US Embassy in Belgrade to protest Kosovo’s declaration of independence, February 19, 2008 (AFP/Getty Images)

In late September, I went to hear the President of Serbia, Boris Tadic, speak to students and professors at Columbia University. He was in New York leading his country’s delegation to the UN General Assembly meeting. Tadic is a nice-looking, charming, and articulate man without a trace of Milosevic’s arrogance. He said many reassuring things about democracy in Serbia, maintaining peace in the region, and preserving the territorial integrity of Bosnia. But, when it came to Kosovo, he asserted that Serbia will “never, under any circumstances, implicitly or explicitly, recognize Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence.”

Tadic said that Serbia is looking forward to the decision of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (the case is set to open on December 1, and a decision is expected sometime in 2010); he appeared to be convinced that the court will support Serbia’s contention that the declaration broke international law. He added that he would remind the members of the UN General Assembly of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter that were broken by the member states that recognized Kosovo.

I know that Tadic has to mollify the nationalist lunatics at home, but to hear an intelligent man argue for such obviously idiotic and self-defeating policy was embarrassing. What he and almost all Serbian politicians will not admit is that a decision favorable to Serbia by The Hague court—which is not beyond the realm of possibility since international precedents and agreements were broken by recognizing the secessionist region—would be a calamity. Even if Kosovars agreed to be ruled once again by Serbs, which of course they never will, how would Serbia integrate politically and economically two million people who hate their guts? What’s more, given full political rights, their mortal enemies would become the dominant political party in the country and do what they please with that power.

Tadic speculated that after a favorable decision in The Hague, there could be fresh talks with Pristina on Kosovo’s status, during which, so he imagines, Kosovars would agree to some sort of autonomy within Serbia. But that too is a pipe dream.

More than once, while he talked, Tadic made me think of Obama and Afghanistan. In their hearts, both men surely must know the futility of continuing the charade, and yet, lacking resolve to confront the fools among them, they continue to be trapped in policies guaranteed to fail.

October 27, 2009, 1:56 pm | 14 comments


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  • Zivadin Jovanovic Today 01:36 PM 1 person liked this.
    Mr. Simic’s views on Kosovo and Metohija and on Serbia’s position to defend its legitimate right to territorial integrity, soveregnty and dignity seem to be either too ingenious to be comprehended by contemporary Serbs or too breinwashed to be considered balanced. It is easy, Mr. Simic, to blindly side by might and its propaganda. But such attude is hardly leading to anything good, the least to human freedom and prosperity.
    Well Known German politician (CDU) Willy Wimmer in his letter to Chancelour Gerhard Shroeder, dated May 2nd, 2000, infirmed that USA in April 2000 at Bratislava NATO conference demanded from its alies to immediately recognise „independent state of Kosovo“. It took them eight years of hard work (hopw nice word) to oblige them, though, not all, to do so. In the same letter Wimmer passed on to Chancelor Shroeder American position that „The war (1999 aggression, z.j.) against Yugoslavia had objective to correct the mistake of General Eisenhower during Second World War so that american soldiers be subsequently based there“. Are’nt the Bondstil military base near Urosvac, four USA bases in Bulgaria, four in Roumania selfexplanatory!
    I warmely recommend this brief letter placed at Mr. Willy Wimmer’s web page be read in its integrity. If nothing else, it helps understand real nature of USA policy not only toward Serbia, but generaly.
  • William Dorich Yesterday 08:45 PM 1 person liked this.
    „Two million Albanian in Kosovo?“ In a pig’s eye! Shame on you Mr. Simic. You and I both know that the 2 million number is a figment of Albanian imagination and a lie that has been repeated so often that Goebbels would be proud. Do you also believe that 300,000 Bosnians were killed or that 60,000 women were raped?


    750,000 of those Albanians in Kosovo are illegal aliens who were never born in Serbia, much less in Kosovo. Pretending that because Albanians outnumber citizen Serbs or that Albanians have superior rights because they outnumber is a strange concept flowing from your lips of a so-called democrat, Mr. Simic.

    Perhaps you are prepared to recognize 35 million illegal Mexicans in the United States and grant them the same right to secede California where it is estimated the Mexicans will outnumber the „Gringos“ by 2020? LaRasa, another terrorist organization already has uniforms and a flag prepared to assault California using the same model that the Albanians used to overwhelm Kosovo. A Greater Albania has been the plan all along and the amputation of other areas of Serbia where Muslims have a sizable population exposes the ruse behind their so called „victimology.“

    The loss of more than 50% of adult male Serbs in World War I and the loss of 1.2 million Serbs in WWII speaks volumes about our enemies who for the third time in a century are trying to liquidate Serbs. The destruction of 150 Christian Serbian churches in Kosovo in the past 7 years right under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops reveals the duplicity of the so called „freedom loving“ west that has, like you, betrayed their Serboan allies in two World Wars who sacrificed nearly 40% of the Serbian race for freedom.

    The Rape of Serbia has been well documented, including the slaughter by Albanians and Bosnian Muslims of over 500,000 Serbs in WWII and that Tito forbade 150,000 „cleansed“ Kosovo Serbs the right to return to their property. After Tito granted an illegal „autonomy“ in 1978, another 120,000 Serbs were forced to leave Kosovo where the Serbian language was ban, and Albanian authorities fired every Serb from their jobs and where they burned 2 million Serbian books as you pretend this has no significance to world affairs or the rights of the Serbian people. I am shocked that you betray us with such expertise. I now believe that you came to this country like a whore to rape and plunder for your own self-serving gluttony and screw those left behind in Serbia.

