Zivadin Jovanovic, ex Foregin Minister of FR of Yugoslavia – President of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals – INTERVIEW FOR TV ‘’RUSSIA TODAY’’

z. Jovanovic

Zivadin Jovanovic, ex Foregin Minister of FR of Yugoslavia

President of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals


December 10th, 2008.

RT: Martti Ahtisaasri was the UN’s Special Envoy during the Kovovo status process, now he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Serbia says that Kosovos independence is illegal and unacceptable. What do you think about the Nobel Committee decision?

Unswer: To my opinion the Nobel Prize Committee decision was politically motivated. The role of Mr. Martti Ahtisari during the Vienna talks on the status of Kosovo and Metohija was to work and impose out the concept for the independence of that SerbianProvince. This in fact was continuation of the strategy of fragmentation of former Yugoslavia and Serbia and proliferation of puppet states dependant on USA and NATO. Ahtisari presented a plan for independence of Kosovo and Metohija which was promised to the Albanians already in Rambouillet. Under that understanding the terrorist UCK acted in 1999 as a infantry to NATO during 1999 NATO aggression. After the aggression USA established Bond steel base the biggest American base in the World marking the start of NATO-isation and militarization of the whole of Estern Europe. Ahtisari’s plan on Kosovo’s unilateral independence is part of that strategy.

RT: Mr Ahtisaari is considered to be the person who persuaded President Milosevic to agree to the Kosovo peace accord in 1999 that ended the NATO bombing. You were the foreign minister of Yugoslavia at the time. Can you give us some details of his involvement in the peace process?

Answer: After prolonged negotiations through good services and mediation of Mr. Viktor Chernomirdin Mr. Ahtisari came to Belgrade 2nd of June 1999 and together with Mr. Chernomirdin presented an ultimatum to President Slobodan Milosevic and his government: Either to withdrew all Serbian and Yugoslav troops from Kosovo and Metohija, or to have Serbia completely destroyed by NATO bombs. Mr. Ahtisari was very arrogant and cynical. In a number of issues the paper differed from what was previously agreed upon in Milosevic-Chernomirdin talks but Ahtisari refused any corrections saying that it is important that he himself and his brother Chernomirdin agreed in everything. Next day, 3rd of June, it was accepted by Serbian Parliament having regard that the paper guaranties sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia (FRY), that Kosovo and Metohija shal have essential autonomy within Serbia and that return of agreed contingent of Serbian troops and police will be allowed.

RT: What do you think of the current situation around Kosovo? Is there a threat of violence breaking out?

Answer: The current situation in Kosovo and Metohija is extremely difficult for Serbs and other no Albanians. Serbs live in enclaves often fenced by barbed wire. They do not have freedom of movement; their children can hardly go to schools, no employment, no medicine and health services, no guaranties for their property. Last week an elderly Serbian couple was found dead in one of the village. No result of investigation. About 250.000 displaced Srbs and non Albanians are not permitted to return safely to thir homes in Kosovo and Metohija. No information about over 1.000 killed by Albanian terrorists and over 2.000 Serbs missing after the end of NATO aggression. EU mission called Eulex, first moved in and only after that was legalized by consent of Serbia’s government and formalized by UNSC approval. The claim that Eulex will be neutral on the issue of status, is naïve as the Eulex’s first task is implementing the Albanian constitution which is act of independence.

RT. What solution to the Kosovo problem would be acceptable to Serbia?

Answer: Kosovo problem shall stay open. Serbia cannot and shall not recognize partition of its state territory. The only viable solution is – essential autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia. It will be reopened either with changes in the present day anti Serbian approach of the West, of USA first of all, or with the changes of global situation, some time in the future. But, stability and fragmentation of Serbia by force definitely is not lasting solution.

RT. Mr Ahtisaari has said that Kosovo cannot be a precedent for Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Do you agree with him?

Answer: If USA and NATO say that the Kosovo case cannot be a precedent what else you can expect from Mr. Ahtisari! They have definitely opened Pandora box by Ahtisari’s plan and by recognition of illegal independence of Kosovo. It is only the beginning of harvesting the fruits of such greedy policy. Only reopening of the real talks on the status of Kosovo and Metohija based on universal principles and on UNSC resolution 1244, might help to stop the domino effects.

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