Vekaric: UN delivered documents on graves in Albania

Vekaric: UN delivered documents on graves in Albania
23 December 2008.

The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution has received one more part of documentation from the UN, including photos, marking the places in northern Albania with possible mass graves, containing the bodies of kidnapped Serbs from Kosmet, state Prosecution Spokesperson Bruno Vekaric. He has specified that the UN investigators have marked the places back in 2004, believed to be the burial places of the victims of the monstrous trade in body organs. Vekaric has stated that the Albanian Prosecution is refusing the cooperation with competent Serbian bodies, which request for the check-out of the claims that KLA terrorist were killing the kidnapped Serbs and members of other non-Albanian communities in the camps located in northern Albania, during the conflict in 1999, and later sold their body parts in the black market. According to Vekaric, the arrival of a special envoy of the Council of Europe is expected in January next year, who should investigate those claims, which have appeared for the first time in the book of former Hague Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

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