    Under the guise of „human rights“ we are allowing 700,000 Albanian aliens who crossed the border into Kosovo as easily as Mexicans cross our border each night in San Diego to usurp the land from Serbs and to liquidate those who dare to resist. Being aided and abetted by such creatures as Madeleine Albright who owes her life to Serbs, and by Clinton, Holbrooke and their ilk in Washington only reveals that there are those who would sell their soul for power.

    At the height of the American Civil War the loyal citizens of Virginia refused to secede from the Union and formed the state of West Virginia in which I was born, but the loyal citizens of Serbia who refused to have land in their families for generations ripped from their bosoms and hatefully portrayed with collective guilt as Nazis are expected to surrender to the lies and deceptions. Now you tell their survivors they are fools? Seeing what the Obama administration is doing to this economy it is more than obvious that scholars like you have poisoned the well.

  • John Jovan 11/07/2009 06:46 PM in reply to goranradojevich 1 person liked this.
    Mr. Simic is a good poet and as such should stick to poetry. Natural laws, politics, philosphy etc. are not good fields for poets since poets are not good in aplied logic.
  • Kingsley Smith 11/07/2009 04:57 PM 3 people liked this.
    What kind of logic is Mr.Simic using here?He deplores the current destruction of Iraq/Afghanistan? Mr.Simic-the same outside powers destroyed former Yugoslavia.Very disconnected Mr.Simic.I speak for a growing number of non-Serbian Americans that are seeing through the media haze and can see that Serbia is a true freedom loving nation and should be supported by „patriotic „Americans.We could use more „nationalistic lunatics“ here in USA instead of the indifferent and history retarded sheeple we now have.Change the wording and spin it anyway you want Mr.Simic….but as an informed American it is obvious that KOSOVO IS SERBIA!
  • vjekoslav radovic 11/07/2009 01:14 PM 2 people liked this.
    Unbeliveable! According to Simic, it’s plausible to support territorial integrity of Bosnia, but not that of Serbia. Because, accoding to this „idiotic“ line of thinking, Kosovo belongs to Kosovars. Not a word about ethnic Albanians, who are a minority in Serbia and a destabilizing factor in the Balkans. Likewise, Bosnia belongs to „Bosniacs“, there are no Serbs and Croats, and especially no Muslims, the latter have disguised themselves behind a new name!?
    Vjekoslav Radovic
  • Aleksandra Rebic 11/07/2009 10:39 AM 3 people liked this.
    This point of view is unfortunate. By definition, I guess I’m a „Nationalist Lunatic“. Another word for „Nationalist Lunatic“ is „Patriot.“. The „Nationalist Lunatics“ in Serbia are part of that brave contigent of peoples who are the last guardians against the total envelopment of the world by the New World Order. They should be celebrated, not denigrated. They are „Patriots“.
  • michaelpravica 11/06/2009 02:49 AM 4 people liked this.
    Dear Charles:


    As a Serbian-American who has spent 17 years as activist trying to defeat the unprecedented censorship of Serbs and Serbian-Americans, and as one who met you at Columbia and at Harvard when I was a graduate student there, I was deeply saddened by your article. No nation gives up territory willingly. Serbia has been mercilessly persecuted throughout the 20th Century and now in the 21st Century because Her people are Orthodox Christians, Slavs, and have an indomitable spirit and will for freedom („better grave than a slave“) that has destroyed empires and brought hope to the world as some of the last yoemen of Europe, thwarting German expansionism, and the plans of Oligarchs and other „elites“ to enslave the world. It has been the will of many to destroy Orthodox Christianity (via communism, collapse of morality a.k.a. „Western „ideals“, and outright genocide) and yet, somehow, the Serbs have survived all that has been thrown at them. Wiping out any vestiges of the 1300 year old presence of Serbians in Kosovo is merely part of this global strategy to reduce Serbia to some bizarre 18th Century German („Serbien mus sterben!“) – designed truncated Serbia and kill the independent spirit that made the Serbs so special. Kosovo, the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox religion, is the progenitor of that spirit.

    Stealing Kosovo from Serbia cannot be tolerated as it has already opened up a Pandora’s box of problems pertaining to violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of weak nations by „big bully“ nations and tells the world that we now live by the laws of the jungle – „might makes right“ – instead of the laws of international order which more or less kept the world relatively stable for the past 60 years. Kosovo may become the catalyst for WWIII as Western „elites“ seek to turn the Serbs into NATO-robots like their neighbors and ultimately use the region (vis a vis Camp Bondsteel) as a springboard against Russia which WILL lead to WWIII. No matter how much the US State Department wants us to believe that Kosovo was/is a „special case,“ in fact, it is no different than any other region of the world (Transylvania in Romania, South Ossetia in Moldava, the Basque Separatists in Spain, Quebecers in Canada, Siciliy vis a vis Italy, the Southwest US, etc.etc. etc) where different peoples of the same nation must learn to live with one another.

