Heuy Long (The Kingfish) words come true in Portugal

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Heuy Long (The Kingfish) words come true in Portugal

The upcoming signing of the EU Lisbon Protocol scheduled for this August promises to be the first overtly Fascist Act after the death of Hitler and Stalin both Fascists on different ends of their witchcraft.
I listed the reasons why I quoted Huey Long, but let’s expand on that a bit, under the risk of repelling the naïveté among most of us.
Huey Long (The Kingfish) said: “if fascism ever comes to America, it will be wrapped up in an American flag”. Stalin’s Russia was a very loud ANTI-FASCIST state but history teaches us that Stalin out-Hitlered even the Fuehrer himself, in many instances.

It is vitally important to point out that we won’t wake up one morning and find ourselves goose-step marching off to WERK or Lebensborn oder Konzlager – to most Americans Fascism is rather theatrical and accompanied by the under-lighting as in Fritz Lang’s films or the “documentaries” of Leni Riefenstahl. No, not that fast. Fascism is well cloaked and it will not show it’s true face for quite some time. In the words of Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar (paraphrasing Long): Fascism will come in the name of democracy and national security. Why does that sound like the DHS to me? The first time we ever impinge on our Constitutional liberties is the day our liberties start to die, that day may have happened not too long ago when civil rights of most Americans were “put on hold”, in a justifiable search for terrorists and sleeper cells. As human beings we are imperfect and we took a few more liberties than we announced (proscribed under the Patriot Act) – we even invented Freedom fries instead of French fries.

Here is a partial listing of PRO-Nazi (pro-Fascist) that have appeared on the Internet, as posted on:

Fascist Strategy and Tactics Documents from the Internet
and Other Rightwing „Think Pieces“ of Interest:

„FD001.txt“ Milton Kleim, „On Tactics and Strategy for Usenet,“ original edition 1995. One-time cyberfuehrer of the Internet Aryan Corps describes techniques for fascist interventions in news groups.

„FD002.txt“ Milton Kleim, „We Are — Or Should Be — the Real Greens,“ original edition Sep 1996. Neo- (and not-so-neo) Strasserism lives!

„FD003.txt“ Robert Faurisson, „The Horned Visions of the ‚Holocaust,“ _Le Temps Irreparable_ , French edition 2 Jul 1997, English translation 27 Jul 1997.

„FD004.txt“ Jeff Vos, „Thirteen Suggestions for Effective USENET Policy,“ Aug 1995. CyberNaziGroup founder writes on how fascist on the net can most effectively intervene in the news groups.

In spite of all the above I have a strong hope that we (in America) will be able to fight it off unlike EU after Portugal. Maybe I’m just slightly self-delusional. Ve shall zee, vat ve shall zee.

A most brilliant view by Dr. Srdjan Trifkovic can be found at the Chronicles Magazine in the below link.

A very chilling look at the new EU.

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