Colombia model for Kosovo Albanian mafia

Colombia model for Kosovo Albanian mafia

December 17, 2008 – 11:55 amKosovo Albanian mafia that is pushing for independence wants to turn the province into a criminal center like Colombia says Italian reporter and writer Roberto Saviano.

“I am very curious about the Albanian mafia, because great Albanian mobsters have a big dream. They want to turn Kosovo into new Columbia in Europe,” Saviano said.

Saviano said that Kosovo Albanian mobsters want to differentiate their cocaine from Colombia’s by mutating its genes so it can grow in Kosovo where the climate is colder then in Colombia.

“They want to grow transgenic cocaine which is grown in temperatures that are different from those in Latin America,” Saviano said.

Saviano noted that the goal of the Kosovo Albanian mafia is to make the province the cocaine monopoly center.

“Grow transgenic cocaine in Kosovo and to enable the Albanian mafia to have monopoly over cocaine,” Saviano said.

However, Saviano says that Kosovo Albanians need 20 years to achieve this and, in the meanwhile, they are augmenting their sales operation by importing cocaine from Colombia.

“Today this cannot be done because the transgenic cocaine that exists in Kosovo today is very expensive. Therefore, it does not pay off. It is better to import it from Latin America than to grow it. But in 20 years, Kosovo will undoubtedly be the new Columbia,” Saviano said,” Saviano told the Tirana based Top Channel media outlet.

December 16, 2008

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