    Kosovo, the terrorist black hole of Europe, is currently run by racist drug-running nationalist/fascist fanatics and is an embarassment for all that American stands for. Whereas the US State Department was so against „Greater Serbia“ (even though Kosovo has always been part of Serbia), they have created „Greater Albania.“ Can you not see the blatant hypocrisy here? Indeed, America’s support for Kosovo’s separatists will one day come to haunt us here. No amount of Western mainstream corporate-controlled propaganda will change the fact that Kosovo was stolen from Serbia and must be returned to her rightful owner for the sake of justice, respect for international law, and global stability.

  • Sladjana Subotic 11/05/2009 04:38 AM 7 people liked this.
    Mr. Simic, I would be interested to know whether you would be willing to declare publicly the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, another „intelligent“ leader, as „obviously idiotic and self-defeating“. I daresay you would have hundreds of responses but now if the topic was Israel and not Serbia. [On that note, where are all the Serbian – and non-Serbian, Albanian, legal, and political, and anthropological (heck, even „Kosovarian“ if there is actually anyone out there happy to actually identify themselves in that way) voices on this topic?]


    The distinction you have failed to make is that between the nationalism-fuelled anti-independence proponents that form a substantial part of the Serbian demographic – those to which you refer as „nationalist lunatics“ – and those who legitimately challenge to the validity of the declaration of Kosovo’s independence, nationalist, anti-independence or not. Don’t be fooled by the idea that nationalism is necessarily the impetus, as opposed to a result of, or corollary to, such a challenge. As much as you wish to distance yourself from the „nationalist lunatics“ that evidently embarrass you so much (and certainly in the diaspora, not to speak of Serbia itself, you’re not the only one), fundamentalist nationalism is not the single, all-consuming force compelling international legal challenges at Tadic’s level.

  • johnbosnitch 10/31/2009 01:15 AM 16 people liked this.
    An Ode to A Fellow Serb


    How can one identify Serbs who have lived outside Serbia for a long time? Easily… we are conspicuous by how we become disconnected from that innocent naiveté that informs the traditional Serbian view of this earthly world.

    Having brought my family back to my ancestral home of Serbia just one year ago, the divide between „what should be“ and „what is“ is so clear to me that I can still keep the flawed „reality“ of this world from overwhelming the idealistic dreams on which I now base my life plans.

    Charles Simic has clearly been away from his native land too long to remember that collective hopes here in Serbia are more the product of faith and desire, than of the cold hard facts and statistics that shape aspirations in the West in general and in America in particular.

    Here in Serbia, common dreams, such as our dream of returning to our Kosovo homeland, are still built from simple concepts such as fairness and truth, rather than from profit-motivated computations of what can be achieved by money or force of arms. To illustrate the difference: Americans sing a national anthem that praises how their flag stands through a battle, while Serbs sing an anthem in which they beg God for justice.

    I knew precisely what I was doing when I moved to Serbia last year from the Western world, where people (including Charles Simic) deride things such as our traditional Serbian dedication to our Kosovo homeland, as an „obviously idiotic and self-defeating policy“. We simply do not see faith as a policy issue.

    In deciding to move here, I chose to live in a place where the word „hope“ still has an intrinsic meaning beyond a mere sound bite in a stage-managed presidential election. I chose to live in a mind space where what Charles might call „pipe dreams“ about principled support from a democratic Russia are taking shape as tangible realities like the South Stream gas project, which will transform Serbia into Europe’s regional energy hub for the distribution of Russian gas. That Russian gas artery running across Serbia, from which much of Europe will heat its homes and cook its food, might just impede future unjustified „humanitarian bombing“ campaigns against Serbia… without a single shot being fired. Such peaceful initiatives are the road to the future.

    Charles Simic, I wish you could find your way back through the nooks and crannies of your own mind to rediscover the idealistic young Serbian boy that you were when you left for America so long ago. Maybe then you might be able to understand why I and every other traditional Serbian father is still telling his sons today that Kosovo is our home and no one can ever steal it from us. Just as Jews have for generations said, „Next year in Jerusalem,“ we Serbs must keep pledging to each other, „Next year in Kosovo!“

    Charles, perhaps the best way to start a journey back to one’s own soul is to dispense with false definitions that the military-industrial-owned media has implanted into our minds as Serbia’s purported objectives. No one in Serbia — not even those whom you describe as „nationalist lunatics“ — is crazy enough to believe in the patently false goals that you, presumably quite innocently, implied to be ours. We Serbs therefore stand falsely accused of several alleged goals:

    1. We are being unfairly denounced for wanting to rule „Kosovars“ (sic, *please see my note immediately below) instead of being properly credited for our openhearted goal of restoring full autonomy to the ethnic Albanians in Serbian Kosovo. They only lost that autonomy when their extremist gangs took up arms against their non-Albanian neighbors, also killing moderate Albanians who refused to join in the violence against other ethnic groups.

    *Note: Please, Charles, at least between us, let’s dispense with the Orwellian Newspeak used by our oppressors. „Kosovar“ is a foreign-invented artificial identity that did not even exist 15 years ago and which is used only by Albanian spin-meisters when speaking to gullible Western reporters. I would love to meet even one regular Albanian in Kosovo who calls himself a Kosovar! Supporting such deceptive re-branding of only Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian residents as „Kosovars“ while denying that same „title of belonging“ to Serbian, Jewish, Roma, Turk and other ethnic groups residing in Kosovo is not only a racist act, but also constitutes aiding and abetting the Albanian extremists‘ genocidal ethnic cleansing of the few remaining non-Albanians in the province.

