According to Hungarian Budapest Times, the NATO will allow the next spring,

According to Hungarian Budapest Times, the NATO will allow the next spring, Albania and Croatia,

and later on the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, to join it.

Till the end of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia and illegal recognition of Kosovo independence,

Serbia was offered a thousand of promises, among which was also the “partnership for peace” and

a potential NATO membership. The Budapest Times does not mention Serbia as a potential member.

This may lead to all sorts of conclusions, but only one is exact, and that is that in 1968, in London I spoke to

a young Tory member, who said that after Tito’s death, the West would wish to part Yugoslavia along the river Drina

into two parts, meaning to take Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and leave Serbia to USSR, today Russia.

Actually it seems that it is becoming true. In the same time Serbia is supposed to be a sort of doorstep from

West to East, a sort of a permanent troubleshooter where Croatia and later on, Great Albania, will have an access

as permanent NATO members. (Mr. Kouchner said yesterday that “human rights”, is the question of “certain interests” and “diplomacy”)

The TV channel, Euronews, showed yesterday that EU classified Croatia as a second most corrupted European

country after Romania, Albania being at the 4th place. Is that a quality for the NATO membership ?

During presidential elections in Serbia, the EU offered so many things if pro-western president is elected, and yet

nothing much happened.

Dragan RAKIC




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