Subscribe to ByronicA to stay in touch! Volume XII Number 1 Winter 2009

Subscribe to ByronicA to stay in touch!
Volume XII Number 1 Winter 2009
Newsletter of the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies in its Winter 2009 issue brings:
· Bishop Artemije on Abramowitz’s and Serwer’s Vendetta (2)
· Editorial on the Continuing “Srebrenica Genocide” Farce (3)
· Brendan O’Neill on Whoring the Holocaust (4)
· James Bissett on Serbia and NATO (5)
· Srdja Trifkovic on the Common European Legacy (6)
· Slobodan Antonic on NGO-Leftism (8)
· Background analysis: NGO Totalitarians vs. Serbia (9)
· Special Feature: Srdja Trifkovic on the geopolitics of Jihad:
Islamic Green Corridor in the Balkans: Myth or Reality? (11)
· Aristide Karatzas on the Greeks in Albania (23)
· Vasko Gligorijevic on FYROM’s “Macedonian” Lie (25)
· Nebojsa Malic on Russia’s and Ukraine’s Gas Wars (26)
· Srdja Trifkovic on A New Grand Strategy (27)
· Anonymous on Silver Lining to the Crisis (29)
· From Our Archives: Byronica ten years ago on the Missing Bodies in Kosovo and The Hague Tribunal Indictments
*     U.S. Foreign Policy and the Balkans: Endless Obsession
„ByronicA“ is published quarterly by The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies: P.O. Box 1246, Chicago, IL 60690-1246, USA,
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