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Depth of Hillary Clinton’s foreign office experience was highly debated during the presidential campaign, but apparently her resume held well enough to convince Barak Obama to give her task of US Secretary of state.
Will there be any change in American foreign policy, or will the US continue with the global interventionism? Will Hillary continue her husband’s policy of „an allegedly humanitarian ideology of velvet-totalitarianism (Trifkovic: „The price of Hillary“) What is Serbia to expect under Hillary as Secretary of State? To find out we are joined by:
– JAMES BISSETT – former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia where he served from 1990 – 1992. He was also Ambassador to Bulgaria and Albania. He had diplomatic postings in the Balkans, London and in the Caribbean where he served as Canadian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago from 1985 -1990. He was an Assistant under Secretary for Social Affairs at the Foreign Ministry in Ottawa. From 1985 -1990 Bissett was Director General of the Canadian Immigration Service. Upon leaving the Foreign Service he served from 1992 -1997 as the Chief of Mission for the International Organization for Migration in Moscow . Chairman of the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies.