World War II memorial in Croatia vandalized

Today when Croatia wants to indict Serbia for “genocide” and the “ethnic cleansing” and once again acts like

an innocent and democrat country, the facts show that nothing changes in the politics and the position towards Serbia.

Being a candidate for the European membership, the facts quoted bellow show that Croatia, her presidency included ,

did not change a slightest bit, in respect of European standards, in tolerance and the willingness for the peace in the region.

Let us remind you that when the Jewish memorials are vandalized there is an immediate reaction on international level, which is

more than normal, but it should be also to applied to others for the sake of civilization.

Something should be done to prevent permanently such acts on whatever side it appears. It is simply a shame.

Dragan RAKIC



World War II memorial in Croatia vandalized

27 November 2008 | 16:56 | Source: Tanjug

ZAGREB — Unknown perpetrators have vandalized a memorial to the victims of Ustasha war crimes in the village of Prkos, near Karlovac.

The monument is dedicated to 478 villagers and about 1,000 people from neighboring villages killed by the Ustasha in December 1941.

Reacting to the incident, the Serb National Council (SNV) said that the vandals had left vulgar messages of hate and intolerance, as had been done to hundreds of other destroyed or vandalized memorials to the National Liberation Struggle and the civilian victims of the Ustasha terror.

The SNV and Prkos locals expect the state to investigate and punish the perpetrators and send a message to the country that contemporary Croatia is not perpetuating the ideology of the war criminals of 1941, the SNV stated.

Prkos is populated mainly by the elderly, and many Serb returnees still do not have the necessary conditions to return to normal village life there.

Some of the homes in the village are visited every now and then by their owners, who currently live in Zagreb.

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