Kuzmanovic: double standards are The Hague is unacceptable – dostavio Mile Nikolić

Kuzmanovic: double standards are The Hague is unacceptable

15. September 2008.

Republika Srpska President Rajko Kuzmanovic believes that the verdict of
the Hague Tribunal sentencing Rasim Delic to three years imprisonment
for crimes committed by the El Mujahideen unit from June 1993 to
September 1995 in Bosnia-Herzegovina represents a flagrant violation of
international law and an unacceptable double standards in the judiciary.
‘I expected an objective and just verdict for the war commander of the
Bosnia-Herzegovina army Rasim Delic for whom the prosecution had asked
for a 15 year prison sentence, and this verdict damages the trust in the
work and neutrality of the Tribunal’, announced Kuzmanovic. He said that
this endangers the tolerance among peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Prosledio Mile Nikolić Nazi hunter says Serbia should seek extradition of 3 WWII suspects; blasts Austria and Hungary

Nazi hunter says Serbia should seek extradition of 3 WWII suspects; blasts Austria and Hungary

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) _ A leading Nazi hunter urged Serbia on Monday to seek the extradition of three World War II war-crimes suspects and blasted Austria and Hungary for failing to help bring two of them to justice.

Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israeli branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said at a news conference with Serbian officials that he was helping them provide evidence against Peter Egner, who lives in the United States, Milivoj Asner, who lives in Austria, and Sandor Kepiro of Hungary.

Egner allegedly served in a Nazi unit that killed 17,000 civilians in Serbia during World War II. Asner is wanted for WWII atrocities against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies in Croatia.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center says Kepiro, 94, was convicted by Hungarian courts but never punished for his alleged role in Hungarian forces‘ killings of some 800 Jews and 400 Serbs in the wake of the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia.

Asner caused a stir this summer when he was seen watching a soccer match in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. Critics contend Austria is sheltering him.

Serbia should seek the extradition of the three „as soon as possible“ because it is „a decision of great importance to bring those people to justice,“ Zuroff said.

Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor, Vladimir Vukcevic, said that Serbia will seek the extradition of the three after collecting evidence and launching legal procedures.

„The issue in these cases is not finding the suspects, is not finding the evidence,“ Zuroff said. „The problem has been the lack of political will by the countries in which these people reside.“

„I’m referring primarily to Austria and Hungary, and not the United States where there are serious efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice,“ he said.

Phone calls to the Hungarian and Austrian justice ministries went unanswered Monday evening.

Austria’s Justice Ministry said this year that it is reviewing a request from Zuroff to make a fresh assessment of Asner’s physical and mental state and prove he is suffering from dementia as experts have ruled in the past.

Without a new evaluation declaring him physically and mentally fit, „our hands are tied,“ ministry spokesman Thomas Geiblinger said at the time.

This summer, the U.S. Justice Department asked a federal court to revoke Egner’s American citizenship, saying he had served as a guard and interpreter with the Nazi-controlled police in Belgrade. Egner, 86, can only be extradited to Serbia if he is stripped of his U.S. citizenship.

Newsletter vom 16.09.2008 – Zielgruppengerecht

Newsletter vom 16.09.2008 – Zielgruppengerecht

BERLIN (Eigener Bericht) – Anlässlich der Jubiläumsfeierlichkeiten zum
fünfzigsten Jahr ihres Bestehens verstärken die Jugendoffiziere der
Bundeswehr in diesen Tagen ihre Propaganda gegenüber Schülern, Eltern
und Lehrern. An die Pädagogen richten sich sogenannte
sicherheitspolitische Seminare, die sie befähigen sollen, als
„Multiplikatoren“ militärpolitischer Inhalte aufzutreten. Schüler
werden mit Waffenschauen und Kasernenbesuchen umworben. Mit Hilfe
eines Simulationsspiels (POL+IS, Politik + Internationale Sicherheit)
wird ihnen beigebracht, wie eine in einem Entwicklungsland aktive
„Guerilla“ zu „bekämpfen“ und wie die Versorgung Deutschlands mit
Rohstoffen aus den weltweiten Ressourcengebieten zu sichern ist. Die
Jugendoffiziere selbst werden an der „Akademie für Information und
Kommunikation“ der Bundeswehr ausgebildet, die für die psychologische
Kriegführung zuständig ist. Ins Leben gerufen wurde die weltweit
einzigartige Institution des „Jugendoffiziers“ auf Befehl des
vormaligen NS-Generals Adolf Heusinger. Heusinger werden schwere
Kriegsverbrechen bis hin zum Völkermord zur Last gelegt.


Srdjan Trifković

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