The Serbians‘ view of the West

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15 Dec 2008, 05:10



Thank you for allowing alternative perspectives on the civil wars in Yugoslavia on your website which is indeed rare. Tragically, most Westerners have only hear one side of the story and as a result, the Western public has been woefully misinformed about what really happened in Yugoslavia and the deep Western involvement and culpability in the crisis there.

Though „Joe Smith“ questions why we should care about the Serbs and dismisses any effort to counter the anti-Serbian racist lies about an entire people as „Serbian nationalist rhetoric,“ all citizens of humanity should be concerned about the lies told by our mainstream „free and fair“ media to justify and cover up illegal Western intervention in this form nation that was one of the founding members of the UN. As a result of these unprecedented Goebbelesque efforts, we have supported the creation of neofascist ethnically and religiously „pure“ banana republics at the expense of the former peaceful and truly multiethnic former Yugoslavia. We have also destroyed international law and set a „new“ precedent that „might makes right.“ by viciously and illegally bombing Serbia in 1999 and by creating an Islamic terrorist haven in the illegal pseudostate of Kosovo. On top of that, the United States has betrayed one of it’s staunchest allies of two world
wars, Serbia, by choosing sides in what were nasty but very contained civil wars where no side was innocent. Finally, this modus operandi was used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq and now is continuing into the Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, and elsewhere.

Serbians saved over 500 US and hundreds of other Allied pilots during WWII. Their monumental and heroic sacrifices both in WWI and WWII were not for the Russians but for the other Allied forces and allowed democracy to flourish in Europe and the rest of the world. They were the only people in the Balkans (with the exception of the Greeks) to resist Hitler. As a result, they suffered a horrible and little-acknowledged genocide during WWII at the hands of the Croatian Ustashe. Serbs have never committed terrorist acts against Americans but Croatians, Albanians, and Bosnians Muslims (most recently in „Joe Smith’s“ home state of Utah) have all slaughtered Americans. Serbian-Americans fought in WWI and WWII just as any other ethnic American group did.

To thank the Serbs for their longstanding loyalty to America, American „leaders“ accepted money from Albanian drug lords and other fascist groups bent on destroying the former Yugoslavia and supported policies that ended up ethnically cleansing over 1.2 million of them and stealing vast swaths of territory from them at great cost to America. Considering America’s tragic history vis a vis the Native Americans, this is not the first time such an event of this magnitude has occurred. In most countries, aiding another nation at your own nation’s expense is known as treason yet that it exactly what some of our „leaders“ did in creating „Greater Albania“ and ethnically and religiously „purified“ Croatia all at the expense of the Serbs.

Due to unprecedented censorship in the mainstream Western media, you probably haven’t heard these points of view or they were automatically denounced as „Serbian propaganda.“ But I just want to point out to your readers that there is another side to this tragic story that needs to be told. I encourage your readers to learn more about the role of the United States and other Western nations such as Germany in the destruction of the Balkans. Then they might better-understand why America (and the rest of the world) led by these war mongering Quixotic charlatans is in such dire straits now.

Dr. Michael Pravica

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