Very good comment on Blagojevich saga:

Very good  comment on Blagojevich saga:
I don’t see much moral difference between the fake Messiah Obama and Blagojevich. Obama is probably an obedient marionette from the ‚behind the curtain‘ forces who rules the USA, and Blagojevic is/was also listening to those who helped him to became what he is now.
America is not more corrupted than most of the Western nations, and this corruption has very long roots in time. The present anti Blagojevich media and the Democrat’s party hysteria comes from the dirty spot appeared in the middle of – the for me incomprehensible and sick – fanatic
overall support for Obama. It looks desperate to see how so many people are victims of a skilled media propaganda and Obama’s gift for rhetoric’s guided by the PR experts. It looks now after his choice of collaborators that everything was a just „fata-morgana“ if not a fraud.
I do not defend Blagojevic, but I did not see any media attacks on other Obama’s crooks such as Summers, Clinton, Gelbard, A. Lake etc….

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  1. i’m hoping Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and start doing what’s best for the people they represent (by putting this guy away for a long time)

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