    2. Charles, you inaccurately imply that we Serbs seek to „integrate politically and economically two million (Albanian) people“ who you say hate us. I most certainly wish no such thing. Albanian autonomy in Kosovo would truly have to constitute real, functional cultural and economic independence within the legal framework of the shared state of Serbia. Nothing less.

    3. It is indefensible to suggest that we have to hate Albanians because they have indoctrinated generations of their children to hate us. To the contrary, our Serbian aspiration of returning to our Kosovo homeland is not the product of any desire to expel, kill or otherwise cleanse Kosovo of Albanians the way they have eliminated us… We know that the average Albanian in Kosovo is not our enemy, but merely another victim of a culture of hatred bred by a tiny racist clique of Albanian gang leaders, who trace their roots back to Hitler’s Skanderbeg SS Division. That clique is leveraging today’s American imperial designs against Russia, in order to seize Kosovo from Serbia. They are merely repeating what their grandfathers did in 1941 in line with Hitler’s designs against Russia. As if in a time warp, they are trying to steal Serbia’s holy land by continuing their elders‘ genocide against Serbs, Jews, Roma (Gypsies) and all other non-Albanians.

    Charles, as a fellow Serb with a world view that developed as yours did — as we grew up inside the belly of the American empire — I implore you to dig deeper into yourself and to more fully develop your understanding of the broader world around you. As a former poet laureate of the would-be world empire, you have it within your power to use your status in the same way as another great writer did: Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter entered the pantheon of history by bravely denouncing America’s imperial drive through Serbian Kosovo, (just as he likewise denounced the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan) as „a criminal act, showing total contempt for the United Nations and international law“ and as „yet another blatant and brutal assertion of US power using NATO as its missile. It set out to consolidate one thing – American domination of Europe. This must be fully recognized and it must be resisted.“

    Charles, you have the power to denounce the illegal seizure of Kosovo for what it is: just another part in an unending war for absolute power that is corrupting absolutely the land that you have adopted as your home. This is also a chance for you to resist the frightfully common Serbian inferiority complex of self-hatred that turns so many of us into apologists for the pervasive antiserbianism in the world today. And if all that is not enough, this is a golden opportunity for you to speak out to try to save your fellow Americans from themselves and their headlong plunder-driven war surge towards Armageddon.

    May God help you, Charles, and all of us, to work together for the survival of humanity, not just in Kosovo, but all around the globe.


    John Bosnitch

  • Ida 10/29/2009 10:04 AM 12 people liked this.
    Charles Simic described his own experience as a little boy of being bombed by Americans in the last year or so of the WWII. Witnessed how Serbian homes and buildings and other civilian infrastructure was hit directly and often precisely, yet the Gestapo headquarters in Belgrade was untouched.
    He wrote of the confession of another poet friend (named Hugo or something) unwittingly confessed to being a bomber of Belgrade when he didn’t know Charles Simic was one of those people he bombed. Then after Charles spoke up the embarrassed Hugo started back pedalling and making excuses.


    Did he really buy Hugo’s excuse that all those hits were accidents? Even after Hugo was so many decades later able to draw and remember a precise map of what and where things in the city were? No way would they invest so much learning for pilots who were so error prone – they knew what to hit and could do it.

    Plus, the official U.S. history never hardly mentions that they bombed Serbia in WWII in the first place – most all people are ignorant – not to mention how much they bombed Serbia and all the civilians they killed or maimed.

    Officially, they always said it was the Ploesti (sp?) oilfields in Romania – everlastingly bombing those – yet always flying over Serbia and so many plane crashing there.

    According to other pilots who were downed and rescued by the same Serbs they were bombing – the Chetniks and local villagers, they had been told horrid stories about the Serbs – that the Serbs would cut off their ears and a whole bunch of appalling „stories“ they were briefed on.

    The fact is that the U.S. (and Britain) were bombing to put Tito in power – acting as its air force as NATO did for the KLA in 1999.

    And one should ask Charles Simic: who are the „Kosovars“ and do they speak „Kosovarian“ language?

  • Mirjana 10/28/2009 11:46 PM 11 people liked this.
    Mr. Simic,


    I am ashamed that you and I share the same, Serbian, heritage.

  • draganatroca 10/28/2009 09:52 PM 11 people liked this.
    I cannot believe that Mr. Simic would admit that the recognition of Kosovo’s independence broke international law, yet it didn’t matter. Excuse me, I thought laws and rules were meant to be upheld by ALL not just a few.
  • birtelcom 10/28/2009 05:54 PM 5 people liked this.
    „I know that Tadic has to mollify the nationalist lunatics at home, but to hear an intelligent man argue for such obviously idiotic and self-defeating policy was embarrassing.“ Politicians sometimes have to say idiotic things, and I suspect politicians in Tadic’s position will be repeating this formula or versions of it for decades to come. The important thing is what such politicians do, not what they say. If you obssess about the empty verbal formulas that get spouted, you will inevitably be disappointed for a long time to come by every politician who manages to take and hold office. Sometimes it is better to accept the politician who says the wrong thing so as to be able to do the right thing, as opposed to the politician who says the right thing and thus disqualifies himself from being empowered to do the right thing.
  • goranradojevich 10/28/2009 06:59 AM 13 people liked this.
    „but to hear an intelligent man argue for such obviously idiotic and self-defeating policy was embarrassing“
    Reading your words, Mr. Simic, is even more embarrassing…


    You should be ashame of yourself Mr. Simic (sram vas bilo!)

