Par For the Course: Purported Serbian Killer of Muslims Arrested; Confirmed Muslim Killers of Christian Serbs Acquitted, Embraced

Par For the Course: Purported Serbian Killer of Muslims Arrested; Confirmed Muslim Killers of Christian Serbs Acquitted, Embraced

Attorney, writer and president of the Washington chapter of the Serbian Unity Congress John Bosnitch posted the following comment under an article about the capture this weekend of Bosnian-Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic:

Those of us who personally know Radovan Karadzic to be innocent both of genocide and of fomenting the civil war in Bosnia will at first be disappointed by his arrest.

However, take heart, there is no point in arguing with destiny. The trial of this defender of Serbs promises to bring to light the role of al Qaeda in Bosnia, the Muslim government’s willing sacrifice of its youth for fanatical Islam, the U.S. support for the same international terrorists it blames for the 9-11 attacks, and the true root of the recent Bosnian conflict in the absolutely real genocide perpetrated against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies during World War Two. The holocaust visited upon them by their Croat and Muslim neighbours will finally come to light and the entire world will have the chance to weigh on the scales of justice the over 700,000 victims of the Croatian and Muslim butchers against the alleged 7,000 Muslim fighting-age males who fell with Srebrenica. Soon, the public will be seeing the photos of the thousands of Serbian civilians slaughtered by Muslim death squads striking out from within that so-called „safe area“ that was nothing more than a staging ground for mass murder against the Serbs.

After this arrest it will become increasingly difficult for the Muslims and Croats to keep playing their false role as innocent lambs.

Radovan Karadzic never fled justice, he merely refused to submit to the biased court of victor’s injustice disguised in a Kangaroo suit at the Hague.

I had the pleasure of being present in person when President Karadzic very convincingly explained the Bosnian Serb position of self-defence against insurgent illegal secessionists and their aggressive foreign weapons suppliers. I look forward to seeing him tell the entire world what the Western media has tried to suppress and misrepresent ever since the fall of Srebrenica. I also look forward to seeing the U.S. government face the fact that it not only gave the Muslims the carte blanche that started the Bosnian war, but then also invited the Iranians to arm its local pawns in a twisted Clintonian repeat of Iran-Contra that proves that the difference between America’s Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum political parties is nothing more than the minor variations in the way that they pursued their common criminal foreign policy in the Balkans.

Radovan Karadzic will cut through the lies about Bosnia at the Hague and show the world why the Serbian national anthem calls on the „God of Justice“ to protect the Serbs. The real guilty parties will then become obvious to all fair-minded people, no matter what undeserved demonization and tortures the U.S.-EU lynch mob inflicts on Karadzic and, by extension, the entire Serbian nation.

So, the evil sheriff and his lackeys have brought our Robin Hood to trial… but the truth will now condemn them, and make him (Karadzic) the Dreyfus of this era.

Please note that the arrest of Karadzic has happened in the same month that Bosnian-Muslim war criminal/Serb-killer Naser Oric had his conviction overturned, and the very weekend that Bush and Rice welcomed Albanian war criminals/Serb-killers to the White House.

These parallel photos — from 1999 and this month in 2008 — literally illustrate Bosnitch’s point about the two political parties when it comes to Balkans policies:

From left: Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, President Fatmir Seijdu and President Bush at the White House, 21 Jul 2008

Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Hashim Thaci, 1999

Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Hashim Thaci (and Fatmir Sejdiu)

When will Americans finally ask what is happening when the U.S. is embracing China, North Korea, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, „Palestine“, „Kosova“ — while isolating Serbia?

And why the emphasis on the capture of an accused Serbian killer of Bosniaks over Bosnian and Albanian killers of Serbs — amid a dozen or more Bosnian plots and attempted attacks against U.S. and other Western targets, including a Bosnian jihadist on our soil just last year in Salt Lake City — and at least as many attacks and would-be attacks on Americans by Albanians, including one foiled plot on our soil just last year (Ft. Dix)? The Bosnian plots, incidentally, were foiled at least three times by the Serbs or Bosnian-Serbs.

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