The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies
will hold a public briefing and press conference

Thursday, January 17, 2008, 3-5 PM at Central Hall
Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH (opposite Westminster
Abbey, Westminster is nearest underground)

A major security issue facing the Balkans, Russia, the
West, and elsewhere, is the future of the Serbian
province of Kosovo. Great Britain, as an ally of the
United States and a key member of the EU, is facing a
dilemma: to follow Washington in recognizing Kosovo¢s
likely UDI, or to uphold the rule of law, the United
Nations Charter, and the Westphalian principles that
still retain their validity. The wrong decision on
Kosovo may undermine the stability of the Balkans for
decades to come; it may impact Britain¢s ability to
fight Islamic terrorism, and affect her credibility as
a respected upholder of international legality. As
Iraq has shown, predictable mistakes turn into costly
disasters. The speakers will provide a diagnosis of
the problem of Kosovo, and recommend workable and
legal solutions.PANELISTS

Ambassador James Bissett – Chairman of The Lord Byron
Foundation, former head of Canada¢s Immigration
Service and former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia.

Sir Brian Barder – HM Diplomatic Service (retired);
former UK Ambassador to Ethiopia, Poland and Benin,
and High Commissioner in Nigeria and Australia;
earlier at the UK Mission to the UN and in Moscow. Now
blogs on current affairs.

Mark Littman QC – Author of Kosovo War and Democracy
(Centre for Policy Studies) and has written and
lectured extensively on international law.

Ljubomir Kljakic – Deputy Minister for Kosovo and
Metohija in the Government of Serbia. Author, cultural
historian and political analyst.

Dr. Serge Trifkovic – Executive Director of the
Foundation, author of The Sword of the Prophet and
foreign affairs editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of
American Culture.

The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies was
founded by the late Sir Alfred Sherman in 1994 as a
non-partisan research institute devoted to studying
south-eastern Europe in all its aspects. The
Foundation¢s research, publications and conferences
are designed to correct the current trend of public
commentary which tends not to understand events but to
construct a propagandistic version of Balkan

Organiser: Yugo Kovach, 01258 880 029 or

A Paper by Sir Ivor Roberts
Sir Ivor Roberts, former UK ambassador to Yugoslavia
(1992 to 1997) and now President of Trinity College,
Oxford would have given the paper* had he been
able to attend the public briefing and press
conference held by The Lord Byron Foundation for
Balkan Studies (contact 01258 880 029 or
ykovach@btinternet.com) on January 17, 2008 at Central
Hall Westminster.


*The paper will be posted on the Internet after the conference .

Kosovo: the Sudetenland All Over Again?


Kosovo: the Sudetenland All Over Again?

The saying goes, “He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.“ The world stands poised and waiting for what will be regarding Kosovo. Will we see another Munich, another Czechoslovakia, another Sudetenland, another appeasement to criminals, another murderous, bloody European war brought forth by despicable men selling a false sense of securing peace?


This time the name is not Neville Chamberlain, it is Slovenian Foreign Minister, Dimitrij Rupel, and Slovenian President, Danilo Tirk, among other EU and US officials playing the part of the appeasers.

Some of the appeasement nonsense coming from the EU goes as follows: “The European Union must be ready to guide Kosovo to independence after the UN Security Council failed to settle the future status of the breakaway Serb province. The EU and Kosovo have to agree what to do next,“ Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel told reporters.

Slovenia, which took over the European Union presidency for six months on Jan. 1, is pressing members to make good on a pledge to send an 1,800-member police and civil force to Kosovo this month. Slovenia is determined to have the force in place before Kosovo unilaterally declares independence. It seems they have forgotten that the Athassari plan was scrapped. Rupel also said that the European Union’s best hope out of a potentially explosive situation in Kosovo was to soften Serbia’s defiance by offering it closer ties to the European Union and the prospect of joining. However, Serbia rejects any agreements with the EU should they insist on recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

“If I have correctly gauged the mood in the EU, we need to be willing to accept the reality of what is happening in the western Balkans” said Rupel. Rupel said he assumes that Kosovo will be an independent state by the end of the Slovenian EU presidency in July 2008, and that by then Serbia would be able to start negotiations for its admission to the EU. Mr. Chamberlain, I mean Mr. Rupel, you have NO concept whatsoever of reality. The reality is that Serbia will not accept any association with the EU should it recognize independence for Kosovo. Furthermore, it seems that you ignore the reality of UN Resolution 1244 and the UN charter, which expressly addresses sovereignty of UN member states and the inviolability of frontiers.

