Here is Jeffrey Kuhner’s commentary Feb. 8, 2009 in Washington Times :

Here is Jeffrey Kuhner’s commentary Feb. 8, 2009 in Washington Times :

Hundreds of thousands of Croatians were systematically butchered by Tito’s Partisans; priests, nuns and peasants were massacred; their lands were confiscated; and slave labor camps were established. My grandfather’s brother – a priest – was murdered in his own church, hung with piano wire through the back of his head. My grandfather and his wife and family were rounded up into a concentration camp for three agonizing years – he and my grandmother survived, most of my other ancestors didn’t. Upon leaving the death camp, my grandfather’s small farm was seized, his family persecuted and eventually driven into exile. Despite all their suffering, my grandparents managed to rebuild a life for themselves and their children”.

If Mr. Jeffrey Kuhner did not forget his glorious grandfather, he did forget, or never learned the history of Balkans,

particularly the period from 1940 to 1945. In his above sentence he refers to the event when Croat Nazis tried with the

help of Vatican’s priest Draganovic,( see the documentary The Rat Line), to cross the border and reach Italy and Austria.

Why should the Nazi try to escape the justice? Because they were Croats or because they committed crimes, maybe worse than

German Nazis did in Yugoslavia. Those “good” Croat Nazis murdered a cousin of mine just because her name was Sarah, burned my

grand uncle and all the members of his parish in the concentration camp of Jasenovac, executed and committed genocide against Serbs,

Jews, and Roma. And while the Serbian royalist leader Draza Mihajlovic was executed, the Croat Nazi Ustasha leader, Pavelic died in the

age of nearly 90 years in Argentina, his right hand Andrija Artukovic hada Mickey Mouse judgment in Zagreb and died in age of 85,

and many other war criminals still live and write odious articles to ignorant American readers.

Mr. Kuhner should know better who started and when the last civil war in the former Yugoslavia. It was not in 1990 but in 1989, when

irregulars started attacking the federal army., and expulse Serbs from Croatia. Before the war there were 12% of Serbs in Croatia, and if you go to CIA site

and take a look at the recent data about Croatia, you will find out that there is only 3% of Serbs left there. So who committed crimes or ethnic cleansing,

it is up to normal people to judge according to facts and figures and not fairy tales and stories,


Dragan Rakic




Dear TVO Producer,

Dear TVO Producer,

„Milosevic ol“n tria shown on TVO is at best imbalanced and at worse fictional and prejudicial.

Milosevic was elected by a Yugoslavian constituency in Yugoslavia to serve Yugoslavians not to serve foreign agendas that threatened the nation’s sovereignty, peace and security.

Let’s take the civil war in Bosnia and compare it to the historical treatment of familiar cases in history.

The American Civil War was bloody as it is usually the case in civil wars.  Ten percent of the United States population, men, women and children, died.  Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States at that time.  How would have TVO treated his handling of the conflict between the Union and the Confederacy if TVO had been around at the time?

Would TVO have labeled Lincoln the Butcher of North America?  Arguably Lincoln was more responsible for the death and destruction in the American Civil War because the Union Army was under his command, whereas the crimes that Milosevic was held responsible for at the Hague were not done by order of the government directly.  The violence in Bosnia was between civilian rivals.

Regarding Kosovo, a province of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia’s security was threatened by terrorists supported by the same Bin Laden that supported the knocking down of the Twin Towers and the death of 3000 innocent American citizens.  Terrorists in Kosovo were financed and armed by foreign governments including the United States.

What would TVO say if the Canadian Prime Minister failed to step in and defend the sovereignty of Canada on the face of foreign financed terror threatening one of Canada’s provinces?

Barack Obama has been elected by the American people to serve American citizens and to protect the sovereignty of the United States.  There are 22 million illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico in the United States.

California has the highest proportion of these foreign invaders within its state.  Mexican children have been falsely taught in Mexican schools for 130 years that California was stolen from Mexico.  Many Mexicans hold on to the belief that Mexico has a legitimate territorial claim against the United State.  This is equivalent to the surge of Albanians taking residence in Kosovo in the last decades, prior to the breakout of hostilities, swelling their numbers in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo.

What if Mexican nationals illegally in the United States and supported by Mexico, a foreign country, were to spark a civil war in California demanding independence from the United States?

