Kosovo composer dedicates piece to Bill Clinton 20/08/2009

Dtt-net.com, Prishtina – The most known composer among Albanians, Mendi Mengjiqi has dedicated a classic music piece to the former US president William Jefferson ‘Bill’ Clinton in appreciation to the freedom he brought to Kosovo in 1999.

“Clinton has brought peace to Kosovo and the whole Western Balkans. He is part of our freedom and our history. The ‚POPULUS‘ is my modest way of thanking him personally for what he has done for my country and my people. He is the American Prince of Peace for Kosovo and the region. May God bless him”, the author of the national anthem of Kosovo (2008), Mengjiqi (58) told dtt-net.com

The ‚POPULUS‘ , composed last month by Mengjiqi, the former student of well known Polish Professor Krzysztof Penderecki, is another appreciation of Kosovo Albanians to Bill Clinton. One of the biggest avenues in Kosovo capital, Prishtina, is also named after the former US president.

Clinton is considered by Ethnic Albanians of Kosovo one of the main contributors to the 78 day NATO air strikes against Serb forces drawn out of the new country in June 1999.

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