Rocky movie in contention for Oscar – Boris Staparac, who made the statue in Zitiste

Rocky movie in contention for Oscar

Autor: A. Novakovic | 09.09.2009 – 08:32

Canadian director Berry Avrich’s documentary Amerika Idol, tracking the story of how the locals in the small Serbian village of Zitiste erected the statue of Rocky Balboa, is in cinemas across the world and is even in contention for the Academy Award. If the film is granted official nomination for the Oscars will become known in early February next year.

After the people of Zitiste announced to the world early in 2007 they were planning to put up a life-size figure of the iconic fictional boxer, the Canadian production company Melbar Entertainment Group got interested in the story, and director Barry Avrich first visited Serbia in May 2007, at the time when the preparations for the erection of the statue were well under way.
– “There are a million stories, but this one is particularly interesting because it has changed the lives of local people. That’s why we are here,” said Avrich.
The 46-minute-long documentary Amerika Idol will feature the appearances of Sylvester Stallone, Thomas Schomberg – the sculptor behind Rocky’s original statue in Philadelphia, Croatian sculptor Boris Staparac, who made the statue in Zitiste, as well as the local population, speaking on how and why they decided to make this endeavour.
– “When I first came to Serbia, I thought this was all a joke and that my movie would resemble Borat, but soon enough I realized the people of this village were dead serious in their intention,” Avrich said for the New York Post.
The production process was wrapped up last year, while the movie had its Serbia premiere this August. It has caught the attention of a number of international film festivals and has been picked among the potential candidates for the Oscar. The US Film Academy will announce on 2 February 2010 the nominated films ahead of the Award ceremony on 7 March.

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