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} .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-register-reasons { padding: 0 10px !important; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-register-reasons li { background: url( no-repeat; padding-left: 12px !important; margin: 0 0 0 6px !important; display: inline !important; font-size: 11px !important; color: #555; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-register-reasons li img { margin-bottom: -1px !important; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-fields { } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-submit { height: 1%; overflow: auto; padding: 0 5px; margin-top: 20px; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-post { float: right; padding: 4px; background-color: #EAFFCD; -moz-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radisu: 4px; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-skip { float: left; margin-top: 5px; padding: 2px; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-switch-auth { width: 400px; font-size: 11px; text-align: right; margin: 0 auto; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-fields table { padding: 8px; background-color: #EDFFC9; border: 1px solid #A5C469; -moz-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; width: 400px; margin: 10px auto; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-fields table td { padding: 4px; } .dsq-lightbox .errorlist { color: #c03000 !important; font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; } .dsq-lightbox .errorlist li { margin: 5px 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; } .dsq-lightbox-errors p { color: #c03000 !important; font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; } .dsq-lightbox .dsq-lightbox-auth-fields table td input { font-size: 13px; padding: 2px; } .dsq-lightbox-recognized table { width: 400px; margin: 10px auto; } .dsq-lightbox-recognized table td { padding: 4px; } /* * Popup : Profile */ .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-content { width: 500px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-title { height: 1%; overflow: auto; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-title td { vertical-align: top; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-title img.dsq-popup-profile-avatar { width: 48px; height: 48px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-user { padding: 0 10px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-user h3 { font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-user-stats span { margin-right: 10px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-user-stats big { font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-state { clear: both; padding: 15px; background-color: #f0f0f0; border-bottom: 1px solid #aaa; height: auto; overflow: hidden; margin: -10px -10px 0px; border-bottom: 1px solid #B2B2B2; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-status { padding: 10px; margin: 0 -10px 0; background-color: #EEF9FD; border-bottom: 1px solid #9FCDE3; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot { padding: 15px 0; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table { width: 100%; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td { width: 50%; vertical-align: top; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td h4 { margin-bottom: 5px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td ul { margin-bottom: 15px; max-height: 200px; overflow: auto; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td ul img { vertical-align: text-top; margin-right: 5px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td ul li { margin-bottom: 5px; } .dsq-popup-profile .dsq-popup-profile-snapshot table td ul li a { font-size: 12px; text-decoration: none; text-transform: capitalize; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body{ padding-left: 10px; font-size: 95%; color:#7aa5d5; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-body-padding { padding: 0 10px; font-size: 13px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-header { background-color: #e5ebed; padding: 0 10px; position: relative; padding-bottom: 10px; border-bottom: 1px solid #445460; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-header img { border: 1px solid #fff; width: 32px; height: 32px; vertical-align: middle; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-body-padding cite { margin-left: 5px; /* top: 8px; position: absolute;*/ font-style: normal; vertical-align: middle; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-body-padding cite { position: static; margin: 0; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-body-padding cite span { font-weight: bold; font-size: 150%; font-style: normal; margin-right: 10px; vertical-align: middle; } .dsq-popup .dsq-popup-body .dsq-popup-body-padding .dsq-popuplink { margin: 0 0 0 5px; font-size: 90%; } .dsq-popup .dsq-clout { float: left; width: 72px; height: 32px; line-height: 32px; background: url(‚;) no-repeat top left; } .dsq-popup .dsq-clout.unverified { background: url(‚;) no-repeat top left; line-height: 24px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-clout a{ float: left; width: 100%; text-align: center; color: #FFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; } .dsq-popup .dsq-clout.unverified a{ font-size: 11px; font-weight: normal; } .dsq-popup .dsq-clout a:hover { color: #fff; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services { padding: 10px; background-color: #f0f0f0; border-bottom: 1px solid #aaa; height: auto; overflow: hidden; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services .dsq-profile-userlvl { padding-bottom: 10px; margin-bottom: 15px; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services span.dsq-profile-ontheweb { float: left; font-family: Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 95%; color: #aaa; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services ul { margin-left: 15px; display: inline; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services ul li{ display: inline; margin-right: 15px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services ul li.dsq-service-labeltxt{ margin: 0; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services ul li.dsq-service-labeltxt{ margin: 0; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services span.dsq-services-description { font-size: 85%; color: #555; position: absolute; top: 25px; left: 5px; display: none; white-space: nowrap; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-services img { border:2px solid #fff; } .dsq-popup a.dsq-profile-follow { color:#7aa5d5; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-status, .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-recentcomments { clear: both; padding: 10px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-status p, .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-recentcomments p{ padding: 0; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-status h4, .