Would Barack Obama sit still and allow such a threat to fester or would he send the National Guard to California and protect the sovereignty of United States territory and the security of American citizens residing in the state, as it is his obligation to the citizens of the United States who elected him?

Wouldn’t Milosevic have been derelict in his duties if he had not fought to preserve the territorial integrity of (Kosovo) Yugoslavia on the face of foreign financed and organized intervention, sabotage and terrorism?

The United States intervention in the internal affairs of Yugoslavia was done illegally without the approval of Congress and without the sanction of the United Nations.  The U.S and NATO bombing of a nation that had not threatened nor crossed its borders to enter the territory of any NATO or European Nation was a criminal act and an act of cowardice.  Only bullies in the world arena who pound their chest after mercilessly bombing a non-threatening nation and who through the manipulation of the World Bank/IMF, as one of many examples, promotes the prostitution of political representatives in nations that they hope to control are to be despised – yet as war “victors” these bullies get the first lick at also controlling public relations whitewashing of their abuses and crimes.

The TVO management may not agree with my analysis of these historical events that haunt us to this day and that will continue to trouble world peace, but my point is that “Milosevic on Trial” was one-sided in its portrayal of the conflict and Milosevic’s trial.  For that reason I label the movie bias and unfair. Out of a sense of fairness I ask that you present a program of equal weight, length and seriousness to the opposing point of view.

Tony Dolz

Los Angeles, California

Žuta kuća možda i u Bosni

Žuta kuća možda i u Bosni

BEOGRAD – Na području Bosanskog Broda u mestu Sijekovac izvršen je strahovit zločin, ali ne možemo pouzdano da tvrdimo da je pri tom bilo i trgovine organima. Mada sve okolnosti ukazuju da jeste i da postoje sličnosti između ovog slučaja i „žute kuće“ u Albaniji – kaže za Kurir Goran Krčmar, šef Operativnog tima za traženje nestalih lica Republike Srpske.

On ističe da je bilo saznanja o nestanku 218 ljudi iz četiri autobusa, a zahvaljujući jednom svedoku zločina, zasad je pronađeno 59 tela, od čega su 23 dečja. Kako je rekao, radi se uglavnom o Romima dovezenim iz istočne Bosne, a ima i Srba iz Bosanskog Broda.

– Da nije bilo tog svedoka, ne bismo ni pronašli žrtve. Otkrio nam je tačnu lokaciju na kojoj je pokopano 51 lice romske nacionalnosti iz jednog od autobusa. Kazao je i da je malo pored njih pokopano još osmoro lokalnih Srba. Tih osam tela pronašli smo četiri-pet metara dalje od ovih 51. Svedok je izjavio i da je trgovano organima žrtava. Međutim, da li je to istina, ne možemo da tvrdimo. Tačno je da su tela bila sahranjena u čudnom položaju, odnosno kao da su udovi bili odvajani od tela. A većina je bila naga ili sa vrlo malo odeće – navodi Krčmar.

On napominje da je u vreme zločina 1992. godine to područje bilo pod kontrolom hrvatskih i muslimanskih snaga, a Srbi su ga oslobodili 1995. godine.
– Tela su sahranjena na imanju jedne srpske porodice, između njihove kuće i jednog starog muslimanskog groblja. Ta porodica se bila iselila kad je počeo rat u BiH, a kad su se vratili, primetili su da je na jednom delu imanja nivo zemlje podignut za više od metar. Kasnije se ispostavilo da su tu tela. Ali nisu bila zakopana, već zatrpana zemljom. Bila su položena na tlo i na njih je naneta zemlja, koja je dovezena odnekud – objašnjava naš sagovornik.

