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On Fri, 3/7/09, Lato Pezo <> wrote:

From: Lato Pezo <>
Subject: Editor
To: „“ <>
Date: Friday, 3 July, 2009, 3:44 PM

Dear Sirs,
I suggest you not to publish the book „The Battle of Kosovo 1389 An Albanian
Epic“, by Anna Di Lellio in which Serbian knight Milos Obilic is presented as
some Albanian knight named Millosh Kopiliq. I must remind you that Kosovo was a
part of Serbian state in 1389, rulled by St. Knez Lazar Hrebeljanovic, and that
Albanian state did not exist during the period of battle of Kosovo. I also must
remind you that neighter name „Milos“ nor forname „Obilic“ is common for
Albanian people, nor now, nor in the past. How is it possible that Albanian
children are not named by such a great knight, like Milos Obilic? How can it be
possible that no Albanian is named Milos? It is obviously because Milos Obilic
is not the part of Albanian tradition, nor he is Albanian. Milos Obilic is a
great Serbian knight, our great hero, his name is very common among Serbian
people, its forname ends with „ic“, wich is very common among Serbians (and not
at all common among Albanians).
Do not let politics to channge the truth! The politics and the truth should
never be mixed, esspecially by illustries publishers, like you. Serbian
monasteries in Kosovo are the part of Serbian tradition (it is obvious, because
Serbians are mostly orthodox, while Albanians are islamic). Albanians are trying to take these monasteries also, and proclaim them as their own!
All these data here presented are easilly to be found and confirmed by a
numerous references, so I must ask you to check them before publishing this
Best regards,
Lato Pezo, PhD Mech. Eng.

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