They were Drinking Serbian Blood

They were Drinking Serbian Blood

Dec 28th, 2008 | By | In Current, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

KLA monster arrested by the Serbian police
Serbian police takes the arrested Albanian killers to the prosecutor

Brilliant Action, Without a Single Bullet Fired

On December 26, Serbian police arrested 10 Albanians in Preševo, former KLA members, on charges of grievous war crimes committed against Serbian civilians in Gnjilane, Kosovo and Metohija province. Police Minister Ivica Dačić said that the action was conducted according to the plans, without security problems or risks, even though all the arrested Albanians were armed, and that the entire action was video-taped.

The arrested Albanians, members of the notorious KLA, are accused of violating the provisions of international and national law. „Apart from murders, they have committed a number of grievous crimes in a particularly savage way, among which rape, mutilation, torture, imprisonment and looting, aimed at cleansing Serbian and non-Albanian population from the territory of the municipality of Gnjilane“, an earlier statement from the prosecution read, adding that the „arrests were conducted with help from security service officials and was planned for several months because of the high level of risk involved and the fact that all of the suspects were armed“.

„It was a brilliantly performed action, without a single bullet being fired and with no victims, even though all of the arrested were armed,“ Serbian War Crimes Prosecution spokesman Bruno Vekarić said, while the prosecutor Miloljub Vitorović explained they were waiting for the accused to come to Serbia proper during a period of three to four months, with some arriving from the southern Serbian province of Kosovo, and others from abroad.

„They were coming and going, leaving several times, without being aware of us following their movement, while we were building that case for quite a while,“ Vekarić said.

Savage Killers, Tasked with Cleansing Serbs from Kosovo Province

Serbian police arrested Kosovo Albanian killers

He explained all the arrested Albanians are members of the so-called Gnjilane Group of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). This group is charged with kidnapping 159 Serb civilians and killing at least 51 in just few months, between June and October 1999, after NATO arrived to the occupied Serbian province.

„What stands out in these cases is that these crimes were perpetrated in a particularly cruel manner, in three locations in Gniljane,“ he said, adding that the kidnapped Serbs imprisoned by this group were first being taken to a Gnjilane boarding school, where they were tortured „in the grossest possible manner. It is hard to describe the atrocities that took place there, as I don’t believe it is in keeping with any media ethics,“ Vekarić stressed.

„What is also important is the identities of those members of the Gniljane Group. These Albanians were chiefly people from outside Kosovo province and Gniljane municipality itself. In order not to come into conflict with their neighbors, the local Albanians brought in people from neighboring regions to commit these crimes,“ Vekarić said.

The arrested group of Albanians committed monstrous crimes against Serbian civilians in three locations in Gnjilane after NATO troops, KFOR, arrived to the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, taking over security and safety of the local population from the Serbian security forces.

The Cruelest Killers in the World

The KLA „Gnjilane Group“, tasked with cleansing the remaining Serbs from that part of the southern Serbian province, consisted of around 100 members from central Serbia (Bujanovac, Preševo, Medvedja) and from FYR of Macedonia. Many of the victims were killed in a boarding school in the town. After being kidnapped, they were first taken there, stripped naked, tied up, severely beaten, mutilated, sexually assaulted and stabbed with knives. Parts of their bodies were cut off before they were viciously murdered.

According to the findings of Srna News agency, one of the ways in which these Albanians tortured the Serbs they held imprisoned, was to force a glass in an open wound after cutting their victim with knife, to „drink Serbian blood“ as the glass gets filled, while the victims are watching. At least one of their female victims was tied between the two cars and completely dismembered.

Several of their victims died after the killers checked „how many bodies a single bullet can go through“. The victims‘ bodies were then dismembered and taken to different locations in order to hide the crime.

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