Erecting the monument to Bill Clinton in Pristina which he unveiled himself is all but serious political event

Erecting the monument to Bill Clinton in Pristina which he unveiled himself is all but serious political event. Bill Clinton has been and will remain for ever the most responsible western leader for the 1999 NATO aggression on FR of Yugoslavia (Serbia). Serbs in Serbia and all over the world shall not forget that Bill Clinton led criminal aggression violating UN Charter and basic principles of the international law thus undermining UN Security Council and the world order created upon defeat of Nazi-Fascism in 1945. During the 78-days aggression about 4000 people were killed, among them about 600 children, over 10.000 wounded, two thirds of all the victims being civilians. Material damage was assessed in 1999 to above 100 billion US dollars. Clinton is responsible for the use of missiles with depleted uranium causing the most dangerous deceases not only to Albanians and Serbs but to so many other Europeans including Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Frenchmen…

In addition, Clinton-Albright-Wesley Clark (NATO) war on Yugoslavia (Serbia) was a premeditated precedent followed by wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, equally under false pretexts as was the war on Yugoslavia (Serbia). Is Europe more stable and united today after having participated in the 1999 Clinton-led aggression then before? Are there less foreign military bases in Europe today than before  March 1999? Is the proliferation of unsustainable puppet states in the Balkans proof of progress, democratization and stability? Has drag trafficking and other international organized crimes by Kosovo Albanian mafia bosses diminished  since NATO occupation of the SerbianProvince? What actually are “unfinished jobs” in the Balkans causing concerns today in Washington – gradual disappearance of the border between Tirana and Prishtina and Sali Berisha’s thirst for Greater Albania, continuous massive violation of human rights of remaining Serbs, prevention of over 220.000 of displaced Serbs and other non-Albanians to safely return to their uncestor’s homes in Kosovo and Metohija, expansion of Islamic extremism in Kosmet, Bosnia, parts of Serbia, unsettled problems between Macedonians and Albanians in FYROM, massive illegal armament of UCK  in Kosmet, appearance of new terrorist groups in the Balkan region, millions of unemployed, many more below poverty line?… Or, perhaps, something else?

Is all that illustration of a “success story” of USA?





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Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

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