Uzorak kako se piše odnosno šalje peticija protiv ne zakonitog otimanja K/M Nemačkom Bundestagu-samo je treba prekopirati, po želji dopuniti ili prepraviti tekst i poslati na adresu: Eto to je sve, kopiju uputiti meni to je najmanje što se treba i mora učiniti ako se želi popraviti svoj i naš imidž u dijaspori

Dear Sirs,

I fully support the petition on illegal recognition of Kosovo by German Government,

Registered with the Bundestag under No. 3-16-05-08-035327.

Recognition of the iligal proclamation of independence of Kosovo by German Governemnt represent flagrant violation of the basic principles of the International Law, particularly of the OSCE Helsinki Final Document and the UN Charter as well as violation of the UN SC resolution 1244 (1999). This act of German Government solves none of the problemds in the Balcans. Just the to the contrary, leads to further distabilasation of Serbia and this part of Europe, to divisions within EU, escalation of terorism and organized international criminalization. Favoring USA interest in the Balkans and pursuing objectives of 1999 NATO aggresion ten years after wil not aide EU to have common foreign and security policy, just the oposite. Having regard the history of Srbo-German relations in the XX century, the recognition of Kosovo produces new distrust and opens the question what are real objectives of German policy at the begining of XXI century if German Goernemnt disrespects the international law and joins USA in imposing ilegal puppet state on account of the territory of Serbia. This policy is reminiscent of Munich of 1938 and therefore should be seriously re-examined. The fact that most of other EU member countries followed USA preasure is no excuse for Germany’s illconcived decision.

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