Returning to Britain after the appeasement to Hitler in Munich, Neville Chamberlain made his famous „peace in our time“ speech while waving the Munich Agreement. This agreement gave Czech territory to Germany, just as the empire advocates giving away Serbian territory to its criminal Albanian clients. Compare the EU pronouncements to the words of Chamberlain in his infamous speech: Before I come to describe the Agreement which was signed at Munich in the small hours of Friday morning last, I would like to remind the House of two things which I think it very essential not to forget when those terms are being considered. The first is this: We did not go there to decide whether the predominantly German areas in the Sudetenland should be passed over to the German Reich. That had been decided already” (Yes, we know Mr. Bush and Mr. Rupel). “Czechoslovakia had accepted the Anglo-French proposals. What we had to consider was the method, the conditions and the time of the transfer of the territory.”


Just substitute a few words…such as the predominantly Albanian areas of Kosovo…passed over to the Albanian criminal mafia Islamic expansionist terrorist human trafficking drug lords. Indeed, Chamberlain’s being photographed with Hitler is quite analogous to Madeleine Albright or other representatives of the empire meeting with war criminal, “Snake Thaci,” the recently “elected” prime minister of the Albanian mafia regime in Kosovo.

After the Munich appeasement, Hitler took advantage of Czechoslovakia’s internal disputes. He encouraged Slovakia to declare independence, so that he could more easily seize the remaining Czech region (feeling any déjà vu yet?). As an inducement, in March 1939, Hitler promised Slovakia that if it declared independence, he would protect it – from Hungary and Poland.

It is also ironic that it was Germany who first encouraged and instigated the breakaway Yugoslav regions of Croatia and Slovenia into declaring independence (contrary to legal provisions set forth in the Yugoslav constitution) and then precipitously acted to recognize them, which was ultimately responsible for the bloody Balkan wars.

Winston Churchill later said of the appeasement, “The nation had to choose between shame and war. We have chosen shame. We shall get the war as well.” Likewise, Washington and the EU have chosen shame, appeasement and dishonesty as their Balkans policy. They will soon have war and troubles with more than the Balkans. They have chosen to abolish international law which is, in reality, another term for civilized behavior.

EU officials said the United States was pressuring the European Union to make certain that the recognition of Kosovo was not delayed by even a week. “The cake has been baked, because the Americans have promised Kosovo independence,” a senior European Union official said. “And if Washington recognizes Kosovo and European nations do not follow, it will be a disaster.”

They don’t know the meaning of the word “disaster,” but they will soon find out.

Will the appeasers also gratify the Wahhabis by forcing India to relinquish Kashmir, the Philippines to let go of Mindanao, Cyprus to abandon its Turkish populated north? And why would Kosovo separation be accepted and not the Republika Srpska? Also consider Northern Ireland, Corsica, the Basques, the Belgian linguistic conflict, the Scots in Western Europe, southern Sudan, Darfur, Algeria’s Berbers, Biafra, southern Thailand, China’s Uighur, the Maluku and Celebes islands in Indonesia, Sri Lanka’s Tamils, Ahwaz Arabs in Iran, the Kurds of Turkey.


What about the Lakota Native Americans or the Hispanic Atzlan movement in the US? The Atzlan movement seeks to annex large portions of the southwest US to Mexico. „Republica del Norte,“ the Republic of the North, which would include the present US states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, plus southern Colorado, along with several current Mexican states, is „an inevitability“ says Charles Truxillo, professor, University of New Mexico. He further states the new „Hispanic Homeland“ should be brought into being „by ANY means necessary.“

Washington has concocted two rounds of totally sham „negotiations,“ whose conclusions it has attempted to dictate from the outset, on behalf of its Albanian clients. The first round took place at Rambouillet, leading to the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia and occupation of Kosovo. The second round was declared “concluded,” leading to what certainly will be many more conflicts should further negotiations not take place.

What the empire is advocating for Albanians is an independent Kosovo, another second Albanian state in Europe. Two states, side by side, for nearly four million people – that is difficult if not impossible to explain to any rational, fair minded, thinking individual, not to mention the many groups who seek independence as well.