„Milosevic on Trial“

—– Original Message —– From: Boba To: sn-vesti ; sorabia ; Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 06:38 Subject: [sn-vesti 63251] TVO Custemer relations: Re. movie „Milosevic on Trial“ To those who watched „Milosevic on trial“ and want to protest the biased piece of ant-Serbism and hate mongering shown on TVO in Canada here is the phone for the program producer at TVO: Ms. Jane Jankovic 416.484.2665 ; 1800-4636-886 . Or just send the an e-mail: Here is little bit about the movie: Boba Borojevic —– Forwarded Message —- From: Boba To: Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1:09:15 AM Subject: CUSTOMER SERVICE // I PROTEST your presentation of the movie „Milosevic on Trial“ Re: Movie Milosevic on Trial showed on TVO on Monday January 26 and February 2, 2009 Sir: As loyal Canadian, I am distressed at the presentation of the movie „Milosevic on Trial“ that indicates a strong bias against all things Serbian. It is not too much to say that there is a stereotype for Serbs, arising out of the war in the former Yugoslavia and a highly successful PR program for Croats , Bosnian Muslims and Albanians . This could be described as “guilty while walking as Serbs”. I felt outraged and disgusted by lies and accusations against the Serbs disseminated via TVO Chanel on Monday January 26 and February 2, 2009. Your movie „Milosevic on Trial“ is a biased, hate mongering piece of propaganda against the Serbs that resembles those of Stalin / Nazi era. While the victors may rewrite the history of the Balkans it remains the fact that Croats have continued their gruesome policy of annihilation of Serbs from Croatia in 1990s when Croatian army supported by the US led NATO troops ethnically cleansed entire Krajina region of some 200.000 Serbs. The same policy of reducing the Serb population in Croatia , which they have perfected in their Nazi concentration camps during World War Two. Similar to Croatian crimes of 1990s, Kosovo Albanians have expelled and killed in most brutal way over 250.000 Serbs from Kosovo-Metohija region since 1999. I both instances, the USA and the NATO countries have trained, armed, supported and fought for Croats and Kosovo Albanians against the Serbs. The Bosnian War from 1992-1995 was an internal conflict, bloody and brutal, but no genocide was committed. In a landmark case that put a nation on trial for genocide for the first time in history, Serbia has been found not guilty by the International Court of Justice at The Hague. “The court finds that the acts of genocide at Srebrenica cannot be attributed to [Serbia’s] state organs,” said the ICJ president, Judge Rosalyn Higgins, in the ruling made public on February 26. „The media spin could not alter the significance of the ICJ ruling,“ writes Srdja Trifkovic in his column „A Notable Ruling at The Hague“ and adds ..“Symbolically, it came just two weeks before the first anniversary of the death of Slobodan Milosevic in detention at the other court in the Dutch capital: the Yugoslav war crimes court commonly knows as The Hague Tribunal. The “Bosnian” case against Milosevic had rested on his alleged incitement of the Bosnian Serbs to commit genocide, and his supposed personal responsibility for its occurrence. As John Laughland was quick to note in The Guardian on February 28, Milosevic was posthumously exonerated by the ICJ… The ruling is about far more than Milosevic: Ever since the end of the cold war, the US and its allies have acted like vigilantes, claiming the right to bomb other countries in the name of humanity. The Kosovo war was the most important action taken on this basis and, as such, the curtain-raiser for Iraq. Fought, like the Iraq war, without UN approval, it was waged partly because the international community felt it should have intervened more robustly against Yugoslavia over Bosnia. It now turns out that Serbia was not in control in Bosnia after all. The ruling therefore punctures a decade-and-a-half of lies in support of the doctrine of military and judicial interventionism…“ An official apology to Canadians of Serbian origin by TVO is necessary. Also, TVO should air a documentary : „Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War“. You owe the truth to your viewers about the Milosevic trial and the wars in the former Yugoslavia . Boba Borojevic Ottawa ============= 1. Milosevic on Trial Monday, February 2, 2009 10 :00 PM 2. Part 1 of 2 Milosevic on Trial Monday, January 26, 2009 3. With exclusive access, this film follows the four year war crimes tribunal of Slobodan Milosevic, former president of Serbia, nicknamed the Butcher of the Balkans.


This is a legit scam.
Never give any phone caller your personal information like address, Soc. Sec. No., bank account no’s, driver’s license no. etc


This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone in your email address book. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

The caller claims to be a jury coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Give out any of this information and bingo; your identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states, including Oklahoma , Illinois , and Colorado . This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system. The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.

