“Gaza” and “Jenin, Srebrenica, Racak, Sarajevo” are all out of the same propaganda vat

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31. John Peter Maher:

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“Gaza” and “Jenin, Srebrenica, Racak, Sarajevo” are all out of the same propaganda vat. The picture of children killed and wounded in Gaza by Israeli bombs (or US and British bombs in Iraq)is hideous, but ghastlier still is training Muslim kids to become martyrs for Islam and promising civilians that their reward will be great in Paradise if they die as human shields for Hamas fighters. –Hamas marched in Sarajevo, too. The place is now “little Teheran”. Iran armed the Bosnian Muslims: in 1994 I was shown captured Iranian ammunition in Bosnia, by a Muslim officer fighting alongside the Christians against the Islamists (who were supported by Bill Clinton). By the way Ahmedinejad murdered thousands of Muslim children: he organized boys to march across mine fields to clear the way for Islam’s tanks behind them. In Holland nearly a hundred Dutch troops who served in Srebrenica have now come forward to defend Radovan Karadzic. The Dutch Battalion was accused of not defending the Muslims against the Serbs; they were busy defending themselves from the Muslims. One Dutch soldier was “fragged” (killed by a fragmentation grenade) by a Muslim soldier of Izetbegovic in Srebrenica. See the following link:

Jan 15, 2009 – 2:19 am

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