„It is deeply distressing that the international community, including the US, is advocating the carving away of a part of the territory of one country, and is supporting the proclamation of that part of territory as an independent state,“ former US secretary of state Lawrence Eagleburger told Voice of America. „This is not something that the world would want to be established as a tradition. There are very good reasons for the opposition to the international efforts to separate Kosovo from Serbia,“ Eagleburger said.

It is obvious that due to the US/EU intransigent support for their client Albanian criminals, Albanians have no reason to compromise, they merely have to wait until an impasse is declared. Only Russia has genuinely encouraged and insisted upon negotiations that will conclude with an agreement acceptable to BOTH sides. Only Russia has given any voice to international law and fairness, firmly standing her ground against appeasement.




Gospodji Mojsilović na temu „Izdaja“- Politika Online

Poštovana Gospodjo Mojsilović,
lepo pišete! Mogo bi se čovek zaljubiti u Vaš stil kao i u suptilnost kojom prilazite temi, nažalost ste propustili da budete u suštini „predmeta“ daleko više konkretniji. Ovako se dobija utisak da se radi o opštoj, ne zasnovanoj histeriji koja je ne opravdano poput epidemije ovladala narodom. Dobija se utisak da kritikujete „fenomen“ histerične upotrebe reči „izdaja“pa se može to veoma lako razumeti kao bagatelisanje jedne veoma opasne reči koja je bila u našoj istoriji ne pobitna realnost. Netreba da Vam napominjem ko je do sada bio na žalost izdan. Učestalo opticanje te reči proizilazi, verovatno, iz sveopšte kolektivne slutnje čiji se koreni natapljaju u istorijskim činjenicama pa se ponavlja iz opravdanog straha kao reč opomene da se nebi ponovile izdaje poput prodaje od vitalnog značaja po život za pregršt zlata. To je produkt kolektivnog straha kako bi se zaštitilo da se ne dogodi ono naj gore po čoveka. Strah je neobhodna komponenta života koja opominje da bi se obstalo.

Dušan Nonković

Sve se vrti oko Kosova pa i Južni potok

Sve se vrti oko Američke baze na Kosovu! Amerika daje suverenitet kosovskim albancima koji bi nadgledali kako bi se sačuvala naj veća Američka baza na desnom krilu NATO-fronta prema Rusiji. Srednji deo bi bio u Češkoj a leva strana,kako je to Buš već nagovestio, bila bi u Poljskoj.
Da je Rusija u istom stanju kao za vreme Jelcina, nebi ništa stajalo na putu za realizaciju te vrste globalizacije. Ali sad je Rusija zahvaljujući disciplini i nafti, koja je na svetskom tržištu sve skuplja, postala velesila koja zna da štiti svoje blago, za medjeda je skrojena sekira! O Poljskoj i Češkoj se Buš ućutao jedino još pokušava da prizna Kosovo kako bi barem vojnu bazu zadržao. Pošto se Baćuška otresao one dve,u Poljskoj i Češkoj došao je red da se otrese i ove na Kosovu. Dabi i to sredio bez i jednog izpaljenog metka potreban mu je Južni potok ne samo kao privredni faktor već i kao strategija za očuvanje Ruskih teritorija. Srbiji je potrebna Ruska energija a nepotrebna Američka baza pa će iz tih zajedničkih interesa doći do ekselentnog ugovora koji će imati sve atribute da zadovolji obadve strane. Južni potok dolazi, živi bili pa videli a Kosovo ako ga Amerika proglasi nezavisnim morat će ga snabdevati ko nekad Berlin iz vazduha. Tada će se videti koliko će Albanaca ostati u takvom Kosovu a i dali će Amerika biti u stanju da podnese stim nastale troškove, veliko je pitanje. Kakva ironija da se baš ovih dana pokazuje na nemačkoj televiziji film, Rat i Mir po delu Tolstoja. Zapad nije ništa naučio niti shvatio koliku snagu poseduje Ruska strpljiva Duša. Ponavlja se isti poraz, ovog puta pod zastavom globalizacije NATO pohoda. Drugo mesto i drugo vreme epiloga ali ista strpljiva strategija. Ne gubiti je od Rusa učiti, svidelo se to nekom ili ne-to je istorijska činjenica.

Dušan Nonković