Check it out here:

And here:

Yep! It’s true

Please make sure and pass this on! Especially tell the elderly in your family, they are so easily confused, and they are the ones that are the easiest to prey on!! Thanks

The EU, Propaganda and Broadband

The EU, Propaganda and Broadband
February 4, 2009 | From

The European Union is on course to lead the world in the use of broadband technology to promote its imperialist message. By Ron Fraser

The power of mass media to shape minds is a power well proven. One only has to view presentations such as Media Warproduced by a genuine seeker after truth, photojournalist Russel Gordon, revealing the powerfully deceitful media machine’s biased portraits of the Balkan wars resulting in the demonizing of the Serbs—to be appalled at the degree to which public opinion can be swayed by the mass media.

Joseph Goebbels was one who knew his trade well. During the Nazi era, Hitler’s minister for propaganda seized on the power of the new media technology of the day, radio, to peddle the Nazi message to the masses. Of the experience of living in a totalitarian state, subject to a continual barrage of state-controlled propaganda, journalist William Shirer observed, “[A] steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one’s mind and often misled it. No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime’s calculated and incessant propaganda” (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich).

The European Union has at its disposal a power that Goebbels never dreamed of: the Worldwide Web.

The EU is currently on course to become the first united trading and political entity to achieve 100 percent broadband coverage throughout its 27-nation combine. Only 7 percent off this target at the moment, according to a recent survey by the European Commission, the EU plans to achieve 100 percent high-speed Internet coverage across Europe by 2010. To ensure that it reaches this goal, the Commission earmarked the €5 billion investment necessary for this purpose in its economic recovery plan put forward last November.

Despite liberal sentiments to the contrary, the most powerful ideological influence over the minds of Europeans remains its traditional religion, Roman Catholicism. It is thus no accident that the Vatican itself has thrust to the forefront in the use of high-tech means of mass communication.

The Vatican has long had a well-established wireless presence through Vatican Radio and its own print journals of record in numerous languages. In addition, Rome holds a strong presence in the television market through numerous avenues such as ewtn as well as having its own well-established, user-friendly website offering speedy updates on Pope Benedict’s homilies and regular treatises to the faithful.

A year ago, the Vatican launched its own Web-based television channel, H20, broadcasting in seven languages, and even more recently has established its presence on YouTube.

Add to all this media power currently controlled by Brussels/Berlin and Rome the highly interactive EuroparlTV website, offering four platforms targeted by the European Parliament to specific market segments in 20 languages, and it is easy to see which religious and political entities are best poised to take full advantage of the broadband communications era—the European Union and the Vatican. Together they have the potential to become the most dominant force in mass communications, globally!

In propaganda terms, already the EU has proven its ability to sway the minds of the masses. Witness the Irish vote where the EU has twice made it apparent that it will force its undemocratic agenda on the Irish electorate regardless of prevailing public opinion. As the Arabic newspaper Arab News muses, “When is a democratic vote not a democratic vote? Answer: When the outcome does not suit the powers that be.”

Pointing to the Irish vote against signing up to the Lisbon Treaty, Arab News notes, “Europe itself is not above … refusal to accept a public vote that does not suit its purposes. This June, Irish voters rejected the EU’s Lisbon Treaty in a referendum. The Irish vote placed massive doubt over the future of the pact designed to bring more European integration, for all 27 European member states have to ratify the treaty for it to come into force …. So the Irish are to be invited to vote again …” (Dec. 13, 2008).

But just as in the first instance when the Irish voted no to entering the European Monetary Union, the EU simply cranks up the propaganda machine and floods the presses and the airwaves with distortions geared to bending the minds of the electorate to its will. In all of this it has a compliant press and mass media machine eating out of its hand. Thus will the second Irish vote be destined to magically change from a resounding “no” to a whimpering “yes”!

As Shirer observed of the results that Goebbels’s propaganda enterprise had on the minds of the masses during the Nazi era, “[O]ne realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were” (op. cit.).

The machinery of EU propaganda is already well entrenched.

With the EU having the potential to supply broadband access to 100 percent of its 491 million population by the year 2010, as the market moves increasingly away from traditional radio, tv and print media to Web-based sources of information controlled by the user, both the European Union and the Vatican will soon be in prime positions to communicate their messages to the whole European continent, and beyond, via high-speed Internet connection.

How the Serbs suffered under Nazi German occupation – WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENES.

