Clinton to lobby for Kosovo separatists

Clinton to lobby for Kosovo separatists

January 5, 2009 – 12:56 pmFormer US President Bill Clinton is set to lobby world leaders to have them recognize the Albanian separatist government of Kosovo as an independent state, reports Albanian separatist media in Kosovo.

Albanian separatist paper Koha Ditore says that Bill Clinton will be joined in the lobby effort by the Austrian Albert Rohan.

Rohan was an assistant to the Finnish diplomat Marti Ahtasaari who wrote a plan calling for a supervised independence of Serbia’s Kosovo province.

Clinton promised that he will lobby the largest Muslim country, Indonesia, to have them recognize Kosovo.

German diplomat, Wolfgang Ischinger, will also join this effort.

Clinton has promised that he will lobby other countries and has promised results.

Clinton bombed Serbia in 1999 claiming that Serbia was committing genocide of Albanians in Kosovo. Nine years later, there are virtually no Serbs left in the province.

A helper in the separatist government in Kosovo, Fljora Citaku, said that the separatists have made a list of countries that need to be lobbied for recognition.

She declined to name which politicians will be hired to lobby for their recognition. Citaku did not specify whether Clinton or anyone else will be paid money and how much.

Bill Clifton’s wife, Hillary, is set to become a new Secretary of State under the President-elect Barack Obama.

January 5, 2009

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