Re: First, Muslims and Croats had to wear bands on their arms – Dostavio Mile Nikolić

April 27, 2009
Letter to the Editor
Re: First, Muslims and Croats had to wear bands on their arms.
Dear Editor:
I do not believe a word that came out of Nuserta Sivac’s mouth during this interview and I wonder if she and Jadranka Cigelj were cell mates in Omarska? Like so many Croat and Muslim propagandists, Ms. Sivac fed us one lie and exaggeration after another with little to no evidence and the media licked it up like lap dogs.

In President Clinton’s last inaugural address he claimed „350,000 victims died in Bosnia“ we now know how often this president was incapable of telling the truth. To date, 4 human rights groups spent 4 years combing through victims lists and have had difficulty coming up with „90,000 victims on all sides“ according to Reuters in 2006.

Jadrinka Cigelj, an alleged rape victim at Omarska testified before the U.S. House and Senate and appeared on every major television program in the United States… it turned out Ms. Cigelj is registered as a rape victim under 5 other assumed names and that she worked for CIC the Tudjman Propaganda machine in Zagreb. The Hague Tribunal refused to allow Cigelj to testify because her background was so tainted with lies and distortions. President Tudjman of Croatia is the same disgusting moron who said in your newspaper that he was „Grateful that his wife was neither a Serbs or a Jew.“ These are the same ilk that murdered 640 Rabbi in Croatia and liquidated over 60,000 Jews at Jasenovac Concentration Camp where these Nazi Croats murdered over 750,000 Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, yet you give them a platform to spew their ugly one-sided hate speech as though their recent past has no meaning?

Roy Gutman whose book, Witness to Genocide turned out to be a moronic title as this journalist never witnessed a single killing.  In the foreword to his book he wrote:  „Having set such lofty standards, I immediately made an exception and wrote about the Omarska camp which I had not visited, based on the secondhand witness account.“ During three separate radio interviews in the U.S. over three days he gave three conflicting numbers. He first claimed „8,000 to 11,000“ inmates at Omarska.  That quickly eroded to „2,000 to 5,000“ then in a subsequent Newsday article his number dropped to 1,000.  In other words, this Pulitzer winner lied and fabricated. „Lofty standards“ in a pigs eye! David Binder of the New York Times suggested „revoking Gutman’s award … or… give Janet Cooke back her Pulitzer.“

Gutman was instrumental in bringing Ms. Cigelj to the United States.  It is further shocking to now know that CIC and the Croatian propaganda machine financed the Croatian translation of Gutman’s book and promoted these lies in Croatia—a violation of ethics and moral standards of the journalism profession.

The headline for this story was used for demonic purposes.  Not since Hitler has an entire race of people been so brutally demonized with collective guilt. I could not help but notice that Ms. Sivac never mentions the 1.2 million Serbian refugees today, a hideous figure that is twice the combined number of Muslim and Croat refugees combined.  It is painfully obvious who was the most successful at this disgusting proclivity.
Apparent too, Commissioner Pillay pretended that the Serbs had it coming, or worse they do not deserve equal justice in her disgusting form of human rights equality.

As a double victim of Genocide, I lost 17 members of my family who were burned to death along with 80 other Serbs in their church in the village of Vojnic, Croatia in 1942.  During Operation Storm in August, 1995 when 200,000 Serbs were cleansed from Croatia, the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee.  I was notified by the Red Cross a month later they were found with their throats slit.

When do I receive any justice?

What is so immoral about such presentations is that a Serbian victim is never included or given their opportunity to be heard, it’s so easy to just blame the entire dismemberment of the Balkans on one side in a three-sided civil war.  Shame on your immoral display and a pox on all of your houses.

William Dorich
Los Angeles
First, Muslims and Croats had to wear white bands on their arms:

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