AN OPEN LETTER – Pred zasnivanje Kraljevine Jugoslavije bilo je svega 5% takozvanih albanaca

Reprinted on numerous Serbian websites

Mr. John Peet, European Editor:

In response to your letter to Dragan Rakic who shared your letter with me, it is repugnant how people like you fall on the sword of democratic principles as you rape another nation.

Kosovo has been Serbian for a thousand years and in that time the Serbian people have built 1,500 churches and monasteries in an area no bigger than the city of Los Angeles. The first mosque was built 640 years ago, more than a century after the Turkish victory at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.
When The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was formed in 1918, the Albanians, according to numerous international documents, represented „5% of the population,“ these Albanians were mostly located in Bosnia and Kosovo, primarily because in the settlement of the First World War the nation of Albania was formed.
During WWII, thousands of Kosovo Serbs were killed and about 120,000 were „ethnically cleansed“ from Kosovo.  After the war, Tito forbade their return, giving those Serbian farms to Albanian Nazi collaborators who served under Mussolini’s occupation of Kosovo.
Apparently you know very little about the 22,000 strong SS Hanjar division of Bosnian Muslim Nazis who guarded the railway links between the Balkans and Auschwitz?  There were thousands of Albanians among them.
When Tito granted autonomy to Kosovo in 1974, without a single vote of the Serbian people, over 150,000 Serbs were forced from Kosovo by Albanians who used such hideous tactics as the rape of Serbian nuns and Serbian girls; the near beating to death of the Serbian Bishop who is now the Serbian Patriarch; the burning of hundreds of Serbian farms; the ban and use of the Serbian language and the removal of Serbian books on history, religion and music from all of the school and libraries in Kosovo and burned.
Over two million books were destroyed, some were priceless manuscripts from the 12th and 13th centuries.  The works of Ivo Andric, the only Yugoslav Nobel Prize winner were removed from the curriculum at Pristina University because Andric admitted he was a Serb.  David Binder, the Balkan foreign correspondent for The New York Times, wrote extensively about this inhuman behavior in Kosovo.  Apparently, hundreds of such articles escaped you notice?
During the 1970’s and 1980’s the population in the region shifted in favor of Albanians who illegally crossed over the border. Tito even gave Albanians in Kosovo a form of welfare unheard of in any communist system in the world.
What is so immoral about your stance to a „democratic vote“ is your repugnant omission that nearly 40% of those alleged „95% Albanians“ are illegal aliens who have crossed the border from Albanian into Kosovo as easily as Mexicans cross our borders each night in Texas and California.  Granting Albanians majority status turns a blind eye to the illegal process of overwhelming a region as a form of invasion.  Their very large birth rate has added to this illegal drama.  If all the Serbs and other ethnic minorities were allow to return and the illegal aliens were forced to leave the Albanians would no longer represent this fictitious majority.  It appears that you do not live by democratic principles, Mr. Peet, you merely mouth the words.
In the first Bosnian election, Alija Izetbegovic won with 44,000 votes, when 200,000 Bosnian Serb refugees who fled to Belgrade during that conflict were not given an opportunity to vote.  Buses of Serbian voters were turned away at the border as Madeleine Albright proclaimed a „democratic victory.“
People like you looked the other way as 75,000 Bosnian Muslims residing in the U.S. were allowed to vote but not the Serb refugees next door in Belgrade. Shame on you for pretending not to notice this appalling injustice as you preach democratic principles now for Albanians in Kosovo, many of whom were labeled „KLA terrorists“ just 9 years ago. Prime Minister Thaci has more blood on his hands then any other leader in the region. He has escaped justice!
Turning the Kosovo charade into this fake statehood is more than immoral and 156 other nations seem to agree as they have refused to recognize this rape of Serbia by this independence move.
You, along with others of your ilk, simply ignore the UN Charter of which Yugoslavia was a founding member, you cast aside the Helsinki Final Act and you trash UN Security Resolution #1244.  In addition to other international laws that you trample, what else should the Serbian people expect in addition to the destruction of 156 ancient Serbian churches for which not a single Albanian has been charged?  That destruction took place after the end of bombing, the arrival of 20,000 Nato troops, and all within the last six years.  Shame on you for your obvious duplicity, in whose interest do you work so diligently, it certainly is not equal human rights or democracy? It has become more than apparent that Serbs do not deserve equal justice.
The Serbs in the last Yugoslav census represented 21% of Kosovo.  Today they represent less than 3%.  Do you wait for their total elimination and the razing of the remaining churches before you use the word Genocide?  I notice you skirt the issue of dozens of mosques that have been built by the Saudi government in Kosovo in the last 5 years including the Osama bin Laden Mosque…. how evenhanded of you.
A pox on all of your houses.
William Dorich
Los Angeles

The writer is the author of 5 books on Balkan history and music including the 1992 book, Kosovo.


from jpm — Peet’s Wikipedia blurb:

John Peet (born 1954) is a British journalist, who is at present the Europe editor of The Economist newspaper.

John Peet has been the writer of several Economist surveys such as ‚Water‘ and ‚The Future of Europe‘. His education included Charterhouse and Cambridge where he studied economics. He was previously a Health Correspondent with The Economist from 1986-1998 and Business Affairs Editor (1998-2003). Prior to this he was Brussels Correspondent, Executive Editor, Surveys Editor, Finance Correspondent, Washington, DC Correspondent and Britain Correspondent. Previously he was a civil servant, working for the British Treasury and Foreign Office (1976 to 1986).

Peet currently lives in Wiltshire and London, is married, has three children and a west-highland terrior called Holly.

The Brit editor can’t spell the name of his doggie’s breed.

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