How the Serbs suffered under Nazi German occupation
Here is an excerpt from a British film – the voice-over is British, but with actual footage shot by the Nazis, showing just a fraction of what Serbs had to endure… for every dead German soldier, the Germans executed 100 Serbs. For every wounded German soldier, 50 Serbs had to pay the price with their lives. The towns of Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Cacak suffered… thousands of Serbs perished. And this „price in blood“ – 100 to 1 ratio, and 50 to 1 – was Hitler’s punishment that applied only to Serbs and to nobody else.
Of course, the Germans did not just shoot or hang Serbs and Tito’s Communist Partisans (as the movie suggests). They also did that to Royalist Chetniks, to Jews, Roma, etc.
The Albanian and Croatian comments below the video speak for themselves… they actually cheer for Germans to kill more Serbs, and show total hatred towards Serbia… Screw them.
We were the Allies in BOTH world wars. Croats, Bosnian Muslims, Kosovo Albanians… they were nothing… worse than nothing. They hate us so much because we were on the right side, massively, as a people, and they were on the wrong side. They were just Nazi trash. THEY ARE STILL NAZI TRASH.

Da li oni bas tako pate?

Da li oni bas tako pate?

Piše: Janko Bojic, mboic@

Postoji jedan psiho test na izgled vrlo jednostavan. Jedan krug, sa jednom tačkom na x kordinati uz samu  kružnu liniju. Kordinatu ovde samo treba zamisliti imaginarno radi orijenatcije.

Pitanje je još jednostavnije, i glasi ovako: Zamislite da ste u ovom krugu  izgubili novčanik od recimo pola miliona dolara, i polazeći  od ove tačke nacrtajte olovkom kako bi ste vi pronašli taj novčanik? Kada mi je ovaj test prvi put podmetnut, imao sam nekih tridesetak godina, a bio je u sklopu traženja mog posla, za trgovačkog predstavnika jedne poveće kompnije.

Nisam obratio pažnju tada, da sam zbog načina kako sam rešio taj test upravo i dobio posao. Dok jednom me moj šef nije upitao, da li se sećam kako sam taj test rešio. Kada sam mu ispričao, on se nasmeja pa mi reče. – Šta da ti kažem. To si upravo ti. Ne ostavljaš ni jedan kamen ne prevrnut.

Imao sam kasnije priliku da i sam dajem te testove nekima koje sam preporučivao svojim klijentima za sličan posao. Tako da sam mnogo rešenja video. Nedavno sam dao taj test jednom anonimnom piscu, koji se u svoim člancima silno tuži da su oni tamo, u Srbiji, u strašnoj situaciji, da mnogo pate, a pogotovu ona. Prosto se predstavlja da je preživela životni brodolom.

Tražila je od izdavača koji publikuje njene članke, da stupi u kontakt sa mnom. Bez mog predhodnog znanja bila je snabdevena mojom adresom, pa mi je onda izdavač saopštio da joj je izašao u susret, i da će me ona kontaktirati. Narvno to se i dogodilo. U prvom pismu dotični anonimni pisac mi stavlja do znanja da su je privukli moji članci. ,,U oči mi je uleteo balvna vaših članaka…. Divivim se vašem znanju…“ i tako redoma. ,,Htela sam da vas bocenem, da vas izazovem. Sada vidim da ste vi sasvim drugačiji nego kada kritikujete. Hvala vam što ste mi osvežili dan…“ Bile su reči anononimnog pisca upućene meni.

Prvo pitanje koje mi se nametnulo kada sam pročitao to pismo, je način i stil obraćanja žene, koja me ne poznaje i koja me nikada nije osim sa slike iz novina videla u životu. Dakle, direktno nametnje. -Zašto ona to tako radi? – bilo je se prirodno zapitati.

Drugo je bilo čisto tehničke prirode. To tek da spominje, ali ona do tada se nije suočila ni sa jednim pravoslavnim linkom, sa interneta, a eto je pravo na jedan na kome ja najviše pišem tada, i to veoma kritično o današnjim “predstojnicima“  SPC. Zašto odmah da ona naiđe na tu prezentaciju, kada je ako je i malo pretresala po internetu, morala da se susretne sa mnogo drugih prezentacija, kao na primer sa, borbom za veru. I tako rdom. I da još u sam prvom dopisu spomene moje ime??? Je li se ona obratila glasilju zbog opšteg interesa bila? Ili je po sredi bilo nešto sasvim drugo?

