Gospodjo Radović, za nešto što je dužnost svakog i polusavesnog čoveka nije potrebna posebna zahvalnost. Ako ne želimo da nad dobrim pobedi zlo onda se moramo zalagati da pobedi dobro kako nebi jednog dana čitavo čovečanstvo postalo žrtva tog zla! U tom smislu objavljujem i ovaj Vaš dopis na engleskom jeziku:

Stevan Radović was born on June 11th 1986. in Valjevo, Serbia. He loved sports – skiing, water sports, fishing, but above all he loved cycling, to which he dedicated the most of his young life. Since he was 11, when he started practicing it, he won many medals at national and international races. He was the state’s triple champion, the state’s double champion’ vice-champion of Yugoslavia, as well as a member of a national team.  Beside cycling he loved reading books, writing poems (with hardly 20 years he left more than 100 poems and over 30, maybe, one day, valuable pictures). He was a boy, curious, temperamental, honest, truthful and righteous, Stevan was the protector of week ones, “knight”, popular among his friends as well as the elders. Because of these characteristics of his he was persecuted to his very last day from the post communistic regime of Slobodan Milošević. He was never convicted! Individuals from police department commented (he was mistreated, tortured and burnt): more than 10 years he was a torn in their heels, a thorn which didn’t allow to be extracted in an easy way, they say he was present in every story, but there weren’t enough reasons to put him behind the bars. Today I ask myself who pointed out to my only son who was only 7 or 8, who are the murderers, who did order it and who hides them? He was killed on February 11th 2006, he was found dead in the schoolyard of the primary school “Desanka Maksimović”, Valjevo, 200-300 meters from his home, which he left after the phone call, saying that he’ll be back in ten minutes (SO THE DECISION WAS MADE, IF NOT THE BARS, THEN DEATH!)

The shot on the spot (please visit

”Truth about the murder of Steva Radovic, cyclist from Valjevo, Serbia. In the next slide is the transcription of  the conversation of the people in the shot)

Here is who knows!

Here is the proof why numerous murders in Serbia cannot be solved!




  • Ask these powerful men from Valjevo, Serbia (you see them in the shot) as well as hear them!

“   – Majko, hey! (Somebody is coughing)

– See, I brought him to the very nice place….don’t you tell later….

– So, what, when nothing can be done without Serbia, fuck (sorry for this word, I’m  just translating)

– And, all the same…. (laughing)”

AND, who is in the shot?

1.In the white jacket is the chef of the crime department of that time of police forces Valjevo, Branko Marković.

2. At his left is inspector Desimir Obradović Desko, who was in charge of this case and of revealing the murderers.

3.On the spot one can also see the chef of the tecnical department of crime department Mile Ašanin.

4. ….and others

– Their conversation and laugh of their “well done job” can be also heard.

  • Or, is it something else in question?
  • Could this be solved outside of  SERBIA, since in Serbia, I, as a mother, cannot do that? Nobody will publish this…. It is darkness in Serbia…. Do you really look for Ratko Mladić, or is it all a game as it was with alleged ignorance of Radovan Karadžić’s where about.
  • If you condition the lives of millions of people in Serbia because of a couple of them, here is the proof that nothing can be done without Serbia!!!!!

Now, please visit

(“Truth about the murder of Steva Radovic, cyclist from Valjevo, Serbia – I’m shooting a little movie”

  • This clip was shot by the policeman (Živan Ž.) from the intervention squad who officialy came first with two collegues on the spot and says: “I am shooting a little movie!”
  • The other policeman on the spot Dragan B. explains what is on the spot and what to shoot.
  • The numbers of both mobile and fix phones of the  third person on the spot from intervention squad Slavko N. were  found under Stevan’s body. Slavko N. claims that the number of the mobile is his son’s number (is it?)
  • Neither of these things the people who “worked” on the case didn’t notice, nor did it the public prosecutor in Valjevo, nor any other institution in Serbia.
  • P.S.: There isn’t only this record, there are more of them…. The policeman from the intervention squad , let him tell you to whom he says (in Serbia nobody wants to ask him) with a pleasure: “I am shooting little movie”. The same video-record circulates the world, the policeman doesn’t answer for it legally, the Serbian laws and institutions say – it’s out of date. Here the speaking, coughing, laughing, whistling can be heard.

If it isn’t previously stated, what could it be – in the same town, VALJEVO, SERBIA, existed the police Para formation not for one day but for years (until April 2009). Do you believe that Serbian government and institutions didn’t know about the existence of this Para formation in Valjevo?

In the next slide you can see the police Para formation in the outlets of Valjevo.

Its Headquarters, in the very center of Valjevo.
Just across the street is the District Court of Valjevo.
(Their label is next to the lamp, since April 2009 it doesn’t exit any more!)

  • Place, VALJEVO, SERBIA…. Valjevo is the town where there were numerous public searches (without any success) and actions of arresting Ratko Mladic.
  • That night when Stevan left the house after the telephone call and went to the school yard, the solders were exercising in the gym .
  • My question is how come those solders didn’t see the next: please see the photo which tells everything (from the newspapers “Svedok”, in the last slide).
  • If Ratko Mladic was seen officially for the last time in April or May 2006 and Stevan Radovic was killed on February 11th 2006, the question of coincidence is imposing…
  • And, the photo of the spot on February 11th 2006 where Stevan was found murdered from the newspapers “Svedok” (in the last slide there is the scanned article where it can be seen). The photo tells everything – the jacket (marked with number 1) which was given back to me after 33 months, lays untouched. As you can see it is not burnt! (In the same picture marked with number 2 is body of Stevan Radovic.
  • In the name of all Serbs, those citizens of Serbia no matter of their nationality or religion, about whom Dr Archibald Raise (Swiss) wrote.
  • Free us from those in whose IDs everything, but the man, is written!!!”

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  1. Zločin taj nad nedužnim detetom vapi do neba da bude osvećen!
    Al, ništa nije tajno, što jednog dana neće postasti javno, piše još u Bibliji, a narod kaže: Zaklela se zemlja raju da se sve tajne saznaju!!!

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