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-recentcomments h4 { font-size: 110%; border-bottom: 2px solid #D7DBDD; margin-bottom: 10px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-status h4 span, .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-recentcomments h4 span { background-color: #D7DBDD; padding: 2px 5px; color: #555; font-weight: bold; } .dsq-popup p.dsq-profile-label { font-family: Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 95%; color: #aaa; } .dsq-popup ul.dsq-profile-commentlist { margin-top: 10px; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-commentlist li{ padding: 5px 0; border-bottom: 2px solid #e9ebed; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-commentlist li img.avatar-small { width: 24px; height: 24px; border: 1px solid #DDD; float: left; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-commentlist li .comment-message { margin-left: 30px !important; *float: left !important; *margin-left: 5px !important; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-commentlist li span.comment-meta { clear: both !important; margin-left: 30px !important; display: block !important; font-size: 90% !important; background: none !important; float: none !important; width: auto !important; } .dsq-popup .dsq-profile-commentlist span{ color: #666; font-size: 95%; } /** * Menu */ .dsq-menu{ margin: 0 !important; left: 0px; position: absolute; _position: absolute; _left:; background: #f0f0f0 !important; z-index: 2 !important; border-width: 1px !important; border-color: #888 !important; border-style: solid !important; -moz-border-radius: 0px 0px 4px 4px; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 4px; display: inline; padding: 5px 10px 5px 0 !important; list-style: none !important; } .dsq-menu li{ margin: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; clear: both; line-height: 1.3em !important; font-size: 12px !important; margin-bottom: 2px !important; margin-left: 4px !important; white-space: nowrap !important; list-style: none !important; float: none; background: none; text-align: left; } .dsq-menu li:before { content: „“; } .dsq-menu li a.dsq-admin-toggle { font-weight: bold; } .dsq-menu li.dsq-admin-email, .dsq-menu li.dsq-admin-ip { color: #555; font-style: italic; cursor: default; } .dsq-menu li.dsq-menu-sep { border-bottom: 1px dotted #aaa; font-size: 1pt !important; } .dsq-menu li a{ text-decoration: none; color: #333; } .dsq-menu li a:hover { color: #869AAD; } /** * Drop profile */ #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-header-avatar:hover .dsq-drop-profile { display: inline; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li{ float: none; clear: both; line-height: 1.3em; padding: 2px 4px; white-space: nowrap; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li img { float: none; height: 12px; width: 12px; margin: 0px 4px 0px 0; vertical-align: middle; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li a { color: #1C5392; vertical-align: middle; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li a:hover { font-weight: bold; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-services { height: 16px; padding: 4px 4px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-services:hover { background-color: #ddd; outline-top: 1px solid #ccc; outline-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-services a { display: block; width: 100%; height: 16px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-sep { border-bottom: 1px dotted #aaa; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-showlnk { padding: 4px 2px; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; text-align: center; height: 16px; -moz-border-radius: 0px 5px 0px 0px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-showlnk a { font-weight: bold; font-size: 95%; display: block; width: 100%; height: 16px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-badge { padding: 6px 2px; text-align: center; font-size: 95%; cursor: help; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-badge span { padding: 1px 3px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-more { height:16px; background: url(; background-position: 0px 0px; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-color: #fff; text-align: center; border-top: 1px solid #ddd; -moz-border-radius: 0px 0px 5px 5px; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 5px; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-more:hover { background-position: 0px -20px; border-top: 1px solid #ccc; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-more a { font-size: 95%; height: 16px; width: 100%; display: block; } #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-drop-profile li.dsq-drop-hidden { display: none; padding: 0; } /*———- Theme: Narcissus ———-*/ /*———- Global Reset ———-*/ #dsq-content ul, #dsq-content li, #dsq-content ol, #dsq-content cite, #dsq-content div, #dsq-content table, #dsq-content td, #dsq-content th, #dsq-content p, #dsq-content a, #dsq-content cite, #dsq-content img { border: 0; padding: 0; margin: 0; float: none; text-indent: 0; background: none; } #dsq-content img, select { display: inline; } #dsq-content input { background: transparent; } #dsq-content cite, #dsq-content caption, #dsq-content th, #dsq-ontent td { font-style: normal; text-align: left; } #dsq-content img { max-width: none; } #dsq-content li, #dsq-content ul, #dsq-content ol { list-style-type: none; list-style-image: none; background: none; display: block; } #dsq-content li:before { content: „“; } #dsq-content table { border-collapse: separate; border-spacing: 0; } /*—- Shared —-*/ #dsq-content { font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.5; } #dsq-content .dsq-panel { background: #f5f5f5; padding: 4px 8px 4px 4px; border: 1px solid #999; -webkit-border-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 0; -moz-border-radius: 0 5px 5px 5px; border-radius: 0 5px 5px 5px; color: #333; z-index: 2; } #dsq-content iframe { border: 0; background: transparent; width: 100%; height: 90px; } #dsq-content .dsq-remove-message, #dsq-content .dsq-realtime-alert, #dsq-content .dsq-missing-permissions { background-color:#FDF1D0; border:1px solid #FAD163; line-height: 1.25; padding: 5px 8px; color: #817134; margin: 10px 0; } /*—– Options —–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-options { clear: left; background: transparent url( repeat-x bottom; margin-bottom: 1em; padding-bottom: 1em; } #dsq-content .dsq-options span { margin-right: 10px; } /*—— New Post ——*/ #dsq-content .dsq-dc-logo { float: right; position: relative; } /* Login */ #dsq-content .dsq-login-buttons { padding: 1em 0; background: transparent url( repeat-x bottom; margin-bottom: 1em; } #dsq-content .dsq-login-button { display: inline; margin-right: 3px; } /* Request User Info */ #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-info { background: transparent url( repeat-x bottom; padding-bottom: 1.5em; margin-bottom: 