“Genocide” Outrage a Little Delayed


“Genocide” Outrage a Little Delayed

RE: “COUNCILOR WRONG To Cite Israeli ‚Genocide’” editorial

It’s too bad you didn’t have the guts to publish this editorial some 10 years ago when many American politicians all over our country led by Bill Clinton were decrying the alleged “genocide” against Kosovo Albanians supposedly committed by Slobodan Milosevic’s troops and which served as the pretext for viciously and illegally bombing Serbia.

Thousands of civilians — Serbian, Albanian, Gypsy and many others — were slaughtered by NATO’s “humanitarian” cluster bombs, “precision” missiles, and “depleted” (but still radioactive) uranium. More, it turned out, died than before NATO intervened. The remaining non-Albanians in the Serbian province endured a horrible “Krystal-Nacht” at the hands of the Kosovo Liberation Army with NATO troops turning a blind eye to the persecution.
There was no “genocide” in Kosovo and NATO’s “humanitarian” project ended up causing the ethnic cleansing of over 300,000 Serbs, Gypsies and others. … We have enabled an Islamic terrorist drug-running, sex-slave black hole in the midst of “civilized” Europe.
The hypocrisy of condemning a city councilor for calling Israel’s extraterritorial attack on the Gaza concentration camp “genocide” when the Journal would not similarly condemn others 10 years ago for calling Serbia’s effort to defend herself within her own internationally-recognized borders “genocide” speaks volumes of the massive bias in the mainstream media and demonstrates why we are in such a precarious situation globally, which is spiraling toward World War III.


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