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Subscribe to Byronica to stay in touch!
Volume XI Number 2, Summer 2008
Newsletter of the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies in its summer 2008 issue brings:
· Srdja Trifkovic on the Score in Georgia (3)
· Nebojsa Malic on Ossetia¢s Balkan Parallel: the Krajina (4)
· Doug Bandow on Washington¢s Lack of Self-Awareness (5)
· Non-MSM Media on the Georgian Crisis (7)
· Pat Buchanan on the New Cold War (8)
· George Friedman (Stratfor) on Georgia and Kosovo (9)
· Srdja Trifkovic on Russia and the West (11)
· Julia Gorin on Kosovo and Israel (13)
· Srdja Trifkovic on Karadzic¢s Arrest (14) and on
· America¢s Grim November Choice (20)
· Justin Raimondo on Joesph Biden (23)
· Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, RiP (24-26)
· Srdja Trifkovic on the New Brezhnev Doctrine (27), and on
· The European Undead Superstate (29)
„Byronica“ is published quarterly by The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies: P.O. Box 1246, Chicago, IL 60690-1246, USA,
Canadian Office: P.O. Box 5252, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3H5
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