1em; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-logout { float: right; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-info td { vertical-align: top; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-name { width: 100%; font-size: 1.167em; padding: .25em 0 .25em .5em; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-name small { font-size: 9px; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-stats { padding: .25em 0 0 .5em; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-stats span { margin-right: .75em; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-stats big { font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.167em; } #dsq-comments-title { clear: left; } #dsq-content .dsq-request-user-info { clear: right; } /* Form */ #dsq-content .dsq-textarea .dsq-textarea-wrapper, #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields .dsq-input-wrapper { border: 1px solid #999999; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; background: #ffffff url( no-repeat top left; padding: 3px 5px; margin: 3px 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-textarea .dsq-textarea-wrapper { padding: 5px; } #dsq-content .dsq-textarea textarea, #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields input { font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; padding: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-textarea textarea { border: 0; width: 100%; height: 36px; overflow: auto; } #dsq-content .dsq-textarea textarea:focus, #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields input:focus { outline: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields table { width: 100%; max-width: 700px; position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields td { width: 50%; padding: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields .dsq-post-fields-left { padding-right: .25em; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields .dsq-post-fields-right { padding-left: .25em; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-fields input { width: 100%; border: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe-menu { background: transparent url(; _background: #D0D0D0; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe { position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe a { text-decoration: none; color: inherit; display: block; padding: 6px; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe a:hover { background-color: #fafafa; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe ul { display: none; position: absolute; top: -1px; left: -1px; width: 100%; padding: 0; background: #eee; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; } #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe:hover ul { /* display: block;*/ } /* Submit */ #dsq-content .dsq-post-footer { height: 28px; margin-top: .5em; position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options { float: left; margin-top: 4px; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options .dsq-configure-options { font-size: 11px; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options span small, #dsq-content .dsq-subscribe small { font-size: 7px; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options button.dsq-button-small { background: transparent url(; _background: #F7F7F7; border: 0; padding: 4px 7px 5px; text-shadow: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options:hover button.dsq-button-small { background: #f5f5f5 url( repeat-x top; border: 1px solid #999; padding: 3px 6px 5px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 0; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 0; -moz-border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0; border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0; position: relative; z-index: 10; border-bottom: 0; color: #333; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options { position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options .dsq-panel { display: none; position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 0; width: 233px; padding: 6px; z-index: 9; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options .dsq-panel div { line-height: 1.33; margin: .5em 0 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options .dsq-panel input { margin-right: .25em; } #dsq-content .dsq-sharing-options:hover .dsq-panel { display: block; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-footer .dsq-button { float: right; margin-left: 3px; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-footer .dsq-post-loading { color: #666; } #dsq-content .dsq-post-footer .dsq-post-loading img { height: 12px; margin-bottom: -2px; } #dsq-content .dsq-placeholder { color: #888; } /* New Reply */ #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-right button { vertical-align: top; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply, #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply-active { position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply-active .dsq-comment-footer-reply-tab { display: inline; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply-active .dsq-button-small { display: none; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply-tab { background: url( repeat-x top; _background: #E6E6E6; _color: #333; border: 0; display: none; padding: 4px 7px 18px; #padding: 4px 4px 18px; font-size: 11px; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0; border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0; color: #fff; margin: 0; text-shadow: 0 -1px 0 #666; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, sans-serif; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-reply-tab::-moz-focus-inner { border: none; /* overrides extra padding in Firefox */ } .dsq-comment-footer-reply-active span { position: absolute; bottom: -21px; left: -10px; width: 10px; height: 10px; background: url( no-repeat bottom left; background: none; } #dsq-content .dsq-append-post { clear: both; margin-top: -1em; position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-append-post .dsq-post-area { background: url(; _background: #E6E6E6; _color: #333; padding: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; -webkit-border-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 0; -moz-border-radius: 5px 0 5px 5px; border-radius: 5px 0 5px 5px 5px; } /*—— Comments ——*/ #dsq-content #dsq-comments { margin-bottom: 10px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header { background: url(; _background: #F7F7F7; _color: #333; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0; border-radius: 5px 5px; line-height: normal; height: auto; /* padding: 2px;*/ } #dsq-content .dsq-moderator .dsq-comment-header { background-image: url(; _background: #EBF0F5; } #dsq-content .dsq-moderator-star { display: none; } #dsq-content .dsq-moderator .dsq-moderator-star { display: inline; margin-top: -3px; vertical-align: middle; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-outline .dsq-comment-header { outline: 1px solid #FAD163; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header table { width: 100%; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header td { vertical-align: middle; } #dsq-content .dsq-header-avatar { width: 1%; padding: 0; position: relative; } #dsq-content .dsq-header-avatar a.dsq-avatar { display: block; padding: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; _background: #F7F7F7; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment:hover .dsq-header-avatar a.dsq-avatar { padding: 3px; background: #F5F5F5; border: 1px solid #999; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment:hover .dsq-header-avatar:hover a.dsq-avatar { border-bottom: 1px solid #f5f5f5; } #dsq-content .dsq-header-avatar img { border: 2px solid #fff; width: 32px; height: 32px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header cite { font-weight: bold; font-size: 110%; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header-meta { padding-left: 8px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header-time { padding: 0 8px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header-time a { text-decoration: none; color: inherit; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header-time a:hover { border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-header .dsq-comment-header-likes { text-align: right; padding-right: 8px; font-size: .85em; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-message { line-height: 1.42; margin: 1em 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer { /* height: 21px;*/ _height: 1%; overflow: hidden; margin: 1em 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-left { width: 50%; float: left; padding-top: 4px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-left a { margin-right: .5em; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-right { width: 50%; float: right; text-align: right; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-right button.dsq-button-small { margin-right: 3px; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-right .dsq-like { font-size: 11px; vertical-align: sub; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment-footer-right .dsq-like img { margin-right: 3px; } /*——– Reactions ——–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-h3-reactions { background: transparent url( repeat-x top; padding-top: 10px; margin-top: 20px; } #dsq-content .dsq-reaction-header table { width: 100%; background: url(; _background: #EEF9FD; _color: #333; } #dsq-content .dsq-reaction-header td { padding: .5em; } #dsq-content .dsq-reaction-header-right { text-align: right; } #dsq-content .dsq-show-more-reactions { padding: 1em; text-align: center; margin: 1em 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-comment.dsq-reaction:hover .dsq-header-avatar a.dsq-avatar { padding: 3px; background: none; border: 1px solid transparent; } #dsq-content .dsq-reaction .dsq-comment-cite { padding-left: 8px; } #dsq-content .dsq-reaction .dsq-service-name { text-transform: capitalize; } /*——– Pagination ——–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-pagination { text-align: center; padding: 1em; margin: 1em 0; background: transparent url( repeat-x top; } #dsq-content .dsq-pagination table { background: transparent url( repeat-x bottom; width: 100%; } #dsq-content .dsq-pagination td { padding: .5em; } #dsq-content .dsq-pagination-links { width: 100%; text-align: center; } #dsq-content .dsq-pagination span, #dsq-content .dsq-pagination a { margin: 0 .25em; } #dsq-content .dsq-paginate-append-text { display: none; } #dsq-content .dsq-paginate-append-button { display: inline; } /*——– Trackbacks ——–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-item-trackback { padding: 1em 0; margin: 1em 0; background: transparent url( repeat-x top; } /*—– Edit —–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-edit { margin: 10px 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-textarea textarea.dsq-edit-textarea { height: 90px; } /*—– Buttons —–*/ button.dsq-button, button.dsq-button-small { color: inherit; border: 1px solid #999; margin: 0; #margin: 0 3px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, sans-serif; -webkit-border-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 5px; border-radius: 5px; overflow: visible; background: transparent url( repeat-x top; _background-image: url(; } button.dsq-button { padding: 6px 8px 6px; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; } button.dsq-button-small { padding: 3px 6px 4px; font-size: 11px; } button.dsq-button:hover, button.dsq-button-small:hover { cursor: pointer; } /*—- Badges —-*/ .dsq-badge, .dsq-badge-verified, .dsq-badge-registered, .dsq-badge-guest, .dsq-badge-facebook, .dsq-badge-twitter, .dsq-badge-openid, .dsq-badge-yahoo { padding: 2px 4px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 0 5px 0 5px; border-radius: 0 5px 0 5px; vertical-align: middle; font-size: 12px; text-transform: capitalize; } .dsq-badge-small, li.dsq-drop-badge span { font-size: 10px; padding: 1px 2px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 3px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 0 3px 0 3px; border-radius: 0 3px 0 3px; } .dsq-badge-verified { background: #92C72A; border: 1px solid #6CA300; color: #fff; } .dsq-badge-registered { background: #FFFE98; border: 1px solid #EAE800; color: #333; } .dsq-badge-guest { background: #DDDDDD; border: 1px solid #bbb; color: #333; } .dsq-badge-facebook { background: #46639D; border: 1px solid #2D3F65; color: #fff; } .dsq-badge-twitter { background: #31CEFF; border: 1px solid #2BB5E0; color: #fff; } .dsq-badge-openid { background: #F9F9F9; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA; color: #F89B1E; } .dsq-badge-yahoo { background: #8516A2; border: 1px solid #530068; color: #fff; } /*——– Drop Profile ——–*/ #dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-header-avatar .dsq-drop-profile { background: #f5f5f5; float: none; position: absolute; left: auto; } #dsq-content .dsq-drop-profile a { text-decoration: none; } /*——– Moderate options ——–*/ .dsq-moderate-options table { background-color: #E5EBED; padding: 10px; width: 400px; margin: 10px auto; -moz-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; } .dsq-moderate-options table td { padding: 4px; } .dsq-moderate-options table ul { margin: 0; padding: 0; } .dsq-moderate-options table li { margin-bottom: 5px; } /*——– Extras ——–*/ #dsq-content .dsq-global-moderator-extras { font-size: 11px; } #dsq-content .dsq-global-moderator-extras strong:first-child { margin-left: 0; } #dsq-content .dsq-global-moderator-extras strong { margin-left: 10px; } –> View the discussion thread.// <![CDATA[
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var links = document.getElementsByTagName(‚a‘);
var query = ‚?‘;
for(var i = 0; i = 0) {
query += ‚url‘ + i + ‚=‘ + encodeURIComponent(links[i].href) + ‚&‘;
// ]]>

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