Dear All,

Dear All,

SBS TV in Australia on the dateline program showed the plight of Roma in Kosovo on Sunday night at 8.30pm.  Below is the link towards the program they aired. Paul Polansky was interviewed and spoke on the program. Thank you Paul Polansky for speaking for the Roma in Kosovo. There has been many responses and I had an email today from a refugee aid worker.

We’ll carry on fighting for the Roma in Kosovo over here with any means we have and on Romani radio Perth tomorrow night talk about this serious situation and expose the injustice again.  Please people out there! Try to help by adding information about the plight of the Roma in Kosovo on your websites and with any means you can help. Please try to expose the plight of the Roma in Kosovo so the UN must put the Roma on safer land and save the Roma children and families.

Yvonne Slee

Secretary of

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