Treće i najkritičnije pitanje je, da li su njene namere iskrene? Nisam se mnogo dvoumio, odlučio sam da igram nejnu kartu, da bi bar nešto dokučio. No, što je vreme odmicalo i njeno je lice postajalo sve prljavije. Striktno je se držala doktrine da piše iz ubedjenja najvećeg razočarenja, i velike patnje. Ali isto tako nastoji polako da me odvikava od stila i načina, da me ubedi da treba da pišem o nečem drugom, verovatno o vasionskim brodovima, ali da se ne treba mnogo da bavim vladikama. Ovo je naravno za mene bila sumnjiva rabota, jer i pored svih optužbi i napada na te ljude koji su nam rak rana po pitanju naše duhovne institucije, njene su optužbe i navodne kritike, bile veoma sračunato prokalkulisane i isplanirane. Kao recimo kada nastupa neki dvojni agent, za koga jedna strana zna da on i isključivo radi u njenom interesu, dok druga koja je u čistoj zabludi, dobija filtrirane informacije. Moje je pitanje odmah ovde bilo. – Kakve su joj namere, i da li je samostalna u svom radu? I ko joj je stavio do znanja za postojanje glasila u kome se počela predstavljati svojim patetičnim člancima? Nije li taj neko upravo baš onaj koga ona navodno kritikuje?

Neću ovde ulaziti u detalje, vreme će narvno učiniti i pokazati svoje. Ali meni stil prepisivanja nije odgovaro i naravno stavio sam tog anonimnog pisca na psiho test koji sam spomenuo u uvodu. Nisam očekivao briljantnost, ali nisam očekivao ni toliko iznenadjenje. Kada mi je pristigo rezultat testa, da od polazne tačke ni makac dalje, shvatio sam da sa tom osobom ne treba dalje imati nikakvog posla. Zašto? Test ovakve prirode je na izgled jednostavan, ali je u suštini veoma kompleksan. U tom krugu je u stvari naznačen prostor u kome se nalazi taj novčanik, iako je ovde reč o novcu, nije samo u pitanju novac, već jedno blago ma koje vrste, za kojm svak ko i malo želje pokazuje za uspehom bi požurio, da ga na bilo koji način pronađe i razotokrije. Da li je to ponuđeno blago, novac, neko duhovo zadovoljstvo, težnja da se uspe, da se više stvori sve je to tako, sve jedno. Drugim rečima, ja ti nudim zadovoljstvo i hoću da te usrećim, ali ne očekuj sve od mene. Potrudi se i ti. Ne želiš, da se potrudiš, ne očekuj da ti i ja dalje pomognem. Jer ti srljaš u ambis, pa ako sam neoprezan, idem i ja za tobom. Srljanje u ambis je ovde obostrano, i da ako je namera anonimnog pisca bila iskrena, ili pak neiskrena. Osoba ovakvog psihičkog stanja može samo da nekoga ko podlegne njenom uticaju sruči u provaliju. (I dodje budala pa napravi kuću na pesku, i dunuse vetrovi i oluje, i zališe kiše, i kuća se sruši. Ali dođe pametan čovek i postavi temelj na pesku, i dunuše vetrovi i oluje, i padoše kiše, ali se kuća održa).

Saopštio sam anonimnoj osobi da ne želim više kontakt sa njom, i da me ne zanima, nikakva dalja prepiska. Ostavite me na miru – savetovao sam joj. No bilo je to nemoguće. Sve dok nisam podigao ton, nije htela da me se odkači. Ako je njena pojava, u svakom slučaju prema meni, nije bila korektna, bila iz razloga, koji je dosta providan i osetan, onda tu je imala potpun uspeh, i može slobodno da se pohvali o tome uspehu. Do njene pojave sa urednikom glasila sam bio u korektnim, pa čak nije ni tajna iskrenim odnosima. Od njene pojave naši su odnosi se pogoršali, a intersantno, razlog je bio gotovo indentičan, isti uslov koji se postavljao od strane anonimnog  pisca, postavljen je i od strane urednika. Tu je bio kraj našoj saradnji. Urednika sam smatrao i za svog prijatelja. Tako da jedino što u svemu i u ovoj prljavoj igri mogu da zažalim je gubitak prijatelja. Ali i to se ponekad dešava.

