The Serbs Were Not Oppressing the Kosovo Albanians… Quite the opposite

This is an old article , yet we might ask ourselves who are the people who teach at university level, what are their qualifications and why would they misinterpret the facts? I would title this analysis “The case of Lenard Cohen and the Kosovo files”.
….”Lenard Cohen [ ] is hardly the only academic who misportrays the realities of Kosovo. Readers are left to speculate as to their motivations. What cannot be denied is that Cohen and others have reversed the facts and put the world exactly upside down….”
…”However, virtually every word in Cohen’s paragraph above — and in the rest of his book — turns upside down the actual realities of Kosovo in 1981…”

…”As we shall see below, before the US military developed a propaganda need to demonize the Serbs in order to bomb them, it had no trouble acknowledging that the Kosovo Albanians enjoyed autonomy and protections unprecedented for a national minority anywhere in the world, and unprecedented for any period in human history.[9]

That is no exaggeration...”

Eine Antwort

  1. The propaganda to demonize the Serbs is not an exaggeration and there is no precedent.

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