The president of the Club of Istria Democratic Party (ISDS) in the Croatian parliament

Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 7:02 AM

Friday 23 March 2007. 18:20

The president of the Club of Istria Democratic Party (ISDS) in the Croatian parliament Damir Kajin stated on Friday that the true owners of the diamonds and jewelry mentioned in the General Vladimir Zagorec affair affair are the victims from the Jasenovac concentration camp.

Kajin said that the Catholic Church, which had held the expropriated diamonds for a half century, had turned them over to then President of Croatia Tudjman in the early 1990s.

“Tudjman,” Kazin told Croatian YV, “ then transferred them to General Zagorec, who was supposed to bargain with them for arms for defense. What he did with them I do not know, but I know that by that act the Church once again murdered the innocent victims of Jasenovac.”

He added among other things that it is not clear what General Zagorec did with such wealth, noting that before the war he was just a bus driver.

The IDS president further said: “Today this treasure is valued at more than a half billion Euros. Such things were permitted under President Tudjman’s system. The real aggressor against the Republic of Croatia is that system.”

Zagorec, who was in charge of procuring arms during the war in Croatia, has been charged by the Zagreb court for misuse of many millions of Euros from the funds he had at his disposition for the acquisition of weapons for the Croatian Army through illegal channels.

In the last fifteen years Zagorec rose from the status of common laborer to the rank of general with many decorations, to become one of the wealthiest Croats. He started out as driver for the Vice-Minister of Defense but rapidly became a general with more decorations than President Tudjman and was one of his insiders.

After Tudjman’s death Zagorec left the Ministry of Defense and hurriedly went to Austria to reside.


translator J P Maher

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