Kasnije isti anonimni pisac će nastaviti da piše, u svom nekom patetičnom stilu pri čemu će jednom prilikom pasti i određene uvrede nacionalnog ponosa, zamotane u paćeničku priču lošeg stanja u Srbiji. Da je stanje u Srbiji loše, i da kako je sa podsmehom saopšteno Dobrici Ćosiću, od nekih njegovih saboraca, koji su u svoje vreme glumili internacionalizam da bi ostvarili nacionalističle interese, od Srbije će ostati samo Beogradski pašaluk. To je tu, na pragu. Ali kada ostane pašaluk, onda če doći i komadanje na spahiluke. To danas nije nikava tajna. Kraja neće biti nigde ako se odamo patetici i gušenju morala, što nam takvi kao i anonimni pisci ovakve vrste podmeću svesno ili nesvesno. Kroz našu istoriju imali smo mnogo, čak i gorih i nemilijih scena i Golgota. Ali ova je u tolko opsnija, jer nam se deli iznutra.

Meni recimo daleko teže pada otimanje Crne Gore, nego Kosova. Kosovo je samo poslednja kap koja je prevršila možda čašu punu suza. Pa smo se zato svi skoncentrisali na njega. Ali Kosovo je silom oteto, a kada je u pitanju Crna Gora radi se o čistom izdajstvu. Zar to onima koji pišu, publikuju i urđuju “nacionalna glasila“ nije jasno? Ako njima nije jasno i podložni su lažnoj patetici onda šta da radimo dalje?

Ah ta patetika. Obratimo pažnju na jedno. Dobar deo tih iz onoga što su nam od Srbije ostavili komunisti, pate za nečim. Kao, pa eto bilo je bolje. Ako je bilo bolje, onda kako to da sve odjednom bude tako loše? Nigde nije dobro na području bivše Jugoslavije, niti pak u zemljama istočne i srednje Evrope. Nemože ni biti. Oni koji danas tamo sprovode dominantan uticaj, osećaju se moćnima, i nemaju interesa da onaj plen koji su zadobili prvo pospešivanjem i održavanjem komunizma, radi svoga interesa,  lako ispuste iz ruku. Imajmo na umu da je komunizam sa zapada uvezen na istok, a ne obrnuto. I za tako nešto, neko je imao razlog i interes.

Ali isto tako treba još nešto imati na umu. Ti današnji paćenici, ne pate od juče. Patili su oni i te kako u doba Broza Šlosera, ali im je bilo zabranjeno da se žale. Danas nas obasipaju svoim patnjama. Upravo zbog toga, obratite pažnju na njih. Sede, piju, puše, ogovaraju i malo zarađuju. Dobro se odevaju i obuvaju??? Kada mi odavde iz Kande usporedimo naše zarade sa njihovim. Mi zarađujemo skoro u  nekim  slučajevima nekih 100 puta više. Cene nisu mnogo različite, tamo i ovde, ali ja recimo, takav luksuz u odevanju, i bazanju, sebi ne mogu da priuštim. Kada sam jednom svom rođaku, koji je advokat u Srbiji saopštio, da njegov kolega ovde provodi u kancelariji od 14 do 16 sati dnevno, i dali bi on bio spreman na tako nešto, pa da ima adekvatnu zaradu? On mi je rekao.

-Šta ti misliš, da budem rob?

-Pa dobro, onda nemoj da se žališ na zaradu. I to što zarađuješ ti je onda mnogo – odgovorih mu ja.

Prema tome razumem patetiku, ali ne rzumem zašto, da bi se nje oslobodilo, se ne želi pretražiti polje u kome je novčanik sa pola miliona dolara? Izgleda zato što za to treba podići stražnjicu, i opljunuti dlanove. I po vrh svega, naučiti da se čuva ono što je drugi sticao. Jer ovo što sada imamo u Srbiji je u stvari kockanje, mukotrpno stečene imovine, koje su se dokopala loša deca, koja bi da je svu prokockaju do kraja.  Nije dakle samo u pitanju patnja nego i neke loše navike.


Bajron, Ontario